17 Subtle Things Femmes Do That Are Totally Sexy

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We’re often prescribed a formula of what sexy is. But really, sex appeal comes in many different forms, and some are definitely subtler than others.

So we posed the question “What’s secretly sexy about women?” to a group of queer women and got a flurry of fascinating answers.

“An exposed back. Pow! The line down a woman’s back is one of the sexiest things in the world…”

“When they give you a single wink that no else sees.”


“When girls have the messy hair. It’s kinda like you just got out of bed, but you could still go clubbing looking like that.”


“You know what? I don’t like feet, but I really appreciate when a girl has pretty feet…”


“Going to or coming from yoga is always a plus.”


“When she butches it up by wear an oversized T-Shirt.”


“Collar bones. They make me dreamy.”


“I love when women put their hair up… I think it’s just super sexy.”


“She’s in a sundress and it’s beautiful! And she’s probably not wearing anything else underneath the sundress. It’s flirtation in a piece of cloth.”


“Love it, love it when women give me a hard time.”


“A genuine thoughtfulness about other people is really attractive.”


“Oh, if a girl can sing, that’s it for me.”


“Their hands, and when they gesturing a lot – I’m mean a lot.”


“Being comfortable and confident with their body. No matter what their size is.”


“I don’t think the earlobes get enough credit.”

“I need a girl who’s equally as driven as me. I love Ms. Independent ‘cause she got her own.”


“Baggy T-shirt, no bra. What? Don’t judge me”



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