17 Fictional Characters That Helped Us Confirm Our Queerness

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Buzzfeed asked their readers what fictional character helped them realize they were queer and here are some of the most popular characters nominated along with the best reasons why.

Xena Warrior Princess


Best reason given by a reader:

The opening credits where she fondles her boobs had me hooked at 5.”

Willow Rosenberg, Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Best reason given by a reader:

I remember thinking how I wanted a girl in long witchy skirts to hold my hand. (Not much has changed.)”

Dana Scully, The X Files


Best reason:

I hope Gillian Anderson knows how many people she helped. National freaking treasure, that woman.”

Shane McCutcheon, The L Word


Best reason:

No other words needed except for: HOLY HOT DAMN.”

Spencer and Ashley, South of Nowhere


Best reason:

It was watching Spencer and Ashley’s relationship develop on South of Nowhere that made me realize that you can have relationships with other women and it’s perfectly normal and amazing.”

Jules Paxton, Bend It Like Beckham


Best reason:

Jules was just so hot and so good at football and one of the reasons I actually begged my parents to let me start playing. Honestly this is one of my favourite movies for lesbian subtext, and in my head this film ended with Jules and Jess getting together.”

Brittany and Santana, Glee


Best reason:

I feel like we went through a journey together because when Santana got married to Brittany, I finally started feeling comfortable with myself and came out to the people closest to me.”

Susanna Kaysen, Girl Interrupted


Best reason:

I realised how not into her relationship with Toby I was and how much I wanted Susanna and Lisa to, basically, do more kissing.”

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider


Best reason:

I’d always been curious about other girls, but this confirmed to me that I liked girls as well as boys. She just oozed confidence and strength and I wanted to be her! That gave me the confidence to be myself. My husband thinks it’s pretty cool that we had the same teenage crush!”

Megan and Graham, But I’m a Cheerleader


Best reason:

I sat two inches away from the screen with the sound on mute at 2am (this was in the dark ages before on-demand), and while I didn’t have all the words for it, I knew that Clea and I had more than a rocking bob in common.”

Jillian Holtzmann, Ghostbusters


Best reason:

Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters makes me wish I was a sexually confused 9-year-old just figuring it out.”

Lucy Diamond, D.E.B.S


Best reason:

I still crush hard on her character to this day. I could watch her lip-synch ‘A Little Respect’ endlessly.”

Emily and Naomi, Skins


Best reason:

The Naomi-and-Emily storyline in Skins took the wind right out of me – why couldn’t I stop thinking about this silly TV romance? I was randomly introduced to another fan who supported me through that short roller coaster of revelations. By chance, she turned out to be the absolute love of my life and if it wasn’t for that show and that storyline I wouldn’t be married to the most amazing woman. The past six years have been the best years of my life. Thanks to Skins. I owe Skins so much.”

Jenifer, Jenifer’s Body


Best reason:

Literally anything with Megan Fox in it got me thinking, Well, maybe I’m bi, and here we are today.”

Alex Vause, Orange is the New Black


Best reason:

Watching that episode where she puts her glasses on top of her head and tells Doggett, ‘I will fuck you’ – I was all, ‘Yes, please. Where do I sign up!’”

Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy


Best reason:

Arizona Robbins and Callie on Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t get me wrong, I guess I always kind of knew I was into girls, but seeing these two characters’ together kind of made it click for me. Forever my favourite couple on Grey’s.”

Missy Pantone, Bring it On


Best reason:

I was like 5 years old when I saw it, and to this day, I still want her to bring it on.”

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