6 Ways to Start a Conversation With A Woman You Like

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Are you using the wrong pick-up lines to get a date?

With the increase in online dating, it’s no wonder that women are getting easier to find. However, just because they’re easier to find doesn’t mean that they’re easier to date – and in fact, their options have opened up just as much as yours have.

Therefore, you must be on your best game in order to ensure you get a good reply.

All of these conversation styles can be applied to women met through other outlets, as well – please don’t think that you’re limited to sending these in a message.

We at KitschMix definitely encourage our readers to meet people in “the real world”, while also being aware that they might not be seeking people exclusively offline.

Regardless of how you meet, you’re going to need to blow her away to get her attention, and the technique required can be different from woman to woman.

Stick to your strengths, and gauge your interest’s willingness to accept that conversational style before continuing.

If it’s obviously not working, you’ll need to decide whether to move onto another technique, or to simply move onto another target.

Method #1: Humor


For those with a good sense of humor, it’s often important for them to find a partner that shares those interests. Picture yourself watching comedy movies with her on your first date, or watching cat videos together after you move in together. Does it seem like she’s the type of person who would love these things? Do you think you have jokes of your own? Try them out on her to see how she responds.

Possible pick-up line: You say, “Hey, do you know how much a polar bear weighs?” When she responds with a simple “no”, you reply with “Well, enough to break the ice.” Then you introduce yourself and see where it goes from there. It won’t work on every lady, but if you get a chuckle and a smile out of it, isn’t that a reward of its own?

Method #2: Seduction


A fair amount of women will respond positively to subtle sensual advances. I definitely don’t mean that you should send naked pictures unsolicited – this can get ugly real fast if she’s turned off by the idea or if she’s not interested in you. Some women can be cruel and pass these pictures along to others. (Admittedly, I’ve done something like this after receiving unsolicited nudes – I wasn’t interested, so I forwarded the picture to a BFF to gossip.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t very nice – but it’s something you’ve got to consider as a possibility whenever you give someone naked pictures of yourself, regardless of how well you know them.)

Instead of sending nude pictures, you can subtly hint at the things you would do to her if you got her to yourself. Subtlety is key here, as some women are not attracted to blatant sexuality, and may reject you if you’re too vulgar with them too early on. But, if she seems willing to accept the sexual attention right off the bat – feel free to continue at a rate that is comfortable for the both of you.

Possible pick-up line: “If you’re feeling down, I can feel you up.” Okay, so this sort of falls in the humor category – but as I said, it’s important to not be blatantly sexual right out the gate. If it gets to that point, great! But consider if a sexual relationship is your primary goal before you push it to that point. Another good one we’ve found is “I’m afraid of the dark, will you sleep with me tonight?”

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Method #3: Mad Listening Skills


I feel that this should be something everyone gets comfortable with. It’s not always about being the one to do the most talking – often women want an ear to listen to them before it gets to anything too serious. Get to know her by asking some questions. Make sure you’re not prying with questions that are too intrusive, but do allow her to tell you the things she’s comfortable telling you.

Possible pick-up line: Honestly, don’t use one. If you’re taking this approach, you should simply be friendly and open to whatever she has to tell you.

You might find out that you’re not compatible as lovers, but you’d work great as friends – go with that! There’s always a chance that this friendship could turn into something more in the future, and if you reject the option of being friends, you’ll never know what might have been.

Method #4: Impress Her


This particular method is difficult to master, as not all women are attracted to power, money, etc. But, for those who are, it can be helpful if you elude to things that could be considered attractive qualities. Don’t overdo it, or you’ll just sound cocky, and definitely don’t lie – if she finds out later that you were being untruthful, she’s likely going to end the relationship, and I can’t say that I’d blame her.

Possible pick-up line: Offer to buy her a drink or some other small token, if you’d like to show her you’ve got money to spare. If you have a nice car, offer to take her for a ride in it. If you own your own business (and it’s something that could benefit her if you were together), offer to show her around. Again, these aren’t certain to work for everyone, but some women like a lady who’s established. Use that to your advantage if you can!

Method #5: Intelligence


For some women, the way to their heart is through their brain. Show her your smarts by offering to take her on a date to a book store instead of a restaurant. Don’t turn this into a competition – some women don’t have a focus on high intelligence, and that’s fine. Don’t force her to recognize your intelligence right away or you could come across as arrogant and pretentious – and no one wants that.

Possible pick-up line: Consider some trivia you might know, that she might not. Make sure you don’t make it up, though – if she values intelligence, chances are she’s smart enough to see through a made-up fact, and if she doesn’t value your intelligence, you’re wasting your time making something up.

Method #6: Surprise Her


With some women, there’s really no telling what would attract them. For these women, it may be best to combine all the other methods into something that will show her you’re a total catch. Ideally, if you were to be in a relationship with her, you’d be showing her all these things anyway, right? Why not get it started right away?

Overall, the most important thing to realize is that every woman is different, and no two ladies will be attracted by the same pick-up line. You don’t necessarily need to master all the different conversation styles, as it’s better to be genuine anyway, but you should be aware that there’s no such thing as the “perfect approach”. Figure out what works for you, and aim to attract a woman who is responsive to this technique. You’re going to get rejected sometimes no matter how good your approach is, but you should be able to identify what your personal strengths are and apply them to your pursuits.

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