9 Unavoidable Truths About Long-Distance Relationships

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Long-distance relationships are a lot harder than other relationships. That’s not to say they aren’t worth it – for the right woman, nothing is out of the question. But that doesn’t always make it any easier to deal with. In fact, there are some things about long-distance relationships that are unavoidable – no matter how much you love your long-distance partner. Here are 9 things you’ve got coming in the future of your long-distance relationships – and what each of those things really means.

1. You get better at planning.

Since you know that your time together is super limited, you get really good at planning out every minute of your time together. You think about the big picture, and you can really start to visualize your future after the time spent apart. Unfortunately, this “good planning” comes at a cost – other people will get in the way of your plans, and it’s really frustrating when the things you’ve been looking forward to for months are suddenly derailed.

2. You cherish the time you spend together.

When your plans do come together how you meant for them to, you are at peace. The time and distance don’t seem so huge because you have your plans to look forward to, and your memories to look back on. This can be incredibly difficult if you break up, though, because you’ve taken extra work committing those memories to the long-term – they won’t be easy to let go of.

3. The situation usually isn’t permanent.

Worked into your plans somewhere is the day the two of you are reunited for good – that magical time when you can finally reap the rewards you’ve been building separately for so long. But that reunion doesn’t always come. Sometimes, drifting apart can seem so much more drastic when you’re separated by the distance. The relationship can be a lot harder to maintain because you don’t see each other very often.

4. Trust and communication are a given.

While all relationships require trust and communication, long-distance relationships get an extra dose. You both know how important it is that you be honest with each other, and you’d rather overshare than leave out something important. Still, all that extra communication can take its toll on you – this type of relationship takes a great deal of personal effort to maintain, and misunderstandings and miscommunication can be devastating.

5. You really notice the little things.

You want to be involved in each other’s lives, even when you’re far apart, so you check in whenever you can. Sometimes that means a phone call, a text, or a message sent through Facebook – but other times that means scrolling through timelines and blogs and whatever other social media streams your partner has. This social media presence can breed jealousy if not used wisely, so it’s important that you don’t rely on it for too much of your communication.

6. You get really, really good at phone sex.

Whether you choose to go through the phone, Skype, or any other method for long-distance sexy time, the more practice you get, the easier it becomes. Since the large majority of your sexuality is in your imagination for a long-distance relationship, you have the opportunity to come up with a number of sexy possibilities. However, even the best chat isn’t as intimate as physical closeness, and you will sometimes wish you had her closer to you.

7. You maximize your sex life as much as you can.

All that extra time apart makes the time you spend together so much more special, so you find ways to squeeze your physical needs in whenever she’s around. But opportunities are limited and often shorter than you’d like them to be, so you’ll really need to get comfortable with spontaneous quickies. Trust me, though. When done correctly, they can be really romantic – it’s all about figuring out what works for the two of you.

8. Your creativity will flourish.

Since you’ve got more time in between dates, you have so much opportunity to make your dates extra special. Each one can be its own unique kind of amazing! And, what’s even better, you have more time to save up for those dates (even though your love really isn’t defined by the money spent). But there is a lot of pressure to keep it 100% all the time, and that can be exhausting after a while, so make sure you’re sharing the responsibilities evenly to avoid burn-out.

9. You have plenty of personal space.

Introverts thrive in long-distance relationships because it allows the relationship to work around their schedule (even if they’ve created that schedule solely to cater to the relationship). Each partner has more time to pursue their hobbies, indulge their passions, and work to make themselves a better person. But there’s also an empty bed to come home to most of the time, which can get lonely sometimes – it takes a strong character to stay faithful and loyal during those periods.

So, is it worth it?

The decision to pursue a long-distance relationship is incredibly personal, and can only really be evaluated by the partners involved. All in all, though, if the hardships you’ll face don’t seem as difficult as passing the time without her in your life, it can definitely be a rewarding experience for the both of you. With enough faith and continued effort, a long-distance relationship isn’t doomed, foolish, or a waste of time – it’s simply another way to get to the end result you want.

2 thoughts on “9 Unavoidable Truths About Long-Distance Relationships

  1. Mayra

    But what happens when you don’t see your partner? I mean, I’m in a long distance relationship, I’m from Mexico and she’s form Colombia, we don’t have the necessary resource for traveling, so, we don’t see each other,like physically… Never. But we’re planning to live together and stuff…
    This is harder . I think… But totally worth it.

  2. Nate

    Hey Mayra. It’s definitely hard when you haven’t physically spent time with your partner. If you’re talking about planning to live together and those types of things then you’re already setting some really important long term goals. Good work! But you definitely want to spend time with one another before ‘moving in together’. Why not set another goal to meet up in the near future. If you set a date and figure out how much it would cost for one of you to travel then you’ve got something to work towards. That being said you could share the cost for one of you to travel to the other, which can get you closer to your goal much quicker. Talk about it with your partner and see how she feels, then start to put a plan together. Breaking it down into bite size pieces will make it feel much more manageable and you’ll see just how obtainable it is! Good luck, Nate.

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