22 Annoying Things My Girlfriend Does

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You might be one of those lucky people who are so in sync with their girlfriend that the world is on big happy place. Or (because you clicked this article) you might have just had it with her infuriating habits.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend with all of my heart and soul, but I sometimes get annoyed with some of the things she does.

Things that just make me want to stop talking and just be angry in my own space because I hate being angry with her.

So what gives me beef about my GF…

1. When her pent-up frustration turns into passive-aggressive comments.

2. When she eats my organic food and replaces it with supermarket value food.

3. When she insists on talking to me while I’m studying, even when I have my headphones in and clearly don’t want to.

4. If I ever forget to tell her something that means I’m hiding from her.

5. When I’m on the phone and she suddenly decide to jam out to really loud music.

6. When she talks about our relationship problems on Facebook.

7. When she doesn’t acknowledge my efforts.

8. When she keeps texting during “US” time.

9. When it obviously I’m in a hurry, and she stop me to have a “talk”.

10. When she consistently forgets house keys and I have to get up to let her in.

11. When she obviously steals my perfume but totally denies it.

12. When I’m always the one who has to empty the garbage even though it’s mostly their trash.

13. If I don’t meet her sometimes, this means I’m not interested.

14. When she keep the lights on when I’m trying to fall asleep.

15. That she still friends with her ex, and talks to her about our problems.

16. When she doesn’t rinse the dishes.

17. When she never believes me when I say she looks good.

18. She will ask me what to wear but finally wear what she likes.

19. If I’m online and I’m not messaging her that means I’m chatting with some other women.

20. If I don’t say I love in a good night message, it means I don’t love her.

21. If I behave different, this means I’ve changed.

22. She can have a celebrity crush but I cannot.



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