5 Totally Relatable Lesbian Podcasts To Check Out Now

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Podcasts are no longer given much attention now that streaming videos and music abound. However, these stunning ladies are sure to bring back the classics in a set of lighthearted, comedic shows you can find online.

1. The Girl’s Hour

Jen and Michele are fresh from Melbourne, Australia. They host a weekly radio show on Joy 94.9 where they talk about the LGBTQIA community, promote books, artists, authors, and feature musicians and causes.

Down-to-earth girls in a show made to shake and wake the nation.

2. Questionable at Best

World-famous comedian, writer, and columnist DeAnne Smith runs this radio show. There really isn’t a theme to the show, except for its usual structure where Smith asks one question to either a guest or a listener, and the discussion flows from there.

You can expect a ton of jokes and laughs from this one; time well-spent.

3. Another Word for Lesbian

New York City is where it’s at these days. This is where Another Word for Lesbian, and its creators Torrie and Erika, originate. They identify themselves as “queer and lesbian, black, and carefree besties”. In seemingly unusual fashion, their podcasts are bi-weekly and discuss a plethora of topics from the writing life, to pop culture, and even black queer issues.

A duo of writer friends taking over the world like a true champ.

4. Lesbian Lounge

You can never go wrong with a podcast that covers a variety of subjects such as current events in the community, businesses, content reviews, event coverage, web series, music, and much, much more. Originating from good ole’ England, we present to you Lesbian Lounge by Denise, who, ironically, isn’t from England.

Hold on for the ride of your life venturing through the labyrinths, it’s gonna be a wild one.

5. Tomboy Tirade

Tomboy Tirade is an only all-female comedy chat podcast, which is hosted by the zany co-founders of Tomboy Tarts, Persis Shanker & Raven Lim. The show (pronounced Tomboy Tee-rahd), is a no-holds comedy chat podcast with a whole lot of geek and humour thrown into every episode.

It’s banter overdosed on caffeine.


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