We’re not talking binge watching The L Word season 1 through to 6 back-to-back. But the sweetest yet trickiest three words in the world to say to a women you have feelings for – “I Love You”

If you say them too soon, you are screwed; wait too late, and you might never get to say it at all!

1. It almost slipped out while hanging up the phone, but you stopped yourself just in time.

i love you 15

2. You feel safe around each other.

i love you 08

3. She is the first person you call when you wake up, and last person you talk to when you’re ready to hit the sack.

i love you 04

4. Your feelings for her grow deeper day by day.

i love you 09

5. You can’t help but think of her when even the sappiest songs play on radio!

i love you 16

6. You’ve imagined the scenario where you declare your love a million times already.

i love you 14

7. When you’re confident enough that she will fit in with your family and friends’ circle.

i love you 13

8. You actually miss each other even if you’ve spent the entire day together.

i love you 03

9. You love making each other laugh and do silly things to bring a smile to each other’s face.

i love you 06

10. When you neither hesitate to use, nor feel uncomfortable, at the mention of the word “love” in a conversation about her and you.

i love you 05

11. For some reason, you think she looks cuter now than when you first met.

i love you 02

12. You’ve found yourselves addressing each other by cheesy endearments like ‘baby’, ‘honey’ or ‘sugar’.

i love you 12

13. When you’ve finally realised that no one in the world can complement you better than her.

i love you 11

14. When the two of you can totally imagine your future together.

i love you 10

15. Because you know you love her and don’t need an excuse to tell her that!

i love you 01

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  • Posted September 6, 2015 7:45 pm
    by Aranza

    Can someone please tell me where are the following gifs from? 15,14,10 and 8

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