Are You an Anxious Parent? 5 Ways to Relieve the Worry

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As a parent, you probably find yourself spending a lot of time thinking about your children. From worrying if they have all they need to wondering if they’re getting enough sleep and nutrition…there’s definitely plenty to keep your mind busy and maybe even anxious.

But you can also get caught in a negative cycle of anxiety, one that has you thinking about potential negative outcomes and questions about the future.

And while it’s okay to have some general anxiety from being a parent, too much worry can lead to poor health, both mental and physical. Here’s a look at some ways to help you relive that anxiety and relax a bit more when it comes to being a parent.

Ask What You’re Really Anxious About

When you confront what’s making you anxious, you’ll be less likely to deflect your anxiety onto your child and partner. Avoiding the problem isn’t going to help either.

You first must ask yourself what’s causing your anxiety. Once you’ve identified it, then you can address it and work through it so that it eventually doesn’t bother you again.

Identify What You Can and Can’t Control

This means focusing your efforts on things you can control in your household and letting go of the things you don’t’ have control over. Anxiety can manifest out of the things you think are out of your control. By letting go of those things you are taking control of yourself as well.

Know the Difference Between Facts and Fears

Worry and anxiety tends to come from fear of the unknown and the “what ifs.” Don’t let that way of thinking take over your mind. Instead, ask yourself if there is evidence to prove what you’re worried about.

You also need to understand what triggers your anxiety. Is it a fear coming back to haunt you from when you were your child’s age? In this case, there’s no evidence the same thing will happen to your child. It’s time to put that worry aside and move on with the present.

Stay in the Present

It’s not healthy to dwell on the “what if” scenarios about your child. Instead of letting your anxiety grow by thinking about the future, stay with the present. Be with your child and what is happening in the now.

Listen to your child and his or her’s needs in the present. From there you can help shape a positive future, leaving you with less anxiety and worry about the negatives that could happen.

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