Adverts that Changed how the LGBT Community were Represented in the Media

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We have come a long way when it comes to media visibility. Ads today are both inclusive and respectful, and often boldly targeting the LGBT community directly. Adweek reported in 2013, the LGBT community is currently estimated to represent a $743 billion market.

That makes it a seriously important market for advertisers to watch.

Absolut Rainbow

Back in the day, the gay community was pretty much ignored by marketing world. However, in 1989 Absolut made headlines when it began advertising in gay magazines The Advocate and After Dark. Since then they have continued to show support – in 2011, the brand created this ad in celebration of 30 years of the company’s support of the LGBT community. This ad was part of a $4 million dollar campaign, from TBWA/Chiat/Day in New York.

Solo orange juice.

Norway, have always been pretty easier going. This ad for an orange juice company, created by JBW, shows a woman and man in a restaurant making eye-contact from across the room. Oops! The woman is disappointed when the man’s boyfriend shows up.

Johnny Walker, “Marriage.”

This ad for Johnny Walker, by Leo Burnett, first appears to be a quiet montage of a man and woman on their wedding day, but turns out to be a father happily taking his daughter to marry her girlfriend.

Toyota, “One Thing You Can Count On.”

An advert created by Saatchi & Saatchi – a father begrudgingly waits to meet his daughter’s date, asking “Is this one like all the others?” Her response is a knowing, “not exactly.” Once he sees the Toyota park in front, he is satisfied enough to walk back inside, at which point the daughter leaps into the car to kiss her new girlfriend.

MakeHomosexualsMarry.org, “Prop 8.”

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi and staring Justin Long, this advert was made to support the overturn of California’s Prop 8, a ballot proposition that made same-sex marriage illegal.

Chevy Volt – “Mom, Dad, I’m Electric”

A major supporter of Pride Week, General Motors released this ad in celebration of Motor City Pride weekend, in Detroit.

Gay Adverts 03

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