15 Problems Women Who Sleep With Other Women Will Understand

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15 problems only gay women will understand about sleeping with other women

1. When she has the same name as you, it gets very confusing and pretty weird.

2. When you sit talking for hours about the world, and then end up feeling like all you want to do is fuck.

3. Will you still sleep with her even though she’s slept with one of your friends?

4. Stubble rash…. it happens

5. Not knowing whether you actually want to sleep with her or just be her friend?

6. Apprehension about having a long nailed woman near your vagina.

7. The assumption that because she has a vagina; she’ll know how to touch yours…

8. Or visa versa

9. She’s a Virgo, which is super weird because you’re an Aquarius. Are these two signs compatible in bed? Quick google.

10. Is her cat going to watch you have sex the whole time?

11. “Hold on, I have hair in my mouth” said by every longhaired lesbian.

12. How long the sex will last, and how you always end up hungry and thirsty at the end of it.

13. Is it weird that you both kind of look and dress alike?

14. Am I the pillow princess or is she…

15. She smells like your ex, cos they wear the same freakin perfume.


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