5 Reasons To Date A Woman Who Travels

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated being stuck in the same spot. Whether it was my exact physical position, my personal situation, or even my place of residence, I don’t like sitting still. I fidget, I wander, I travel – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know not everyone is like this, but for me, sitting still gets boring.

When it comes to traveling and starting over, I get a special feeling – almost a euphoric feeling. While I don’t usually care for the actual moving part (I get carsick, and let’s face it, packing is a chore), just being able to see a new place sets my mind at ease. I love the idea of experiencing new things, and knowing that – if I ever “miss home”, I can go back – no questions asked.

If you or your girlfriend is the wandering type, there are a few truths you’ll know about your nomadic lifestyle – and usually, they’re good truths.

1. We love new experiences.

Traveling women do it because they love trying new things. Even if things don’t work out exactly as planned, there’s the satisfaction of knowing that there is an entirely new thing that the two of you tried together. It probably isn’t a shock that this doesn’t only apply to the open road – it’s often true in the bedroom, too.

2. We say yes to new opportunities.

Women who love to travel are often risk takers and opportunists, who see each new opportunity as positive until proven otherwise. This means that we’re more willing to say “yes” to a solution that others might not consider – such as chasing our dreams, and encouraging you to do the same. We’re not the type to bother with excuses as to why we can’t go. As long as there isn’t something more pressing on the plate (such as a work commitment, or a tornado headed where you’re planning to go), your wandering girlfriend is going to say yes.

3. We take advantage of the time we have.

We don’t bother with silly things like wasted days, because we know life is precious and we want to squeeze out every last drop. If we’ve only got a few hours, our road trip might only go as far as the next town, but if we’ve got three weeks, we’ll want to see every last stop on the country-wide tour. Any time spent doing something fun and interesting is time well spent – and we appreciate it.

4. We know there may never be another chance.

A woman who loves to travel understands how important it is to take things when they’re offered to you. If there’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we’ll rearrange our schedules to make it happen. If there’s something that we can never do again, we’re going to make sure we prioritize the things we want to do most. We know what we want, and we make it happen.

5. We’re up for new challenges.

If a woman is willing to travel (especially if she loves traveling), chances are, she doesn’t mind a challenge. If she’s traveled with her previous partners, she already knows how difficult it can be, and she still wants to travel with you. That’s a pretty good sign, if you ask me.

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