14 Ways A Bois Night Out With Your Mates Solves All Of Your Problems

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When life makes you feel a little bit crap, a night out at your favourite lesbian club with your gay pals is the obvious answers.

1. They give you a reason to get all dressed up.

bois night out 04

2. They give you a reason (but let’s face it, who really needs it) to drink.

bois night out 02

3. After all your dancing, you can enjoy some terrible junk food. With no judgment, which is the main thing.

bois night out 10

4. You get to dance all your troubles away. Booty shakin’ and twerkin’ makes you forget about reality.

bois night out 06

5. When drunk, or even sober, they give you the world’s best advice. Honestly, they tell you everything that you need to hear to feel better.

bois night out 08 bois night out 09

6. DID SOMEONE SAY TEQUILA?! If you can’t fix a problem, why not make yourself forget about the problem?!

bois night out 03

7. If it’s woman trouble, there are multiple brains to help construct the best reply to an awkward text. You no longer have to sit in your pjs by yourself, analysing just exactly what she means by that.

bois night out 07

8. And if you’re single, you don’t have to care about hooking up with someone, because you’re all far too busy talking about how much you love each other anyway.

bois night out 14

9. Unlike in today’s cruel word, with your mates, you don’t have to impress anyone. They love you as you are…. d’awwww!

bois night out 12

11. No subject is off limits. Doesn’t matter what the problem is, they got’ ‘cho back.

bois night out 11

12. You can have a good old catch up- and maybe you’ll realise your problems are not worth crying over. When you have friends as amazing as these, your life is going pretty well!

bois night out 13

13. They’re willing to corrupt.

bois night out 05

14. They make you feel like a superstar.

bois night out 01

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