5 LGBT Webcomics To Make You Laugh

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When you’re stuck at work or in a dull lecture, webcomics are the perfect bite-sized escape from reality.

What’s Normal Anyway?


What’s Normal Anyway? follows Mel, a transgender man who transitions from female to male during college. The comic puts a humorous spin on heavy issues, from body shaming to transphobia to dysphoria. Because it ran from 2010 to 2014, you’ll have hundreds of pages to laugh over.

Girls with Slingshots


This quirky comic has been running since 2004, and updates five times a week. It follows queer girls Hazel and Jamie, and their forays into relationships. Some relationships are successful. Others…not so much.

Assigned Male


Have you ever wanted to read Judith Butler, Simone de Beauvoir and Audre Lorde, but had trouble deciphering dense theoretical texts? Stephie, an elementary school trans* girl, will explain them to you in Assigned Male. This comic is witty and insightful it follows Stephie’s adventures hanging with family, battling dysphoria and destroying the patriarchy.

As the Crow Flies


As the Crow Flies is as honest as it is beautifully drawn; each hand-colored colored pencil page builds onto the harrowing story of Charlie, queer a thirteen-year-old black girl who finds herself in an all-white Christian backpacking camp. The author sometimes takes weeks between updates, but the archive has over 250 to start you off.

Find Chaos


Find Chaos is the hilarious autobiographical webcomic about an agender cartoonist A and their girlfriend K. The comics touch on gender, sexuality, mental health and cats. New updates usually once a week.

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