5 Kinds Of Sex Lesbians Have When They’re Not In A Relationship

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Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not having sex.

And just like with relationship sex, single sex comes in many different forms – it can be good, it can be bad (sigh). It can be quick and it can turn into something more.

1. The horny kind of drunk sex

You’re out, you’re getting drunk and the drunker you get, the more you really want sex. You know there’s a large possibility that it won’t be the best sex you’ve ever had, but you never know with drunken sex.

Maybe it’s with someone you know, and maybe it’s not. It might not be the best idea you’ve ever had, but as long as you’re safe about it, why not? It happens. When you’re drunk you get flirty, horny or lonely, and sometimes a little sex is all you need to curb that feeling.

5 Kinds Of Sex Lesbians Have 04

2. The “its just sex” sex that leaves you wishing it would turn into more than just sex.

It’s just sex, and it’s been just sex, for a while. You tell yourself you can handle this whole “no strings attached” thing. You are chilled and mature. You can do it.

You’re with the person one night and when it’s over, you feel yourself wanting to hang on for a little longer, wanting to cuddle and talk about life, just wanting more.

You tell yourself you’re okay with just the sex, but you have a feeling you might be lying to yourself.

5 Kinds Of Sex Lesbians Have 02

3. The “friends with benefits” sex

It’s possible you and this person have been due to have sex for a long time, as in you’re flirty friends who’ve had tension since you met years ago.

Or maybe, you guys are just friends who never really thought about things that way before, but there’s a first time for everything.

Either way, you know this person really well, and overall, that probably makes the sex so much better. There’s already closeness, and a level of trust that exists. It also has the possibility to start something that was maybe supposed to happen all along, and that just might be worth taking a chance on.

It also might just be fantastic sex with someone you care about, and nothing more.

5 Kinds Of Sex Lesbians Have 01

4. The not prepared for sex

You weren’t planning to have sex. It wasn’t even a remote possibility for this evenings outing. Usually you plan for sex – throw on your best underwear and some extra perfume, just in case. This was not one of those nights. You were in no way prepared.

When you realises its happening, you just take a deep breath and hope for the best. You could turn it down, but I mean, come on. Hey, sometimes-happy accidents are a good thing, right?

5 Kinds Of Sex Lesbians Have 06

5. The “we really shouldn’t” kind of sex

So often, there’s that one person who you know you shouldn’t be sleeping with. It’s a friend’s ex, your ex or someone who is already some form of taken.

You both know this isn’t a good idea. You both know this won’t end well. You both do it anyway, with a weird, intense passion that comes from it being so forbidden. Afterward, you’re not sure if you regret it or not. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but that still doesn’t mean you regret it.

5 Kinds Of Sex Lesbians Have 07

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