7 Reasons Why Dirty Talking Makes Sex So Much Better

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Most of us are looking for ways to spice up our routine at home. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. But what if it really was as easy as saying it? Well, sometimes it is!

Not everyone feels comfortable with dirty talking, and that’s okay. But typically speaking, if you’re not comfortable expressing what you want in the bedroom, you really can’t complain if you don’t get it. All it takes to get more comfortable at the dirty talk is simply practicing. It will feel awkward the first few times, but eventually you’ll be a pro!

For those who may be wondering why you should bother learning to dirty talk, the answer is very simple – but the reason that motivates you the most may be different than the reasons that motivate your partner the most. Read on to find our top 7 answers, and feel free to add to our list in the comments!

1. It’s sexy.

Most women agree that dirty talk is sexy, when done correctly and by someone you care about. Of course, most women aren’t into unsolicited dirty talk from someone who isn’t their partner, but even that is negotiable sometimes. Just be sure you don’t push it with a woman who seems uninterested.

2. It helps us communicate our desires.

Under the cover of dirty talk, it might be easier to communicate the things that turn you on. You have the safety net of being able to say you were caught up in the moment – although that won’t make the things you say any less true.

3. It forces us to think about our desires.

When a partner talks dirty to you, you are forced to evaluate whether you find the activity she’s describing sexy or not. Most of the time, you’ll know for sure what the answer is, but in some cases it may uncover additional areas you can explore.

4. It’s the easiest form of roleplaying.

For women who may be experimenting with the idea of roleplaying, maybe the easiest way to do this is just to talk as if you were someone else – this new side of you will be a sexual goddess, who says what’s on her mind exactly when it’s on her mind. Give it a try to see if it works for you!

5. It’s a new level of intimacy.

For partners who have already explored the aspects of intimacy that pertain to our lives outside of the bedroom, we might be wondering how we can make it better. Dirty talking allows us to get even closer – replacing simple moans and other sexual noises with actual words.

6. It’s exciting.

It can be deeply exciting to tell your partner about all the dirty things you want, and to hear her say them to you. Even if you can’t actually address the desires at that exact moment, you can begin thinking about them – which, for many women, can be a fun new foreplay tactic.

7. It eliminates confusion (usually).

If you’re telling your partner exactly what you want her to do to you, or exactly what you want to do to her, you’re giving her a chance to say whether that’s something she is also interested in or not. In cases where one partner may have been a victim of sexual assault, dirty talk may help eliminate the chance of a triggering sexual episode by laying out exactly what you plan to do before you do it. Of course, you’ll still have to listen and pay attention to her.

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