5 Queer Youtubers You Should Subscribe To

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I am a huge procrastinator! And lately, instead of wasting my time on Instagram or Tumblr, I decided to give waste it on Youtube, for a change.

I have always subscribed to several queer Youtubers and, in my quest to find more and more content, I have come across some pretty hilarious/informative/entertaining queer Youtubers I want to share with you.

Here are some of my favourite queer Youtubers in no particular order:

Rose Ellen Dix and The Roxetera

These two British Youtubers, now married, always manage to make me laugh uncontrollably. They cover all possible topics, even venturing into the gaming world with their famous segment Let’s play Games.

Not convinced? You can also count on several collaborations with other famous queer Youtubers and their chemistry and playful banter will turn them into your favourite Youtube couple.

Why watch: If you need a good laugh.


You have probably heard of Hannah Hart by now, either because of her Youtube channels, her movies, or even her books.

This Youtuber is definitely one of my favourites and My Drunk Kitchen will always be one of the funniest yet most informative shows on this list. Ow, not really into cooking? No problem at all! Hannah also has another channel, YourHarto, where she discusses more serious topics, always with her quick and witty humour in hand.

Why watch: If you want to learn something new AND watch someone get drunk.

Unsolicited Project

Mostly known as Pillow Talk, this hilarious Canadian channel is every gay girl’s dream!

Adrianna and Sarah, the two hilarious women running the channel, bring you a weekly dose of all the gay-related content you could imagine! They also have a new Snapchat series as well as a new movie, Almost Adults, featuring Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Baumann, from the hit webseries Carmilla.

Why watch: If you want to know everything about gay pop-culture or just know more about “baby-dykes”.


If you are more into a vlog type of channel, Ello Steph is one of the best! Often posting vlogs, challenges, and informative videos, this channel is guaranteed to teach you a thing or two. Another thing I love about this channel is the fact that it is incredibly sex-positive. If you have a question, sex-related or not, ElloSteph will have the right answer.

Why watch: Educate yourself!

Ally Hills

Last but not least, Ally Hills! Mostly know for her hit song “How to know if a Girl is Gay”, this Youtuber is the triple-threat of your dreams: she can sing, she can dance, and she’s incredibly hilarious.

You can count on fresh content every week with a positive twist! The videos always manage to cheer me up and leave me smiling the rest of the day. She also occasionally releases new videos and songs that will be permanently stuck in your head.

Why watch: I mean, just watch the video below.

These are just one of my favourite queer Youtubers. Do you subscribe to any of them? Who are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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