8 Tips For The Most Perfect Date Ever

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Have you ever been on a date that was… Not so great, to say the least? You accidentally knocked your wine all over yourself at dinner. You stepped in gum at the theater. Maybe you even messed up your lucky pants before heading out and had to resort to the pair you usually save for laundry day. Yikes! After a date like that, most people are eager to do whatever it takes to make sure the next date they go on is way better.

Well, lucky for you, there’s actually a formula for the perfect date. Consider it a checklist, if you will – the more of these things your dates include, the more perfect they will be. You’re welcome!

Perfect dates aren’t about timing.

You don’t need to plan some extravagant candle-lit dinner. In fact, you don’t have to plan anything at all. The best dates have moments when time stands absolutely still. It’s not about how much time you spend together or what you do when you’re together, but rather it’s about how you feel when you’re around each other.

Perfect dates are creative.

It’s not about how much money you spend, either – it’s about how memorable the date itself is. You want to make sure there’s a touch of simple brilliance to it – something that her ex-girlfriends probably never thought of. When it’s done right, you’ll be creating a memory that will last a lifetime – and that’s something truly special.

Perfect dates let you connect.

When a date is executed perfectly, there’s a bit of chemistry and a bit of getting to know each other. It’s hard to fake chemistry, of course, but a lasting relationship doesn’t need as much of a spark as you might think. You’re excited to get to know each other, and you might find that you’re even closer as time goes on – that’s one of the best feelings! Most of all, though, a perfect date leaves you ready for the next date.

Perfect dates are relaxed and fun.

Most of us take our lives way too seriously all the time – but when you’re on a date, you should be calm and have a good time. There shouldn’t be any hostile competition (although a little laser tag never hurt anybody… at least not that I know of). There shouldn’t be any ulterior motives, hidden agendas, or misleading promises – this date isn’t just a path to get ahead in life. There’s plenty of time to be serious later, so make sure your dates are a time to let go and have fun.

Perfect dates are respectful.

All relationships require respect, and that respect needs to come from the start – disrespectful people don’t magically become respectful as time goes on. The perfect date understands boundaries and consent, and neither of you feels pressured or judged by the other. By the time you go your separate ways, you feel you’ve been treated fairly and with respect.

Perfect dates are passionate.

Perfect dates take passion – but that doesn’t (necessarily) mean you have sex on a perfect date. Anything that charges you up is a passion, and there’s something about the other person that makes you want to share that passion. You excite and ignite each other, and there’s a magnetic attraction that makes you want to come back for more.

Perfect dates teach you something.

The human brain is a muscle that literally sits there all day, absorbing new information. When you have a perfect date, you’re fueling your brain with some fascinating new information – whether it’s information about yourself, about her, or about the world around you. You’re both eager to learn more because there’s something so energizing about cultivating knowledge together.

Perfect dates aren’t about perfection.

While there’s something magical about the dates they show on dating shows, there’s something lacking from all of those: Realness. On a perfect date, you feel comfortable being completely yourself with the other person. You understand that one imperfect date isn’t a disaster, and you’re not putting pressure on the itinerary or your circumstances. A perfect date makes you want to build and grow with this person, and that doesn’t happen in just one day.

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