‘Love Wins’ Project: New Photo Series Looks To Redefine The Way We See LGBTQ Marriage

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The Love Wins project is a series of portraits and stories that aim to bring consistent visibility to LGBTQ marriage in a positive light; and showcase love, family, and equality.


Talking with fstoppers.com, Oregon based photographer behind the photo project Gia Goodrich, explained what inspired her to create this collection of photos.

I remember growing up thinking that there might not be a day when gay people could get married. Even in 2010, I was dating someone in the military, and I used to have to go to functions as her sister. It’s amazing to me how much has changed in only five years. So, I really wanted to celebrate using my “superpower” as a photographer by giving couples this gift that I thought could be amazing. Then, my artistic practice kicked in, which has always been about exploring the archive and telling very specific stories in a collection to see how they speak to our culture, human behavior, and humanity.

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Gia explains how she uses photography as a mirror to reflect what’s going on in our world.

By putting my work out into the world, I can create those moments where others can see themselves. Coming from someone who’s gay, brown, and a woman (and a diva and fabulous), I didn’t see a lot of people like me while I was growing up. It’s hard to get a sense of being secure and confident with the absence of your physicality around you.

She adds;

I’m always hopeful to capture some degree of authenticity, in terms of how they’re feeling and where they’re at in their lives. I really want them to talk about their life experiences, and the results of that are shown with the final images. I think it’s important to give them that voice.

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You can keep up with this project by following the Love Wins Portraits Facebook page, and if you’re interested in supporting it, check out their Kickstarter.

You can also see more of Gia’s incredible work on her website.


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