In a recent study conducted by Apple and Sonos – a company making WiFi-connected audio systems – music played out loud has a magical effect on couples: it leads to more sex.

For one week, 30 families from around the world were observed going about their days as usual, with no music played out loud.

Their homes were stocked with Apple iBeacons to track the proximity of family members to each other, smart watches to monitor their heart rates and several web cams.

Without the presence of music, family members rarely made eye contact or spoke to each other, even when they were in the same room.

Both children and parents seemed to be preoccupied with iPads or iPhones, which kept their heads down.

In the second week, the households were given Sonos sound systems, as well as subscriptions to Apple Music.

Video filmed during this portion of the study shows family members laughing together, singing, dancing and displaying much higher amounts of affection.

During the week when music was played out loud, families reported spending 13% more time together and 20% more time in closer proximity to each other.

The total increase in sex was significant, with a staggering 67% spike.

Neuroscientist and author Daniel J. Levitin, who was involved in the study, attributed these findings to music’s effect on the brain.

Previous research determined music triggers a release of dopamine and the neurotransmitter oxytocin.

Levitin reportedly said,

[Oxytocin is] responsible for helping us feeling connected with people, bonded to them or avoid them. It signals what in [our] social environment is good and bad.

Sonos allows different music to be played in different rooms, but it’s the act of sharing music with each other that appears to have brought the families together, according to Levitin.

He reportedly added,

This is a return to something that’s more organic and natural to us as a species.

These findings were released in accordance with Apple Music becoming available on Sonos.