32 Crazy Places You Should Have Sex at Least Once in Your Life

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Let’s take a little informal survey here: When’s the last time you had sex someplace that wasn’t your bedroom or bathroom?

When I was 18-20 years old, I almost exclusively had sex in so-called crazy places.

I lost my virginity in a treehouse; I’ve had sex in numerous public restrooms (without anyone waiting for the toilet, of course – I’m not rude); and, admittedly, I’ve had sex in one or two movie theaters, too. (As a side note, I’m not actually recommending this one – it’s gross and inconsiderate and probably illegal, too.)

Somewhere in my mid-20s, I seem to have lost some of my sexual adventure. Sure, I still have sex in places that aren’t my bedroom, but significantly less often than I have plain, boring, bed sex.

There’s just something so much more exciting about a new and strange place – and I’m going to lay out a bucket list of strange places you should try (at least once). Do you have any more to add to our list? Drop it in the comments!

1. In the pool or hot tub.

Just make sure it’s not a public pool or hot tub – there may be cameras!

2. At school/college/university.

This one might be easiest if you’re dating a professor with her own private office…

3. At work.

For best results, make sure you don’t get caught!

4. In a barn.

Haven’t you always wanted a romp in the hay?

5. On a plane.

It takes some flexibility, but this one should be on everybody’s bucket list.

6. In an elevator.

Best for quickies or totally tease-worthy foreplay.

7. In the bed of a truck. (The deck of a U-Haul can also work.)

Car sex is good, but truck sex is better.

8. On a boat.

I’m pretty sure everyone who had already been through puberty when Titanic came out has thought about boat sex at least once or twice.

9. In a tent.

Only nature sounds to drown out your sounds? Yes, please.

10. In your parents’ house.

Note: I did not say in their bed. That is totally rude. But up against the bathroom wall? Totally fair game.

11. On the floor.

Maybe this one’s a little basic, but it’s worth doing at least once (a month).

12. In a locker room.

You think it’s a coincidence that teen lesbian movies always have locker room scenes? Not in the least.

13. In a closet.

If you’ve got a gorgeous walk-in, feel free to treat it like your secret love cave. (And the “closet” jokes afterward are pretty much mandatory.)

14. In the woods.

Scattered moonlight and gentle bird songs… Just make sure you avoid poisonous plants!

15. In a dressing room.

Just remember to stay quiet. (Or don’t – it’s your call.)

16. Up against a window.

For those who really want to risk getting caught – put it on display!

17. In a limo.

Driver, roll up the partition, please.

18. At the library.

The truest test of your ability to stay quiet – there’s nothing to mask the noises you make, except billions and billions of pages…

19. On top of the washer/dryer.

Let me tell you, that rumbling might just do half the work for you.

20. On the kitchen counter.

Watch out for knives (and crumbs)!

21. In the ocean.

Let the gentle rocking of the waves lead you on your voyage to Orgasm Town.

22. At a park.

Just make sure it’s well after dark and you do not get caught – you will get a ticket.

23. At church.

Let her ring your bell in a house of worship!

24. On a train.

The rumble, the mystery, the beautiful scenery…

25. Against a wall.

Any wall. Doors work too.

26. In the shower.

This one is totally a pain, but it’s super sexy if you pull it off right.

27. On an amusement park ride.

Risk of getting caught: Super high. Risk of major excitement: Totally unavoidable.

28. In your car.

Back seat, front seat, front bumper… Doesn’t matter. Car sex is awesome.

29. On your roof.

If you live far enough away from your neighbors – and feel confident that you won’t fall to your untimely demise – this one can be a lot of fun.

30. On a staircase.

It’s not the easiest, but when you can’t wait until you get all the way to your bedroom…

31. In a cemetery.

It takes a special sort of woman to have sex when surrounded by dead bodies.

32. On your local sports field.

Touchdown – goal – home run… Whatever the case, make sure you get yours!

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