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Hi there! I am Carol, 21, and currently living in Czech Republic. I have always loved to write and I am super excited to bring you interesting stories, reviews and even my irrelevant input into all sorts of different topics.

JoLivi Talks Sexuality, Writing Music, And The Positive Support She Receive From Her Fans

Meet JoLivi, a Los Angeles based singer / songwriter who writes from experience and performs with honesty. In fact, her latest single, Love Who You Wanna Love, was inspired by the first time she fell in love with a woman.

(I want to thank dearly both to JoLivi for taking the time to talk to us and to Candace Brown who was kind enough to make this interview happen.)

Kitschmix: So, let’s start with an easy question! Can you give our readers some information about who you are and what you do?

JoLivi: I was born and raised on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. I went to college at Colorado State University. I then moved to Los Angeles to pursue music.. I write all of my music, I assume like most artists, from experiences I’ve gone through in my life.. 🙂

Kitschmix: When did you start singing and songwriting?

JoLivi: I started singing at a very young age –Doing community theatre, part of dance/performance troups etc. Songwriting came initially through poetry. For some reason, at the high school age I didn’t want to write to rhyme.

But after one of my more less happy times the words and the melodies just came out, and they didn’t stop! My favorite is writing my own songs.. The way that people can be moved by or relate to them is the most inspiring thing to me. That’s what music does for me…it gets me through the happy, sad, angry, and alone feelings.

Kitschmix: What/Who inspires you the most?

JoLivi: lol…Well I guess I kinda answered that in the previous question so I’ll start with who! I like the question more as who as oppose to which artists…My inspiration is my grandpa 🙂 He passed about 4 years ago…but he was the singer in the family (well, I lie… all the girls in my family can SANG!!) I just got more of the powerhouse voice… He had a presence like no other human I will probably ever meet. And, of course in a non-cliché way…my mom and dad! They never told me to stop following this path…the support is incredible. THEY are honest and kind, encouraging but also logical. They are my whole world … and I just flippin’ love them so much..

Kitschmix: I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. In regards to your latest single, what can you tell us about Love Who You Wanna Love?

JoLivi: It’s about every kind of love! It’s also, being who you wanna be to get there, and always knowing that you can change the outcome of a bad or tricky situation. In the end we live with our decisions (and sometimes others too) but only we can make ourselves truly happy!

Kitschmix: Why have you decided to come out now and why through music?

JoLivi: I just truly feel that in this time we should be able to Love who we wanna love! It shouldn’t matter what orientation, race, religion, etc. In this life we get to have a voice…we gotta speak out.

Kitschmix: So far, how was the fan’s response to the single?

JoLivi: The response has been great! It is still really brand new but across the board I am so thankful to have such accepting fans!

Kitschmix: And a growing fan base too, I am sure! Do you have any future plans/achievements in mind?

JoLivi: Touring of course! I mainly want to keep performing and affect people positively with my music!

Kitschmix: If you are not working, what do you enjoy doing?

JoLivi: Playing golf, snowboarding, eating sushi with my bestie. Writing doesn’t feel exactly like working so that, being with all my happy people.

Kitschmix: Any final message you would like to share with our readers?

JoLivi: Think with your heart instead!

Two Clueless Girls And A Gay Man Visit A Sex Shop

Like all good stories, it all started after sex. As me and my girlfriend were lying in bed, about to fall asleep, she came up with an idea:

“Do you wanna try… you know…” I didn’t know.

After a ridiculous amount of tries, I finally figuring out what she meant and the plan for the day was set: we were going to a sex shop to buy a strap on.

But where do we find one? What are we even looking for in a strap on? Girth? Size? Colour?

Me, a recent non-virgin; her a goldstar lesbian, where both entering uncharted territory. It was time to consult the one man I could trust with all our questions, my flatmate and fellow gay man.

We decided to go to the sex shop right next to my flat, which proudly holds a sign upfront saying “sex supermarket”…I was already apprehensive. I mean, why would they choose the word supermarket, it’s not like I am going there for a dildo and bread?!

I was quite surprised by how big the store itself was and how white, clean, and neatly organized everything was. Rows after rows of sex toys, ranging from leather jockstraps all the way to the biggest dildo I’ve seen ever seen in my life. To put it mildly, it was hard to know where to start.

Bear in mind, I live in a city in Central Europe, so, to my amusement but not surprise, there was a whole section of porn VHS cassettes that looked straight from the 80s.

But why did everything seem so damn big? And veiny?

We did end up considering buying a small purple strap on which my flatmate could only describe as “cute”, although we ended up not buying it since, as my girlfriend put it, “It reminds me of Barney and I am quite sure that’s a turn off”.

Empty handed but not discouraged, we left the store and decided to bet on an online store. So far, the hunt has lead us to a complete dead-end although I am sure we will eventually find something suitable.

Tel us about your first experience at a sex shop! Do you have any suggestions when it comes to sex toys?

