5 Signs Your Girlfriend is Not over Her Ex

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It is very painful to be in a relationship with someone who would rather be with someone else. It is a waste of time and not fair to both parties at all. If your partner is not giving 100% to the relationship but is still reliving an old relationship, then your union is not going anywhere.

So, how can you tell if your partner is not over her ex girlfriend and save yourself the heartache that is sure to come down the road?

1. She is distant and confused

You catch her staring into an empty space. Sometimes you get the feeling that something is wrong with her. When you ask her she says nothing or it is something she has to deal with alone. After a few minutes or a bit later she comments about her ex. She is thinking about her, a lot.

2. Excitement

She gets really excited when her name is brought up. If she bumps into her it’s as if she’s a celebrity. She becomes animated. She likes to go to places she used to frequent with her ex. Maybe she is secretly hoping to bump into her again.

3. My ex this, My ex that

She constantly twists conversations to talk about her ex. She enquires from friends about her whereabouts and what she is up to now. It seems like she is being very open and honest about her former relationship when she talks about her to you but no. She still has the hots for her.

4. Facebook

She still has her photos in her account. She regularly comments on her exes updates. You might even see the awkward message from a friend who still think they are a couple asking how the relationship is going.

5. Friends

Her friends do not know who you are, but they know her ex.

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