11 Orgasms A Trans Woman Can Have

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So, I recently read an article on KitschMix by Barbara Ward enlightening readers to the great versatility of the female body to experience an incredible variety of orgasms.

Like any woman, I thought – Wow! Eleven?! How many of these have I experienced or can experience?

My somewhat unique position as a transgender woman opens up a raft of different yet surprisingly similar experiences, but also potential for so much more.

As a pansexual trans woman who began her transition in her late twenties I have experienced sexual pleasures from a multitude of perspectives with a multitude of different kinds of sexual partner.

I was pleased to say my list was almost complete, but also had a couple of others to add. So, if you or your partner is a trans woman in any state of transition your orgasms are just as varied and highly enjoyable.

The Clitoral or Penile Head Orgasm

First, we need to know a little developmental anatomy. We all start out the same with anatomy in our mother’s womb. The clitoris in the biologically female body or glans penis (penile head) in the biologically male develops from the genital tubercle. Since both derive from the same structure they are equally sensitive thus equally pleasurable to stimulate.

Every woman is different and so the best clitoral orgasms are achieved in different ways. Personally, I have always been a fan of the softly does it approach with the lightest of touches through the hood (foreskin). Other women may like a firmer approach, but do communicate. If you go too firm it can actually become quite painful, particularly if your partner is a sensitive girl!

The best way, in my opinion, to give the light but electric touch is with lips and tongue. Respond to your partner’s communication from her body, her movements and if she makes some noise what noises she makes. I like to mix things up and surprise my partner with the oral stimulation I give varying intensity and technique. You will find what works for each of you. You can also use your fingers or a vibrator together or alone.

The Vaginal or Penile Body Orgasm

In the womb the vagina and body of the penis develop from the genital fold and urogenital sinus. In biological females these stay open to form the vagina and close in biological males to form the body of the penis. A vaginal orgasm for a cisgender woman is described as deeper and full of pressure with contraction of the vaginal wall. Vaginal orgasms take longer than clitoral orgasms to achieve, often taking 20-30 minutes.

In a pre-operative transgender woman the body of the penis serves the same purpose. The orgasms are much as described for those of vaginal origin. Cisgender men often cannot tell a penile head orgasm from a penile body orgasm as both are stimulated simultaneously during penetrative sex and mingle together. However, the more experimental couple may wish to explore the separation of these orgasms. The best way to stimulate the body is with rhythmic hand motions and varying the pressure. Communicate with each other to get the best results.

A post-operative trans woman had the penile body inverted into a vagina so stimulation is very much as with a natural vagina. Rhythmic thrusting with fingers or a toy will elicit the same orgasmic reaction.

The G-Spot or Prostate Orgasm

Both biological sexes have a G-spot. In the biological female body this is a part of the erectile tissue of the clitoral body and vestigial secondary sex glands and is felt as a spongier part of the vaginal wall about 5 cm inside.

In the trans woman, this is the prostate and other secondary sex glands that produce the seminal fluid and are still active after hormone replacement therapy. In a post-operative trans woman, the G-spot can be reached through the vagina as with a cis woman and produces very deep spreading orgasms. From personal experience I find this one of the most intense experiences possible to feel!

For the pre-operative trans woman it can only be approached through the rectal wall. This need not be a squeamish activity but can be extremely intimate and bring you closer together as a couple.

For all G-spot orgasms the approach to take is with pressing and rubbing either with fingers or using a toy. You may wish to mix things up with some rhythmic thrusting in addition to the pressing to add another kind of orgasm into your lovemaking.

The Squirting Orgasm

Again, this kind of orgasm shows how similar the biological sexes are. A cisgender male will almost always ejaculate at climax, but for the trans woman this can become a little more elusive. Testosterone blockers have stopped sperm production and reduced the seminal gland activity. However, with the right stimulation, usually through G-spot fun, it is still possible to ejaculate a small amount of fluid. Like cisgender women, it is not consistent from woman to woman, but certainly fun trying out to see if you or your partner can squirt! Be comfortable with each other and don’t be embarrassed, it’s not urine and ejaculating doesn’t make a trans woman male!

