8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Achieving Orgasm

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Every day we are bombarded by the media that everyone is enjoying perfect sex with perfect unity resulting in perfect orgasms. But the truth is that’s not real life! Many women find it hard to orgasm, some women only orgasm occasionally and others have never orgasmed at all. There are many other things to enjoy while having sex and achieving orgasm is just a bonus, not the one and only focus. So here are 8 other reasons that explains why the big ‘O’ is not the most important thing between the sheets.

Being Intimate

Intimacy is so much more important than an orgasm. It’s what makes us feel emotionally and physically close to our partner, the feel of their skin against yours and the pleasure we get from exploring our partner’s bodies. Enjoy the intimacy and take in your partner’s whole body, not just worry about the genital area.

Feeling Pressured

If from the first kiss the moment you start to get passionate your brain starts to think ‘I need to orgasm’ then you are putting yourself and your partner under unnecessary and unhelpful pressure. Besides this, you are very unlikely to orgasm if your mind is thinking the whole time that you must because then you won’t be relaxed enough to enjoy the experience. Even if you don’t orgasm you will still have a good time so stop pressurizing yourself.


Sometimes it’s enough to just know that your partner desires you, wants to please you and think you are sexy as hell. That can be an amazing feeling and does wonders for the self-esteem so if you do orgasm at the end of it it’s a double bonus, but if you don’t you will still be sexy and desirable to your partner, so all is good.

No Orgasm Is Better Than Faking It

Some women think their partner will feel useless if they do not orgasm and so therefore they will fake one rather than let them think they are no good in bed. This is not healthy in a relationship at all. IF your partner finds out she won’t feel good about it because a relationship should be based on honesty and pretending to cum when you haven’t isn’t really being honest, is it?

Dirty Talk

Talking dirty to your partner can be a turn on for both of you. It’s something you can pretty much do any time any place. You can send her a text at work, whisper in her ear when you are out together or even put sexy notes in her bag. There is something quite thrilling about dirty talk and can be a major turn on without the need of even touching.

Enjoy Your Partner’s Big ‘O’

Try not to feel envious if your partner manages to orgasm and you don’t. Enjoy her pleasure and feel good that you took her there. Sex can be enjoyed in so many ways and knowing you drive your partner mad with desire is something to feel good about, regardless if you orgasm yourself or not.

Play Time

Bringing play into the bedroom can be tremendous fun, whether it’s handcuffs, blindfolds, ice cubes or feathers, all can give a great deal of sensory pleasure and evoke sensations that are enjoyable.

Being Together

Many couples will say the best times they have had with their partner is when they are doing things like watching a movie together, doing silly things like having a water fight or simply just eating pizza and watching a box set. Most of our best memories are not based on the best orgasm we had.

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