6 Types of “Good Sex” You Can Have With a Partner

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Good sex is, naturally, a subjective topic. Things that deeply arouse one woman could completely turn off another, and there’s often no way to tell just by looking at someone what they might like. But generally, there are a few types of sex that are considered better than others – which type is your favorite?

Angry Sex

Whether it’s sex in the middle of a fight or sex instead of fighting (or even sex just because), angry sex is raw and passionate. It allows the partners to express their frustrations, whether with each other or with outside forces, and when done right it ends in one of the best stress relievers out there.

Caring Sex

Of course, with the right partner, all sex is caring sex. But we’re talking about that deeply passionate sex that makes your body yearn for more closeness with your partner – the type of sex that you’d see in an old fashioned romance book. (You know those cheesy ones your grandmother used to keep around and tell you they were “most definitely not for children”? Of course you do.)

Morning Sex

Morning sex is best when it’s unexpected, although certainly you could plan for it if you’re the sort who likes to pencil in intimacy. There’s something extra sexy about your partner wanting you so bad that she wakes you up to have you – and morning sex is often the way to go for this.

Hotel Sex

Especially if you live in an apartment, or if you share a place with friends, family, or roommates, it can be a bit awkward to have sex if you think you’re going to get too loud. But if you’re in a hotel, you don’t have to worry about being too loud, because most likely you don’t know the people around you. You’ll never see them again – so you’re free to be as loud as you need to.

Forbidden Sex

Whether you’re fooling around somewhere you shouldn’t be fooling around, or with someone you shouldn’t be fooling around with, there’s a sexy appeal of doing something you shouldn’t. Of course, we must advise that you don’t break up any relationships or break any laws – but beyond that, feel free to pursue your wildest desires!

Passionate Sex

This is really up to interpretation. Some people consider passion to be the rough, gritty sex that we long for when we haven’t gotten any in awhile. Other people consider it the tender, loving sex you have after you first confess your love to someone. No matter what it is, passionate sex is certainly one of the perks of a committed relationship.

Of course, this is not to be considered a complete list of all the types of good sex you can have. With the right partner and adequate communication, every type of sex can be the best. We encourage you to talk to your partner about the type of sex you both like, and coordinate to ensure that both your needs are being met.

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