7 Qualities Of A Love That Is Timeless

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Have you ever sat down and spoke with someone whose romantic life completely inspired you? I’m talking those stories that shake you to your core, the kind of love that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a kid. These are the types of love that are so special, when one partner passes away, the other can’t even imagine the idea of being with someone else. What could make one person so special that they truly became irreplaceable?

And, better yet, why would anyone want any other kind of love?

We’ve done a bit of digging, and we found out that these are the 7 things that make a love truly timeless – and little ways you can start to incorporate the power of timeless love in your own relationships. By following these rules in all your relationships, you can assure that you will one day find that lasting love.

1) Timeless love is priceless.

There’s no monetary value assigned to true love. Small gestures of love and affection mean so much more than a million gifts, and they help to create memories that will last a lifetime. This deep, immaterial love doesn’t care how much money you have in your bank account, your wallet, or the cup holders in your car.

Simply put, if you need a price tag to quantify your love, your relationship is not meant to last. Financial situations can change at any time, but true love is here to stay. Value experiences over gifts and your love will be strengthened against the tests of time.

2) Timeless love is sincere.

Timeless love stories don’t usually start with love at first sight – but they do involve trust and affection from the start. The way you act around your partner tells much more than your words, and in a timeless love, your words and behaviors reflect truth. Dishonesty will destroy a relationship faster than almost anything else, so relationships that rely on mistruths will never survive.

The way you treat your partner – even when she’s not around – reflects not only your relationship, but also the way you feel about her. She deserves love, respect, and trustworthiness from the very beginning – if you wait until tomorrow to start, it may already be too late.

3) Timeless love is protected.

Most partners don’t go out of their way to hurt their other half, but timeless lovers selflessly go out of their way to be at their lover’s side. They are assured, shielded, and appreciated because they assure, shield, and appreciate their partner. Their bond is strong because they fortify it every way they can.

To create protections in your love, you need only to see your partner as your partner in a journey toward self-improvement, happiness, and your ultimate goals. You need to support each other and see each other as teammates – never rivals.

4) Timeless love is intense.

The strongest loves are those which are full of passion, emotion, and energy. There’s no time for mediocrity, because these relationships require two people enthusiastically persisting toward mutual goals and a shared vision. They’re not afraid of the storms, because they know there will be rainbows after.

There’s no way to fake an intense love, but you should be able to sense it early on. An intense relationship doesn’t need to be a rollercoaster of emotions – it just needs the emotions to be clearly on display for both partners to see. They won’t all be happy emotions, but the more emotions there are, the more will be happy.

5) Timeless love is unique.

Timeless love never happens in the traditional ways – a once-in-a-lifetime relationship is only going to come around once in a lifetime. These loves thrive on creativity to build memories, and the couple is always graciously hoping for more adventures together.

Get out of your comfort zone and make those adventurous memories together – there’s no substitute. Everyone’s idea of adventure is a little bit different, but in a timeless love, you and your partner will enjoy similar types of adventure (even if you don’t agree on what the best kind is).

6) Timeless love is positive.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the movies where the tender-hearted girl-next-door falls in love with the rebel rogue and the two go off to commit crimes together – but that’s not true love. True, timeless love exudes optimism, even in the darkest hours, and it makes you want to be a better person. Timeless love relies on two people trying to work towards their higher calling in life – and encouraging each other to reach for the stars.

Thankfully, timeless love makes you a believer in optimism. It’s the sort of love that puts a smile on your face when the cheesy love songs come on the radio. It’s the type of love that makes you feel invincible, like you can conquer literally anything – as long as she’s by your side.

7) Timeless love is loyal.

The biggest difference between a timeless love and a relationship is that a timeless love is irreplaceable. Your partner isn’t just your girlfriend, she’s The One. She’s the one you’ve been waiting for your entire life, and you truly feel that you belong to one another. Even if things were to unexpectedly end – due to death, divorce, or just a matter of circumstances – she’ll hold a place in your heart that no one else could ever fill.

It’s important to realize that just because a love is timeless does not mean that it’s invincible. Things can happen at any time due to factors outside of our control, but that doesn’t make the love story any less meaningful.

Do you have a story of timeless love to share with us? We’d love to hear it! Drop it in the comments section below, and let us know if there was anything else that made it so special.

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