Are We There Yet? 5 Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

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Let’s face it, who really looks forward to those long international flights?

The idea of spending hours upon hours (upon even more hours) cooped up inside an airplane where you’re likely to get little to no sleep and are subjected to less than tasty airline food it definitely not an appealing thought.

But if you’re going to be embarking on one of those far away destinations, you may as well make the best of it.

Take a look at these helpful tips for getting you through that long flight that you can reach your destination feeling less like a zombie and more like an eager traveler ready to take on your destination…

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Think of the most comfortable outfit you own and go with it. What’s the point of worrying about how you look while enduring a long flight? It’s all about the comfort here. Plus there’s always the opportunity to look more presentable when you land.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

Don’t rely on the prospect of in-flight movies and programming. Chances are the choices are going to be less than ideal, or you’ll end up being the lucky one whose headset or screen isn’t even functioning. Whether it’s a tablet loaded with e-books, actual books (yes, those still exist), crossword puzzles, or an MP3 player full of your favorite tunes, definitely bring plenty of your favorites along.

Get Up and Move Around

Not only is this important for your sense of sanity, but it’s also beneficial to your health. Sitting for a long period of time brings the risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots forming in your legs). Whether it’s simply getting up to stretch your legs for a bit or taking plenty of trips to the bathroom, just be sure to get up and move every once in a while.

Bring and Extra Blanket or Sweatshirt

Those flights can really get cold, and although blankets are usually handed out, they are often times very thing. Also let’s face it, who knows where all they’ve been. Bring along your favorite hoodie or a nice and cozy fleece blanket. That way you’ll be prepared when the temperatures seem to drop to sub-zero freezing mode.

Stay Hydrated

And by that…stay away from the caffeine and alcohol. Stick with drinking plenty of water during your flight. Yes, that may mean more frequent trips to the bathroom, but look at the bright side…you’ll also be getting in your stretching at the same time.

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