Threesomes are scary territory for many people. Realistically, they add an extra element to your sexual relationships that might not be possible without a third person – but there can be a lot of emotional needs involved too. We must urge our readers that are considering having a threesome to openly communicate with all people involved to make sure that everyone’s personal needs and boundaries are being respected.

But what if you already know a threesome is what you want, but you’re not sure where to go after that? Well, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of threesome sex positions that will accommodate a third person, whether male or female. We have tried to focus on positions that can incorporate either.

Curious and ready to get started? Here they are!

1. The Equilateral Triangle

One partner will be lying on their back. The other two partners will be seated such that one is on the first partner’s face, and the other is straddling and being penetrated by the first partner. (If you’d prefer, these two can be swapped, into more of a missionary position.) The upright partners will be free to make out, caress each other, and whatever else they desire as they are mutually pleasured by the partner who is lying down.

2. The Eiffel Tower

One partner should be on their hands and knees, positioned between the other two. One partner should be behind her, pleasuring her from behind. (You can use toys, your fingers, or your mouth – whichever you prefer.) The third partner will be in front of her, receiving oral pleasure from her. (The profile of this position should look like a capital letter A, or the Eiffel Tower.)

3. The Double Tease

One partner will be designated “the receiver”. If you want, you can bind and blindfold the receiver so that they are completely at the mercy of the other two. The “giving” partners will them simultaneously pleasure the “receiver”. Making out with each other while giving oral sex is a great option, but the possibilities are limitless.

4. The Doggy Dare

One partner should be lying on her back, with her legs spread. The second partner will be on her hands and knees, providing oral pleasure to her partner while simultaneously receiving pleasure from behind. You may choose to use toys, fingers, or your tongue – it’s all a matter of personal preference.

5.    The Daisy Chain

All three partners should be lying on their sides, each with their head between the legs of the next. (Truthfully, you can add as many people into this one as you please, as long as each has room to spread out and provide pleasure.) From there, the three of you simply pleasure each other however you see fit. The most obvious choice here is oral sex, but you may prefer something else.

6.    The Bystander

Two partners will have sex in whatever position they’d like (or, ideally, many positions). The third person will watch, command, and/or masturbate, instead of actively participating. This is great for people who are unsure about having a “real” threesome, as well as for those who get off on watching (or being watched). If you all agree, this bystander may eventually join in.

7.    The Multi-Tasker

This position requires two “receivers” and one giver, which can be incredibly sexy, but may be more difficult to execute. Two of the partners should be lying on their sides, their stomachs, or whatever position is most comfortable for them – but the important part is that they are not allowed to touch each other. The third person will pleasure both partners – whether simultaneously, or alternating. (We find that orally pleasing one while penetrating the other with a toy is the easiest, but your personal preferences may vary.

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