The A-Spot or Seminal Vesicle Orgasm

So, I had never heard of this until reading the original eleven types of orgasm women can have article. It refers to the anterior fornix of the uterus and is located about 5 cm deeper into the vagina than the G-spot. The A-spot is often described as being responsible for having multiple orgasms and doesn’t sensitise after stimulation so can continue to build.

Now, I can say as a trans woman I have definitely experienced building multiple orgasms from deep stimulation. Anatomically there is no anterior fornix but the seminal vesicles are located in this area and can be stimulated in much the same way and are located about 5 cm deeper inside than the prostate.

For all trans women you need to approach with anal penetration as the trans vagina might not go deep enough to reach as deep as the seminal vesicles and may actually be quite uncomfortable. As always communication with your partner is important.

Some cisgender women don’t enjoy A-spot stimulation and the same is true for transgender women. An A-spot orgasm can be quite juddering and may even be painful for some women. Others describe the feeling as electric and much stronger than some of the other orgasms, I am very much in that camp and absolutely adore the A-spot having experienced it before knowing its name!

The Deep Spot Orgasm

This is another relatively unheard of place for orgasm. It refers to the posterior fornix and lies right at the cervix in the biological female. It causes very deep and intense orgasms much like the A-spot. Sadly there is no homologue for the posterior fornix in a trans woman so the A-spot and Deep spot are essentially the same orgasm.

The U-Spot or Coronal Orgasm

Back to similar anatomy developmentally, so both cis and trans woman can enjoy this. In the cisgender woman the U-spot is a small bit of erectile tissue between the urethral opening and the vagina and is highly sensitive needing the softest of touches.

In a trans woman this will be the corona of the penile head, a very sensitive erectile tissue at the junction of the foreskin with the body of the penis. As with the U-spot, a gentle touch only best with a tongue with a carefully rolled back foreskin. If this is painful, as it sometimes can be, use some lubrication.

This orgasm is very similar to the clitoral orgasm and may sometimes merge into each other.

The Nipple/Breast Orgasm

This is my personal favourite! Our bodies are all linked up inside, as many other cultures have described, for example acupuncture points in Chinese medicine. The nipples, areolae and clitoris are all linked together with nerves. Not all cis women will have breasts sensitive enough to experience full orgasm this way.

As a trans woman, particularly in the earlier stages of HRT the breasts and nipples are some of the most sensitive places you will ever have at this time. Use it to your advantage! When a partner has gently nibbled, licked and bitten (softly) at my nipples I have literally been writhing in ecstasy until full climax, and so have many other trans women. Sadly this sensitivity may only be short-lived as the breasts are developing and may become less sensitive in later transition of after transition, but can still be a great source of enjoyment for both.

The Mouth Orgasm

The mouth is obviously identical in all genders and so the sensations are not specific to one gender or another, but more specific to the individual. The women who experience this say it starts at the lips and can then spread to the rest of the body. I have never experience an orgasm from the mouth, but with the right kiss and maybe.

The Skin Orgasm

The skin is grossly underrated as a sexual organ. All our contact with one another is through skin to skin contact and greatly enhances arousal before more intimate activity. Oestrogen has the result of softening and thinning the skin compared to the cisgender male. As a result sensations are more pronounced and arousing. The lightest touch is often more electric than a firmer one and can result in an all over orgasmic experience. Having an emotional attachment and a sensual massage can bring a woman to climax, both cis and trans.

The Mental Orgasm

The brain is very much a sexual organ. Without mental arousal the body has little it can really do! With the right imagination and appropriate cues you can reach orgasm without physical contact. This is why some women can get sexual gratification from watching or listening to others having sex.

For both cis and trans women a vivid imagination can take you on a wild sexual adventure without touching.

Being transgender is an amazing and fascinating experience. We face difficulties and hardships in our everyday lives so having a loving partner to help us explore our changing bodies is very welcome. The human body is a very sensitive and sensual vehicle for an emotional and loving consciousness. Male, female, cis, trans, we’re all a lot more similar than you may have realised.

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