Arm Chair Sex: 9 Positions You Need To Try Tonight With Your Lady

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Every now and then, the situation will arise where you’ll want to add a new element to your sexual repertoire, but you might not know how to do it. It doesn’t always need to be anything fancy; sometimes all you need is a chair or two. In fact, we have searched the internet and compiled a list of the best sex positions that utilize a chair. Read on to find some new inspiration.

9. Love Seat

Love seat

You will need a chair, a couch, or (as the name implies) a love seat for this position. Seated next to each other, you can use your hands to pleasure each other – either individually or at the same time. For an extra sexy bonus, consider trying this at the movie theater or under a blanket (just please keep it away from kids’ movies or places you could be arrested!)… The addition of the sneakiness is sure to get the juices flowing. Make sure you don’t get too loud, though, or you’re bound to get caught!

8. Head First

Head First

You must exercise a bit of caution with this position, as the blood may rush to the receiver’s head and potentially render her unconscious if you’re not communicating effectively. In order to achieve this, the “giving” partner will be seated in a chair, with the “receiving” partner straddling her lap. Very carefully, the giver should assist their partner in leaning forward so that her head is facing the floor. (I recommend using a cushion under your arms for a more comfortable support.) Once you’re properly positioned, the partner who is seated is free to pleasure whichever parts of the receiver that she wishes. The receiver will undoubtedly feel a bit vulnerable in this position, but with adequate trust and communication, this should only enhance the pleasure.

7. The Stronghold

The stronghold

You will need two chairs of the same height in order to get into position. Each partner will be seated at the edge of one of the chairs, using her arms to support herself – make sure that you are facing each other. Tangle your legs together and press and rub your pubic bones against each other. This variation on typical tribadism allows for a new angle and some increased support in order to rock each other’s worlds. Keep in mind that this can take a fair amount of practice in order to successfully pull it off!

6. Welcome Back

Welcome Back

The giving partner will need to be seated in a fairly low chair. The receiving partner will then bend over in front of her, allowing for oral pleasure from behind. Be sure that you don’t use a rolling chair for this as the partner who is bent over will likely need to support herself on the seated partner’s legs. The partner who is bent over is also able to pleasure the seated partner with her hands or a toy.

5. Best Seat in the House

Best seat in the house

When you want to be in complete control of your partner, it could be as simple as sitting in a chair (or on a stool) and commanding her to go down on you. The receiving partner is able to hold onto the head and/or shoulders of her giver for extra control, if desired. Both partners are sure to be turned on by this wonderful “feast” – and the view’s pretty great, too!

4. The Naughty One

The naughty one

This position allows for a total view from behind, which can be loads of fun! One partner should be seated in a chair, with the other partner standing on a chair of similar size. The standing partner will need to support herself, so make sure that her chair has a back of adequate height to bend over (and neither chair should have wheels; dining room chairs work perfect – as long as you live alone!). The seated partner can then use her hands, a toy, or her tongue to please her partner while taking in the wonderful view.

3. Joystick


One partner should be seated in a chair, with one foot on the floor and one foot on the chair itself. This works best if the chair is slightly reclined, with ample seating space; definitely not one for a dining room chair. The partner who is to receive the stimulation is then to climb on top of your leg, straddling your thigh, so that she can rub her clit against your leg. She can even grab your lower leg in order to maneuver you to the position that brings her the most pleasure. It might not make your everyday routine, but it’s certainly something to try!

2. High Voltage

High voltage

Be aware that this position will cause a bit of a head rush for the receiving partner, but with proper precautions it’s sure to be a hit. One partner (the giver) will be seated in a chair, while her partner is kneeling at the sides of her legs, facing the floor. The seated partner can then provide intense oral pleasure to her partner with this seated variation of the traditional 69 position. However, due to the angles you’re at, it will be nearly impossible for mutual stimulation. This shouldn’t be an issue, though, as the partner who is receiving will already be in a rather vulnerable position and should be catered to in order to guarantee her orgasm before all the blood fills her head.

1. In a Spin

In a spin

Essentially, this position is just scissoring in a chair. It can be a bit tough to understand the angle you need, but once you have it down the rest is really self-explanatory and guided purely by pleasurable intuition. Seated facing each other in the same chair, you will need to intertwine your legs and rest your clits against each other. From there, you can guide each other by grabbing hips, as well as rocking yourself in order to satisfy yourself – which will ultimately satisfy your partner, as well.
Once you have mastered all of these positions, it’s time for you to start expanding your options. Get creative! That’s what passionate sex is all about. If you’re seeking to add some more spark into your love life, sometimes all it takes is a bit of out-of-the-box thinking to really get the juices flowing. Remember, there are no wrong answers – just things you haven’t tried yet.

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