5 Scientific Reasons Why Two Moms are Better Than One

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Okay, we don’t need scientists to tell us that having two moms rocks, right? But it would be pretty cool to have some scientific reasoning to help back us up.

Although research on same-sex parenting is still an emerging field, there’s evidence so far to prove what we’ve been saying all along…gay parents are awesome! But why are we so successful at being parents? Here’s a look at the scientific reasoning when it comes to why same-sex couples make great parents…

Gay Parents Foster Tolerance

A child growing up in a gay household is much more likely to approach the world with an open mind and more empathy. Not only that, but they are most likely going to be accepting of all types of people since they come from an “alternative” type of family.

Gay Parents Choose to Have Kids

There’s no such things as an “oops” baby for a gay couple. They have to plan to have a baby, whether it be through adoption or biologically, making them more motivated and committed than some of their heterosexual counterparts…not to mention, they are more prepared and aren’t likely to consider a child an accident.

Kids From Same-Sex Households Do Just as Well in School

Studies have found that there really isn’t much of a difference with grade performance when it comes to children from heterosexual households versus same-sex ones. So there’s really no basis to the argument that a child with two mothers or two fathers will do worse in school because he or she has been brought up in a same-sex household.


Gay Parents Nurture the Neediest

Gay parents are more likely to adopt minority, at risk, or children whose cases are either special circumstances or at risk. More than half of these children also have special needs. A study found that more than half of gay men and at least 41 percent of lesbian couples will adopt in the United Stated alone. That’s a huge number of great potential parents to help with the hundreds of thousands of children who are currently stuck in foster care.

Gay Parents Raise Confident Children

Yup…this was based on a study as well. It found that raising a child in a same-sex household can give kids a boost of confidence. This may circle back to gay parents choosing to have children, therefore being more involved in their child’s life (which definitely helps boosts self-esteem in child). Or it could just be that gay parents really do just rock…we’ll leave that up to you do decide…

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