5 Very Obvious Clues to Help You Know She’s into You

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Gone are the days wherein you must pick flowers from the neighbor’s garden to tell if she’s into you or not. (Hopefully she is, yeah?)

Here are some of the most obvious giveaways you probably didn’t notice because you’re too busy drooling over her. (We understand, okay?)

She laughs a lot when she’s with you.

Okay, so maybe you’re just infinitely funny. But she laughs even when you’re not trying to joke. And at your most stupid ones. Really? How can you not know she may be into you more than you are into her?

She opens up.

Not everyone likes telling stories. Or the truth. When she opens up to you, it means she really trusts you. Which also automatically means she likes you in a way. You can do the math from there.

She’s (adorably) awkward beyond compare.

Uh, why else would she not be looking directly at you when chit-chatting? She’s a nervous wreck and it’s cute as hell. Don’t make fun of her clumsiness should it make an appearance, though. Instead, use it as a means of communicating with her. Let her know she’s got nothing to worry about. (And that you’re a klutz as well.)

She likes touching you.

Not that kind. Of course, it has to start somewhere. She’s almost always around you (albeit being a bit restless), and likes getting cozy, touchy-feely. Your arms, your shoulders. All that good stuff. You know the drill.

She asks you out.

Darling, that one-time dinner gig with friends isn’t just a one-time dinner gig with friends. I can’t believe you actually bought that weird ass excuse to get closer to you. She asked you out because she wanted to spend more time with you. She doesn’t care about dinner or friends. She wants you. Go get it, girl.

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