18 Struggles Women Have When Dating A ‘Bro’ Butch

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Our sexy little butches – we love them, but some times they can be a little hopeless when it comes to our womanly ways.

1. She absolutely hates public displays of affection – there will be no hugging or kissing outside.

butch issues-02

2. She considers flowers a total waste of money.

butch issues-05

3. She’s not herself when she’s hungry; in fact, she literally transform into the Hulk on steroids on an empty stomach.

butch issues-04

4. She loves to swear – even around your parents.

butch issues-07

5. She can completely outdrink you and all your friends.

butch issues-08

6. She hates buying presents and as a result, always ends up running around a couple of hours beforehand to try and find one that doesn’t look like a last-minute purchase.

butch issues-06

7. She gets lost in conversation, when you go off on tangents and can’t simple tell a short, linear story.

butch issues-09

8. She’s blunt and direct, and doesn’t understand passive aggression behaviour.

butch issues-01

9. She finds it almost impossible to have something in common to talk about with girly-girls. Beauty products – huh?

butch issues-11

10. When something is bothering her, she’s immediately confrontational. People see this as a bad thing, even though she’d just prefer to hash things out as quickly as possible.

butch issues-03

11. She prefers a football game and beer, too shopping.

butch issues-10

12. She’ll spend hours waiting on you in a store, but can’t understand why it takes you so damn long.

butch issues-12

13. She gets over things quickly and doesn’t understand why people choose or actually like to hold grudges.

butch issues-14

14. She doesn’t understanding why you wake up early to put on makeup and do your hair when they can spend that time sleeping.
butch issues-13

15. And manoeuvring a curling iron baffles her.

butch issues-15

16. Texting isn’t important to her. In fact, it’s kind of annoying.

butch issues-16

17. She can identify every single person in this GIF, and know exactly what they do and why.

butch issues-17

18. But Pretty Little Liars — and its appeal — is unfathomable to her.

butch issues-18

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