7 Toxic People to Remove from Your Life

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The people you surround yourself with can impact what you’ll accomplish in life. Or, in other words, it greatly depends on which people you decide not to surround yourself with.

So if you’re looking to make some changes, be sure not to bring your garbage with you.

Leave these toxic individuals out of your life. You’ll feel much lighter, allowing you to get a great running start on the year to come.

1. The people who make your life more stressful.

Life is stressful as it is. You don’t need someone making it more so.

7 Toxic People 01

2. The people who use you.

Sometimes we find people in our lives who use us in ways that end up hurting us. When you have toxic individuals in your life they leave you worse off, sucking you dry and feeding off you like a parasite.

7 Toxic People 04

3. The people who always manage to hurt you.

People hurt other people — it’s just the way the world works. But if you have someone in your life who can’t manage to stop hurting you, do yourself a favour and cut that person off.

7 Toxic People 02

4. The people who can’t seem to stop lying to you.

Everyone lies. In fact, within the first few minutes of meeting a new person, that person is likely to lie to you a handful of times. Most lies are harmless, but that all changes when the people who are lying to you are the people you trust.

7 Toxic People 05

5. The people who smile to your face and then insult you behind your back.

These individuals enjoy pretending to be your friend while telling the rest of the world that you’re a piece of sh*t. They’ll ruin your reputation and, as most of us now know, reputation matters a whole lot in the world we live in.

7 Toxic People 06

6. The people who don’t care about you, but love to pretend they do.

These individuals are especially toxic because they give you the illusion of a safety net. These “pseudo friends” are a lot of fun to hang out with, and more than willing to accept help, but when you need their help they’re miraculously nowhere to be found. They act like our friends only when it’s convenient for them.

7 Toxic People 07

7. The people who hold you back.

You know the ones – they’re egocentric, they’ll do their best to create their version of their ideal life and drag you into it.

7 Toxic People 10


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