The Weekly Queer Roundup: JoLivi On Coming Out Bisexual, Laverne Cox Premieres ‘The Trans List’, and more…

This is the latest weekly segment, where you can get an overview of the week’s top queer news and gossip.

Laverne Cox’s The Trans List

Trans advocate and just overall cutie Laverne Cox will premiere her new show “The Trans List” on HBO on December the 5th. The show will not only focus on Cox’s experience as a transgender woman of colour, but you can also expect a panel of guest stars, such as Janet Mock. Director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders further explains

As Trans Day of Remembrance approaches, I hope this film helps honor and celebrate the community, as well as highlight the injustices and challenges ahead.”

Amber Heard speaks out against violence

After a very public lawsuit and divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard finally speaks out. After news of Depp’s verbal, emotional and physical abuse, the general public was quick to discredit Heard as a “gold-digger”. Her emotional video broadcasts a message too meaningful to be ignored: Raise Your Voice.

Although the divorce isn’t final, Heard has pledged to donate her 7 million settlement to the American Civil Liberties Union with a focus on battling violence against women, and to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. We stand by Heard and hope her message and positive action will bring forward awareness and ultimately change.

New York fights back

New York Lawmakers have proposed a new bill protecting LGBTQ children and bills from conversion therapy, the so called Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Childhood Endangerment…. PENCE for short.

Vice-President elected, Mike Pence, is known for his anti-LGBT laws and his support of conversion therapy for gay children. The brilliant yet serious bill is proof that New York, as well as several other states, will fight for LGBTQ rights, with legislator Patrick Burke adding,

I had some, maybe a few folks who were maybe a little upset about the acronym and thought I was just trying to be cute, but no. These are serious times that we live in.”

Love Who You Wanna Love


In a heartfelt interview with Bust Magazine, singer and songwriter JoLivi talked about her latest single Love Who You Wanna Love, and coming out as bisexual. She explains the meaning and need for the song, adding,

Love who you want to love is a expression of how I believe everyone should go through life—and that is without  judgment,”. 

Stay tuned for more news about JoLivi. (Who knows, maybe there will be an exclusive interview posted soon). 

What do you think of the new column? Keep or ditch? Let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, stay safe and have a very queer week.


Things I Learned In My First Relationship

As an unchangeable introvert and overall hermit, finding that special someone has always been hard for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to date quite a lot, although all dates shared a common feature: uninterest. It was just another date night, when I met my first and current girlfriend, and oh boy have I learned a ton

about relationships since then!

Although I am no expert in the topic, here is a small list of things I have learned since I first started dating my  girlfriend.

1. Easy does it

In all past dates, I was always scrambling to find a common topic to talk about, desperately trying to avoid those few seconds of awkward silence in-between questions. Not with her. We were chatting non-stop for 3 hours, jumping from topic to topic while sharing endless glasses of wine in a dodgy bar. And awkward silence? There are plenty of moments of pure silence, where I just appreciate her company and let the wine sink in.

2. A new found appreciation for sleeping

I love slumber-parties but inevitably always hated going to sleep. Sharing the bed, (sometimes floor or camping mattress), with someone always ended up with me either sweating or shivering. Not with her. Cuddling up next to her and, better yet, waking up next to her, feels exponentially more comfortable than doing so alone. And, even more surprisingly, I went from being unable to nap, to falling asleep in her arms whenever I’ve had a rough day. I am not even joking, I still can’t nap alone.

3. Can we hang out later?

As previously mentioned, I am a natural introvert. If I spend more than a couple hours outside, I am dreaming of my couch and tea pretty much after the first 15 minutes. Not with her. I forgot to come home before a school day.

I. Forgot. To. Come. Home! Now, after a long day of classes and work, all I am dreaming of is my couch, my tea, and her. We mostly watch Harry Potter and SpongeBob, but I honestly couldn’t even begin to think of a better way to spend my free time.

4. Let’s talk about sex

Story time: Before meeting her, I was a virgin. So, the first time we had sex, I was quite clueless and the room was quite dark. Mid-sex, I ended up punching her nose, blood went everywhere and so did my will to live. Terrified and confused as hell, I tried to help the best I could, only to find her hysterically laughing while I got her some frozen peas and tissues. What did I learn? Sex is meant to be fun and sometimes, awkward situations happen!

We just talk/laugh about them and move on, mostly only bringing them back up to mock each other.

5. Balancing friends and a girlfriend is tough

I didn’t expect it to be so hard for me to keep up with school, work, check up on my friends AND date someone all at once. It’s super hard at times, and picking one over the other always ends up feeling horrible. I am still trying my hardest to keep up with everything and everyone, although it only gets harder and harder. Suggestions?

Thank you for making it through this very untypical and way too personal post. What was your first relationship like? Are you still together?

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Art, Sexuality And Funding

As you may have noticed, lately more and more artists are relying on sources such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo to fund their work.

Relying n strangers for money has gone from a luxury to a brilliant way to make sure projects you love see the light of day.

As many other artists, Curtis te Brinke and Sadie Epstein-Fine have decided to produce Tire Swing, a new show that debuted at Kensington Hall in Toronto last October.

