New Online Platform Fosters Community and Creativity Amongst LGBT Women

KitschMix.com is a rapidly growing social platform developed to promote the diverse creative ventures of women in the LGBT community. Launched in early 2014 by couple Judea Bogle and Elizabeth Eagle-Simbeye, KitschMix already boasts a network in the hundreds of thousands, with an estimated reach of well over 10 million.

These numbers are growing exponentially by the month, attesting to an unmet need within the lesbian community that the KitschMix founders were eager to meet. “There is a troubling lack of media representation, visibility, and support within the LGBT community for women,” says Judea. As a black woman, lesbian, mother, grandmother and successful entrepreneur in her own right, Bogle is passionate about positive social change:

“We wanted to create a platform that supports lesbian women and provides them with the tools to share their stories, showcase their talents, businesses and creativity, and have access to advice and information when needed.”

KitschMix was established in response to the demand for lesbian social visibility, celebrating the inspiring women within the LGBT community and promoting their talents and ideas. The heart of this is KitschMix’s social networking community, which allows members to communicate, share ideas, seek support, make friends and feel included. This community is also the primary audience for the vibrant KitschMix blog.

Supported by established journalists and contributors, the blog provides daily features on relevant lifestyle, cultural and political issues. KitschMix also promotes a host of other multimedia content created by talented LGBT women, including short films, web series and more.

There are big plans for KitschMix in the coming months, including the launch of an e-Publishing house for aspiring LGBT authors, a business directory to connect like-minded professionals and a crowd-sourced funding platform to get other creative projects and causes off the ground.

“Our hope is that LGBT women will take the limelight and feel encouraged,” says Elizabeth, herself the head of a successful digital design studio in London. “Lesbian visibility is a big issue and concern for gay women, but our message is positive. We believe that fostering the talent, aspirations and ideas of LGBT women through social and digital media is the most effective way to build a community, create global awareness and inspire positive social change.”


As KitschMix continues to grow, so do the number of topics we cover and the way readers access our content. Many readers visit the website directly or subscribe to our RSS feed, daily emails or Twitter and Facebook pages. Now that we’re even more connected across social spaces, we thought we’d let you know how to find us however works best for you.

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