7 Signs You Are About To Get Dumped

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Top on the list of the most frustrating things is not knowing if your girlfriend wants to call it quits or not.

Girlfriends often leave subtle hints that they are looking to move on without necessarily saying it.

So, be on the lookout for these signs if you have doubts.

1. The fighting stops

She does not want to fight anymore. There is no more make up sex.

It just “What ever”; “It’s not you, it’s me”; “Nothing’s wrong” – these are the kind of utterances she resorts to whenever you get into a disagreement.

She has given up on you.

2. Her friends give you the cold shoulder

Your once pleasant relationship with her friends is no more, all you get is an evil eye.

They know something you don’t.

3. She doesn’t call

Regular calls are a sign of a healthy relationship. The opposite is true, if she rarely calls you, then something is up.

Maybe she has someone more interesting to talk to.

4. She is critical

She doesn’t like your style anymore. Nothing you do pleases her. Your job is a “waste of time”, your friends “good for nothing” and your grooming “outdated”.

You haven’t changed, she has.

5. Uninspired sex

She just lays there expecting you to do everything. She is often tired or has a headache.

You are the cause of her headache.

6. She starts talking about ‘friendship’

Can it get any clearer than this? If she starts referring to you as good friend, and how you’d work so much better if you’d kept things to friendship, she’s already demoted you to such in her head.

Prepare yourself for the worst.

7. No future plans

She does not want to book or order anything for next month. She cringes if you mention some upcoming future event.

No, she is not superstitious; she is not planning on being here when the opera comes to town in two months’ time.

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