14 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Next Anniversary (Or Next Thursday)

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If there’s one thing that most relationships have in common, it’s that we could all use a little more romance. Even those of us who pretend we don’t have any emotions secretly yearn for someone to sweep us off our feet… Especially if it’s been a while since we really felt that spark.

While we tend to think of anniversaries and Valentine’s day for our big romantic affairs, why not celebrate the smaller milestones and events, too? It’s always a good time to have a great time. These 14 date ideas are sure to bring you closer together and spark the magic all over again.

1. Ride in a hot air balloon.

It might not be the easiest to arrange, but it’s sure to stay on her mind for a long time to come. Plus, it’s just about as close to a magic carpet ride as most people ever get.

2. Bake for a fundraiser together.

Couples who enjoy cooking or giving back to the community will love spending the day together baking sweets and breads for charity fundraisers and food drives. You get to bring joy to others, and remind yourselves of the joy you share together.

3. Sunbathe on the beach or lakeshore together.

It’s scientifically proven that spending time in the sunshine makes you happier – so get out there and soak up that Vitamin D! Just make sure you’re using adequate sun protection – skin damage is no laughing matter.

4. Go on a cruise together.

If you’ve never experienced the luxury of a cruise on the water, it’s definitely something you should look into. And the prices aren’t as bad as you might think – consider a sightseeing cruise or a dinner cruise if you’re on a strict budget, or opt for a vacation cruise if you can afford it.

5. Go out to a rooftop club or bar.

There’s something magical about looking out over an entire city while you sip champagne and imported beer. You may need to travel a bit to find one, but a bar with a great view and plenty of air flow will make it more than just a night out drinking.

6. Take dance or cooking lessons together.

For the couples who love learning new things and expanding their cultural horizons, enrolling in a class together gives you a dedicated date night and a great learning opportunity. The couple that grows together, stays together!

7. Book a night in a honeymoon suite.

It might seem a bit cheesy to stay in a honeymoon suite if you’re not really newlyweds, but – believe it or not – there’s not usually a stipulation that says you have to be on your honeymoon to stay in the honeymoon suite. Just make sure to book far in advance for the best rates and most availability.

8. Visit a museum or art gallery together.

Whether you’re looking to learn something or you’re looking to be totally blown away by the beauty around you, museums and art galleries let you soak in the collective feeling of the exhibits – and visiting an outdoor exhibit at night has even more pronounced romance.

9. Get take-out and eat at the drive-in.

If you’re going to do dinner and a movie, grab take-out and take it to your nearest drive-in theater. There aren’t too many of them around these days, but if you’re lucky enough to live close to one, there’s a reason they’ve been the go-to make-out spot for the last 50 years.

10. Book a couple’s massage or spa day.

Hey, every now and then, we all need a little pampering. While happy relationships usually involve the partners giving each other massages every now and then, there’s something extra special about paying a professional to do it every now and then!

11. Watch the sunrise together.

It doesn’t matter if you stay up all night and watch the sun rise in the morning, or if you set an alarm to wake up extra early. The colors of the morning rays are sure to bring delight, and the crisp morning air is perfect for kissing and cuddling.

12. Go see a live indie band perform.

I can’t stress enough the importance of supporting your local music scene, so if you’ve got a venue near you that books local talent, get out there and support it!

13. Cozy up and read a book together by the fire.

If you have an outdoor fire pit, either in your yard or somewhere in your town, bring a book and a cozy blanket and spend some time together basking in the glow.

14. Camp out in your own back yard.

Sleeping under the stars is a one-of-a-kind experience, so take advantage of a clear night sky and snuggle up in the back yard. For extra fun, try to spot the constellations or planets – and maybe even the star you named in her honor. (Please note that the International Star Registry is just for novelty – they don’t actually have any involvement with the scientific community.)

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