9 New Moves to Add to Your Solo Sex Routine

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The subject of female masturbation isn’t the easiest to talk about. It can become easy to just assume that everyone does the same thing, and leave it at that. I think we all do generally fall into one of only a few categories when it comes to playing with ourselves, but the reality is that there is so much more you could be doing.

The truth is that, chances are, the best sex you’ll have will be with yourself – but only if you give it the chance to be. If you do the same thing every time, you’re likely to find it boring, and save it for a last-resort type thing. But if you put a little more dedication into your self-pleasuring sessions, you’ll see a huge difference in the power of your orgasms – and many of these tricks can be translated to your partner’s body, as well, for a more exciting experience.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a quick look at each of the main masturbation types and see which one you fall under, as well as a few new things to try.

Type A: The Skin-to-Skin Touchers

Women who prefer skin-to-skin masturbation are usually looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of planning beforehand. They don’t need any tools – just their hands and five minutes to rub one out. This is generally considered the “easiest” female masturbation technique, because it comes pretty naturally to anyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation.

Move #1: The Patty Cake

Instead of rubbing, try patting your clitoris. The different sensation will bring an entirely different feeling. Try listening to some soft music while you do it, and tap along with the rhythm. Once you are thoroughly aroused, you can use your fluids to help lubricate the area. It can be tempting to return to your typical routine – fight that urge, the build-up is worth it.

Wait until you’re just about to finish and then allow yourself to rub and bring yourself over the edge. When done properly, this should last a little while – and the orgasm at the end will be well deserved by the time you allow yourself to experience it!

Move #2: The Sandwich

For this particular technique, you’re going to imagine a sandwich. Your index and middle fingers are going to be the bread, and the hidden shaft of your clitoris is going to be the filling. You want to apply a gentle pressure to the clitoral area, without squeezing – you just want the gentle pressure to hold your clitoris in place when you rub it with the fingers of the other hand.

Once you begin to develop a rhythm with your rubbing (not too fast – we’re trying not to rush through it, remember!) you can begin to stroke the shaft of your clitoris with your “bread fingers”, while continuing to rub the outer button. It can take some work to master this one, but it’s definitely something you’ll love to learn!

Move #3: The Open-Faced Sandwich

Although this one sounds similar to Move #2, they couldn’t be more different. Where #2 focuses on the small details, the OFS focuses on the art of teasing. This art is often difficult to execute on yourself (and sometimes hard to execute with a partner, too!) but those who are able to restrain themselves will love this one.

For this move, use your outstretched palm (fingers apart) to rub your entire vaginal area, slowly and broadly. You will find yourself tempted to move in order to stimulate your clitoris – go with it! But don’t you dare use your fingers to directly stimulate – this move is all about teasing. After a while, you will probably find yourself bucking against the palm of your hand. Basically, you’re having a solo tribbing session. Those who enjoy being dominated will love that this move allows you to be your own master – leading to an intense, submissive orgasm.

Type B: The Water Players

For many women, their first time experiencing the pleasures of their own body probably happened in a bath tub, a shower, or a hot tub. The water offers a wonderful pressure without being too hard. (Well, unless you put the sprayer on too high.) If you haven’t tried all three methods, consider adding the rest to your repertoire. Note: Please don’t try any of these at public/community pools. Thank you!

Move #4: Blast Off

This method requires a pool, hot tub, or bath tub that has water jets in the sides. Please, use proper safety precautions to ensure that the water is not too hot. You will need to position yourself a short distance away from the jet, to start. If you are in a pool, you can probably stand about a foot back. For bath tubs and hot tubs, you may need to kneel.

Spread your legs apart and allow the higher-pressure water to press against your clitoris. If your body begs you to move closer, do! As you move closer you may also feel the urge to rock your hips – this can be a pleasurable way to find just the right spot, as you can’t actually move the jet itself. In time, the orgasm is inevitable. (With a partner, consider having her position herself against the jet while you penetrate her from behind!)

