3 Reason Why Your Girlfriend Treats You Like Sh*t

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Are you always annoyed and irritated at the way your girlfriend treats you? Does she make you feel like a slave, a child getting scolded by her mother, or a student being nagged by a teacher?

And it’s not like you did anything terribly wrong. You’ve been trying to figure out for ages why she’s like this when she loves you.

She just keeps throwing tantrums at you and complaining about everything. She disagrees with whatever you do and whatever you say. Nothing you do seems to impress her.

Well, these 3 reasons explain why girlfriends actually act that way.

You have a super close and comfortable relationship

Just like how people randomly get angry or ignore their family members over nothing, she feels that you are her comfort zone, so much so that she can do anything in front of you. You have always been gentle and accepting of her. You always forgive her behaviours even if you always get annoyed. Deep down, she knows that she can only do such things in front of you because you are forgiving enough, you cherish her enough and you love her enough to forget about such things.

Even if the whole world misunderstand her, she expects you to trust her

When she had a bad day outside, she grumbles to you. In the process, she may get a little too agitated and start channelling her anger towards. She can start complaining about you and keeps trying to pick a fight. She feels that everyone doesn’t have the need to know what she’s feeling inside but you have to.

When she starts complaining about you, it is probably because she thinks you are not listening to her story, not paying attention to why she’s in a bad mood and not comforting her. In the end, she is not treating you badly because she feels like it; she just wants you to empathise with her. 

She has super high expectations of you

This is why she is always unhappy about your performance. She’s easily picking out all your flaws because she believes that’s not all you have got. She thinks that you can be better or even the best. She expects you to always be the best you can, to try the hardest you can. Whenever you do something, she has secretly listed out her expectations, be it simple things like celebrating her birthday or serious things like a company project.

For example, based on her last birthday celebration, she will expect you to have a certain standard. And when you can’t reach that standard, she feels a little let down. It doesn’t mean she does not appreciate your efforts but she just can’t contain her disappointment.

And as they said – the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

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