The Appeal of Mirror Sex: Why We Enjoy Watching Ourselves Get Busy

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I’m sure you know at least one person who boasts about their love of mirror sex. Maybe it’s even you! There’s just something unexplainable about the joy associated with watching different angles of your own sexual experience than the ones you’d normally see. If you’ve never tried it, it can be difficult to explain exactly what it is that pulls us in.


Here are some of the reasons why mirror sex is so great for so many people.

It lets us see a side we don’t normally see.

In most sexual situations, you can only see one side of your partner at a time. This is nice, but sometimes you want to get a peek into the other side of the equation. Maybe you want to see her chest while you’re taking her from behind, or you want to see her behind while she’s laying between your legs. No matter what angle you’re trying for, a well-placed mirror helps us see something we wouldn’t have normally been able to see.

It lets us see our own “O” face.

Not everyone is interested in watching themselves get off, but there are definitely some women who are quite aroused by the idea of watching themselves reach climax. If you’re the type of woman who is curious about what your “O” face looks like, mirror sex is one way to check it out.

It lets us catch the small details.

For those who are interested in the smaller details of the sexual experience, mirror sex helps to capture details that otherwise might have slipped right by. Whether it’s details of your partner’s body, details of your own body, or any number of small details, watching ourselves in a mirror is one way to make sure we can see everything.

It lets us see ourselves as sexual objects.

In a way, it’s like watching your own live porn show… But you get to experience it, too! This can be intensely erotic for some people, as the idea of being “used” as a sexual object can be somewhat of a turn-on.

Sex is a visual experience.

After all, when’s the last time you had sex with someone who wasn’t at least a little physically attractive to you? Your partner may not be a perfect ten, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that you find your partner attractive enough that sometimes, the pure sight of her naked may be enough to put you in the mood. By adding more angles to the experience, you’re multiplying the visual aspects of the sex and making it that much hotter.

It feels like you’re being watched – without the pressure of actually being watched by anyone else.

Some people may be highly aroused by the idea of someone else watching them have sex, but often they may be too shy to make that happen. With mirror sex, you are your own audience. You don’t have to worry about impressing anyone. It’s just you, your partner, and the mirror.

What do you think?

Are you ready to incorporate mirror sex into your repertoire? It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those who are into it, it can be incredibly sexy, on top of an already sexy experience. It’s worth giving a shot to see if you like it, too. Who knows? You could find out something new about yourself!

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