Move #5: Handheld Heaven

For those of you who have a massaging shower head but haven’t pleasured yourself with it yet – why not? Handheld Heaven requires that you take the showerhead off its post and position it close to your pubic area. The particular massage setting you use is a matter of personal preference – try experimenting with the different settings on your showerhead and see which one gets your heart pumping.

Once you start to get more into it, you can use your free hand to spread your vagina open to get a closer touch from the massager. If your shower has a step in it (or a tub that is a safe height), putting a leg up can help stimulate even further. Just make sure you don’t raise your water bill too high with all the extra time in the shower!

Move #6: Rubber Ducky

This can be a particularly relaxing experience, when done right. Start by filling your bathtub with just enough warm water to lay in. You can utilize bath salts, oils, and even fizzes to make for a more relaxing environment (just please make sure to use ones that are good for your body’s pH). Ease yourself into the water, with the faucet still slowly filling the tub. You should scoop up the relaxing water in your hands and sprinkle it onto your body – it should feel warm at first, and quickly cool to bring a delightful sensation. Pay particular attention to your nipples and tease yourself until you are thoroughly aroused.

Once you are ready, slide your body down until your clitoris is positioned underneath the running faucet, spreading your legs to allow it to stimulate you. Keep your hands off your entire pubic area – you should be moving your body against the water to bring yourself to orgasm. (You may choose to fondle your breasts.) If you can keep your hands off the whole time, the resulting orgasm will blow your mind!

Type C: The Prop Actors

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with using toys or other props to stimulate your sexual experience, even when you’re alone. Some women enjoy toys that replicate a partner’s presence (such as a pillow to rub against) while other women prefer more “traditional” sex toys. Either way, the world of prop-driven solo time is open to all sorts of experimentation!

Move #7: The Shovel

For this particular move, you’re going to need a vibrating dildo that is intended for G-spot stimulation. (If you’re not sure what counts, G-spot toys generally have a sharp curve at the non-handle end.) It also requires that you be pre-lubricated, whether naturally or with the assistance of a high-quality lube.

You will need to penetrate yourself with the toy, making a “digging” motion against your G-spot. (It will be on top, if you are lying on your back, so it might take you a few tries to hit it – but you will definitely know when you do!) Alternate between this “digging up” and sliding the toy all the way out and rubbing your clitoris with it. Typically, a gentle (but not too soft) vibration is best for this technique. Don’t give into the temptation to give up on the G-spot – there’s a reason women strive for this type of orgasm!

Move #8: Dental Work

If you have an electric toothbrush (and a spare head for it – please don’t use the same one you brush your teeth with!), you can pleasure yourself with the spinning head. This vibration is much more intense than from a traditional vibrator, so we don’t recommend placing it directly on your sensitive clitoris. Instead, “brush” along the outside, allowing the indirect stimulation to bring a powerful feeling.

If you don’t have an electric toothbrush, or simply don’t like the idea of using it on your vagina, you can modify this routine to use a traditional vibrator. It won’t be going inside of you, so the small bullet-style vibrators work well for this. In this variation, you should be using a very gentle setting to pulse your vagina – remember, we’re going for indirect stimulation here. The feeling won’t be exactly the same as if you use the toothbrush, but you won’t be faced with the awkwardness of trying to remember if you switched the heads back.

Move #9: Playstation

Although this move is best suited to a vibrating game controller (such as Playstation or Xbox), it can also be done with a cell phone – anything not typically “sexual” that vibrates. You will, of course, need to make it vibrate – many shooting games will vibrate when your player is killed, or you could have someone text your phone after you’ve positioned it. There is a certain level of anticipation involved with this move, as often it’s difficult to control the vibration, without moving the object that vibrates.

However, if you are able to find a way that gets the controller to vibrate at somewhat regular intervals, you may find that the suspense of having the vibration stop before you’re finished with it builds the excitement. Every time the vibration starts, you know it’s going to end – and when it begins vibrating again, it’s intense and pleasurable.

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