22 Signs You And Your Girlfriend Are Soul Mates

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Have you already found that person you just can’t live without? If so, then you probably know these 22 things to be true:

1. You can communicate telepathically.

Maybe not literally, but there’s definitely some things that don’t need to be said.

2. You can’t remember what life what life was like before her.

Not that you care, though – meeting her was the new start you always needed.

3. She challenges you.

Not because she thinks you’re wrong – because she knows you’re capable of so much more.

4. She knows the secret switches.

Whether you’re stressed out, pissed off, or super depressed about your favorite OTP breaking up, she knows how to make things better.

5. She knows the things that tick you off, and tries not to do them.

Of course she’s going to screw up every now and then – but she tries as hard as she can to keep your heart in one piece.

6. You have kept the chemistry alive for years.

There may have been a few bumps in the road, but she’d never even threaten to go anywhere.

7. You’re completely comfortable around each other.

You appreciate the glorious and the gross things about each other.

8. You genuinely miss each other after a few days apart.

She can’t wait to tell you what happened while she was away, and you stay up late to catch up.

9. It feels like you’ve been together a lot longer.

When it’s real, it’ll feel like she’s always been a part of your life.

10. You don’t always agree, but you agree on the things that matter.

You both know that fighting about the silly little things is just pointless.

11. Your families have merged.

Her family feels like your family, and vice versa. (Extra credit if they all get along!)

12. You don’t really even notice anyone else.

You don’t feel the need to look for someone new, because you’re happy with what you have.

13. You’re empathetic of each other’s feelings.

When she’s happy, you smile too. When she’s hurting, you feel the pain, too.

14. She’s in all the stories you tell.

In the beginning, your friends are probably going to be a little bugged about it – but eventually they’ll feel like they know her just as well as you do.

15. She thinks your quirks are adorable.

She loves your weird sneezes and the way you snore. You love her crooked fingers and her scary-loud burps. You just get each other.

16. She makes you want to be a better person.

Whether you’ve actually made changes in your life or not, she inspires you to be the very best.

17. She supports your dreams.

Even if she doesn’t fully understand why you want to travel the country in an RV, she’s totally on board with the idea.

18. She’s your partner in crime.

Whatever you do, you do it with the confidence that your partner supports you.

19. She makes you feel safe.

You feel protected and secure, and you can’t imagine how you ever got by without her on your team.

20.You feel like you’re home when you’re with her.

For the first time in your life, home feels like a person, instead of a place.

21. You feel like you’ve become the same person.

And it’s not weird, like stalker-y, but sort of nice – like you don’t really have to try so hard.

22. You are your most authentic self in front of her.

You are your best and worst when you’re with her, and she loves all of it.

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