7 Disney Characters That Have the Potential to be Lesbians

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What is it about Disney movies that we love… Is it the message of being yourself? That the underdog that ends up on top? The idea good will triumph over evil? Or that there will always be a happy ending? For me its all of the above… Yet, while Disney movies funny loving entertainment, there has never been an OUT and proud lesbian, gay, bi or trans character in an animated movie.

However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t some closeted folks in the mix. Characters that Disney could have intended to be gay, or use gay stereotypes. So let’s take a look back and see exactly who are the most ambiguously ‘lesbian’ Disney characters… So here are 7 characters we believe have the potentially to be Lesbians.

DISCLAIMER: This is all up for interpretation and in no way should be seen as a factual representation of what the filmmakers intended.

 Disney-Lesbians-011. Terkina from Tarzan

Played by out lesbian Rosie O’Donnell, Terk was a girl which nobody had an idea was a girl when Tarzan was released in 1999.
In the film, Terk is a tomboy who hates dressing like a lady and has no interest in other males.



Disney-Lesbians-022. Elsa from Frozen

On the gay spectrum Frozen hits it big time for lesbian-reference. With her ice powers, Elsa is different from other people. Her difference is an occasion of fear and secrecy. Misguidedly, her parents teach her to “conceal it, don’t feel it.” This repression of her true nature leads to isolation, anxiety and finally a meltdown at Elsa’s coronation, at which she inadvertently ‘outs’ herself. Regarded with fear and revulsion by others, Elsa defies the society that has rejected her, and celebrating her acceptance of her true identity in the power ballad “Let it Go”. Also something to note, Elsa at no time shares her sister Anna’s romantic longings, nor does she show any interest in a male suitor or in being courted.

Disney-Lesbians-033. Miranda Wright from Bonkers

Miranda has a lot of strikes in the possible lady-lover category. Female cop. Serious lack of interest in traditional love life. Hangs out with insanely dramatic, possibly gay couple (Bonkers and Fallapart). Really, if it weren’t for the fact that she wears her hair long and uses a bra instead of an ace bandage, I’d say she here gayness was a cert.


Disney-Lesbians-044. Merida from Brave

After Brave premiered there was a huge furore over the idea the next Disney princess was a lesbian. They reasoned the only way a 14-year-old archer have no interest in getting married to suitors she had never met unless she was gay? While this was quickly disregarded as soon as they actually watched the movie, Merida still has a large gay and feminist following.


Disney-Lesbians-055. Nakoma from Pocahontas

I always thought Pocahontas and Nakoma were lesbians and had to keep it a secret due to Pocahontas’ betrothment to to Kocoum.
Nakoma is best friends with Pocahontas, and the two girls have been friends for a long time. Nakoma’s personality is a foil to that of her best friend. While Pocahontas is more free-spirited and mischievous, Nakoma usually tries to be more serious and responsible. She sometimes tries to act as the voice of reason to Pocahontas. However, her warnings often go unheeded, especially when she tries to stop Pocahontas from going to find John Smith.

Disney-Lesbians-076. Rebecca Cunningham from TaleSpin

TaleSpin was a spin-off to The Jungle Book‘s Baloo. It was also a cheesy attempt to create a safe “bad boy” character in the form of Kit Cloudkicker. While some claim Rebecca and Baloo have a love/hate thing going on, it’s clear that overall she is disgusted and annoyed by him, therefore opts to stay out of a romance.



Disney-Lesbians-067. Gadget Hackwrench from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Gadget was the brains, and the beauty in Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, yet she had a careless disregard for her femininity. She hung out with the cool guys, whose advances she more or less ignored over-and-over again, while solving crimes, fixing engines, and inventing awesome flying machines. Gadget is pretty much the lesbian backbone thats holds the group together.


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