18 Indications Your Fashion Style Is Low Maintenance

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If you can identify with some of these statements below then your fashion style is low maintenance.

Your hair is only ever down, in a ponytail or in a bun.

You wear your favourite pair of shoes with nearly all your outfits.

Your favourite outfit is jeans and a tee.

You don’t think about what you are going to wear in the morning. You just grab what you see.

You own a few casual dresses such as sundresses as you can put one on and off you go.

You tell your hairdresser that ‘wash and go’ is your kind of style.

You keep make up to a minimum or don’t wear it at all.

If you are forced to wear a pair of heeled shoes to an event, you might even consider not attending.

You appreciate though that heels do make your legs look longer. If you could only bear the pain…..

After around an hour of being in above mentioned heels you would rather cut your feet off than endure another hour wearing them.

You feel jealous that men can wear a suit with a pair of converse. If only, you think…

Your idea of dressing up for a night out is your coolest jacket with your smartest looking jeans.

Your friends beg you to let them give you a ‘makeover.’

If you are ever caught in a different outfit everyone does a double take because they don’t recognise you.

You do own a few items of clothing, but they are shoved in your wardrobe behind your favourite tees and only see daylight when there is a wedding or a funeral.

You sobbed in horror when you realised your new job went with a dress code of ‘professional businesswoman.’

However, after a few weeks of practise, you tweaked ‘professional businesswoman’ to mean ‘business casual’ and you’ve mastered the look perfectly.

Your favourite part of exercising is being able to wear comfortable and loose gym clothes and have an excuse for wearing them.

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