9 Yoga Inspired Poses That Could Actually Lead To Better Sex

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If you and your partner are both flexible, fit, and strong, it may be a good idea to incorporate those strengths into the bedroom. Make sure to stretch out beforehand, though; these are not your typical positions. If either of you isn’t in the greatest physical shape, these positions can be a bit dangerous. (Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you had to go to the hospital because you hurt yourself trying to please your partner!)

However, for those who are in peak physical condition, it can be a fun way to make your sex life a bit more of a work out. Super fun and incredibly sexy, these moves are guaranteed to satisfy.


French Can-Can

French cancan

This position isn’t exactly the most comfortable, and it will definitely require the “receiver” to be quite flexible. Starting in a typical cunnilingus position, the partner who is receiving the pleasure will simply lift one of her legs so that it’s perpendicular to the rest of her body. (If you can lift your leg higher, go for it!) It might not be easy to maintain, but if your partner is using her fingers or a toy as well, it will allow for deeper penetration. Even if you don’t enjoy being penetrated, there’s something fun about this one!


Rising Flame

Rising flame

This one’s a bit more difficult to explain, but it’s fairly simple to perform once you understand it. One partner will be laying on her back and her feet (with her bum raised into the air; you can support with a pillow or sex cushion if you’d like). The other partner will be lying beside her, with her face to  her partner’s legs. The partner who isn’t up in the air can then perform wonderful oral sex on her partner, with the arch of the back making for an intense orgasm. The other partner can use her fingers or a toy to tease her lover to ensure mutual satisfaction.


Chaise Lounge

Chaise longue

This requires a bit of flexibility and leg strength from the giver. Seated on her back with her legs up in the air, she should invite her partner to sit on top of her. Her vagina should be in line to receive some oral pleasure, while her back is supported by the legs of the giver. Should your legs begin to give out (say, for example, if your partner requires a lot of attention to achieve a climax) you can instead have your knees bent with your feet tucked close to your bum. It definitely works best if the partner who will be on top is on the smaller side, but as long as you can handle the weight on your chest and stomach, it’s sure to please.


Immediate Take-Off

Immediate take-off

If you’re into strap-ons (or other toys), this can be a fun way to incorporate new angles into your routine. After a bit of traditional missionary penetration, the partner who is receiving should lift her back and bum off the bed, into a bit of a head-stand. If you’re using a strap-on, the giver can help to support her partner in this lift-off, although in a pinch you can use pillows or a sex cushion instead. It’s certain to produce a wonderful pleasurable feeling with the new angle, and the simple difference of the height makes it easy to stimulate the G spot for that ultimate climax.


Upside Down

Upside down

I’m sure you’ve probably had sex where one partner lies on the bed and the other kneels on the floor in order to provide oral gratification. Well, this is similar, except that the partner who is giving will be the one on the bed! The partner who is to receive the pleasure should be lying with her bum on the bed and her head resting on a comfortable pillow on the floor. She can then caress her body as she pleases, which is definitely going to turn you on. Her lover will then lie on her stomach, in between her partner’s legs, and feast on the view that is provided. Additionally, it works best if the giver actually “feasts” – the head rush will undoubtedly lead to a quick release and a super pleasurable experience for all.


On the Tip of Your Tongue

On the Tip of Your Tongue

If you’re familiar with the “butterfly stretch” (that is, your legs at right angles and your feet pressed together), this shouldn’t be too difficult for you. It’s not necessary that your knees be placed on the bed, although the partner who is giving can definitely push them down for a bit of extra stretching. Once you’re in position, your partner will be able to provide oral pleasure while you rock yourself back and forth against her tongue – definitely hot, and the receiving partner will have a great deal of control over the placement of her partner’s face. For some extremely sexy teasing, the giving partner can opt to withhold her tongue and instead offer her lips for some light rubbing. If you choose to do this, be warned – the receiving partner will undoubtedly be begging you to finish her off in no time!



Big Bridge

This one requires a good amount of strength and flexibility from both partners. The receiving partner will be lying on her back, while the giver will be standing. With care, the giver will then lift her partner’s bum towards her face while bending over to go down on her. It’s a bit tricky for both partners, but it’s definitely something to try if both partners are in good physical shape.


Big Bridge
Big Bridge

One partner will be laying with her back on the bed, but her feet on the floor, with her legs bent at a 90-degree angle to form a sort of bridge. The other partner should climb on top and position herself so that  they can rub against each other. Ideally, both partners should be on the smaller side, and the one on bottom will need to have a fair amount of leg strength (as the partner on top will be fully supported by this “bridge”). Lock your hands together for greater control, and ride your bridge until you both climax, or decide to proceed to another activity.


Little Bridge

Little Bridge

This is very similar to the Big Bridge, with the exception that the partner on top will be supporting her weight with her feet on the floor. She will then rub her clit against the lower partner’s thighs until she achieves climax; optionally, the upper partner can use her hands to stimulate her partner at the same time.

Again, we must insist that you do not try any of these positions if you are not incredibly fit and flexible, as they have the potential to cause serious injury if you’re not accustomed to the physical demands. However, should you be able to accomplish them, they’re certain to provide hours of new excitement to your life – and they’ll definitely be the most fun workout you’ve ever had!

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