But what is Tire Swing?

Tire Swing is a small-town queer coming-of-age horror story centring on three kids involved in the disappearance of one of their friends, years earlier.

Think of it as a much-watch, scary, queer version of Stranger Things! Was the process of finding funding easy? Definitely not, as Epstein-Fine mentioned to Canadian website Dailyxtra,

There’s a lot of competition for everything, but as a creator/producer I feel a little better at night knowing I’m calling my own shots more than some people are. I have to keep reminding myself to be patient and keep working.”

Independently of funding source, the show is a beautiful coming-of-age piece, focusing not only on loss and pain but also on experimentation and sexual orientation, which should reach a large audience.

As te Brinke explains,

I’ve noticed older queer audience come out in droves for established acts, but have no idea who’s doing what in the under-30 group, (…) I’d like to challenge this older group to see some of the young queers moving and shaking right now.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the play, Canadian website has recently reviewed the show (you can check it here), with a mostly positive praise of the show, it’s characters, and the script.

Although the show finished on October 18, I am excited to see what te Brinke and Epstein-Fine’s next project will be and hopefully, with enough funding, it will be available in an online platform.

Broken But United: The LGBTQ Community In A Trump Presidency

I will remember that morning forever. I thought I was stuck in a dream when I woke up and anxiously checked my phone expecting a great celebration and sigh of relief when I saw Hillary was the new president.

As you are aware, this story doesn’t end with a celebration nor a sigh of relief, but rather a state of disbelief and denial.

How could the majority of American voters decide my rights as a queer immigrant woman do not matter?

As I reached out to my American friends, one sentence echoed higher than the outrage and anger, “I am here for ýou.”

Although we feel broken and defeated at this point, I can feel support and love pouring in our community. More than just protests, we are here for each other, supporting our brothers and sisters like never before.

And this sentiment transcends borders and sexual orientation. Throughout Europe, Latin America, Canada, and all around the globe, you can feel alliance and outreach not only between the queer community but also from our straight allies, parents and friends.

Although fear and doubt may cast a dark cloud on queer Americans, we will stand tall and proud once again.

We are the “nasty women”; the ones who fought for our rights and lost; the ones who will not let sexism, homophobia, and racism beat us. And most importantly, we are the ones here for you.

As I read that LGBTQ suicide hotlines blew up as the news of Trump’s election spread, I knew I needed to take action.

And although a simple post may seem frivolous, I knew I had to share my support with those in need.

Here are some helpful contacts for U.S. queer people in need:

Transgender suicide hotline: 877-565-8860;

Trevor Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386;

Suicide Lifelines per state;

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline :1-800-273-8255

The GLBT National Help Center: Hotline: 1-888-843-4564; Youth Talkline: 1-800-246-7743

We’ll get through this together. We may be now feel broken, but we will always be united.



Taiwan, The First Step To Achieve Marriage Equality In Asia

With Asia being the last continent where no country recognizes same-sex marriage, the pressure has been on to see which country will be the one to take the first step towards equality.

Recently the Taiwanese government has delivered great news and even the hope of marriage equality becoming a reality in Taiwan. The Government is currently working on 3 different bills, one of them even supporting marriage equality.

This progression on marriage equality can be partly attributed to the country’s new head of state, Tsai Ing-wen.

Ing-wen, the country’s first female head of state is one of the country’s many supporters of marriage equality, even sharing on Facebook:

Love should allow people to feel free, to feel equal and to feel strong.”

But this move towards marriage equality transcends Ing-Wen, with 80% of Taiwanese between 20 and 29 fully supporting marriage equality (you can check out a study conducted by a Taiwanese University right here).

But exactly why is Taiwan so progressive, compared to other Asian countries? Oddly enough, this could be connected with religion. While most of us are used to seeing religion being used as an argument against marriage equality, the majority of Taiwanese are Buddhists or follow traditional Chinese religions which do not oppose to marriage between two men or two women.

We should get more news on the Government’s decision in the upcoming months but we are hopeful Taiwan will grant its LGBTQ citizens the right and freedom to marry whomever they choose. We can even hope this strong position will pressure other Asian countries to take positive action on this issue.

According to, ‘As of May 2016, 23 countries in Asia had placed a ban on same-sex sexual acts, and even more severe, 5 of those countries have anti-LGBT legislation set in place that could lead to the death penalty’.

Change is clearly not just needed but rather necessary.

Good luck Taiwan, stand on the right side of History as a progressive country that provides equal rights to all.


Study Confirms: LGBTQ Parents Are As Able As Straight Ones

Since adoption by LGBTQ couples and single parents has been up for public discussion, the question “What about the children?!” has emerged time and time again.

To dismiss all doubt on whether children will actually be negatively impacted from having a queer parent, a new study published in Developmental Psychology finally came up with the answer we were all expecting:

Children’s behavioral issues are not impacted by the sexual orientation of their parents”

Rather than sexual orientation being a key factor, parenting stress is actually to blame when talking about children and their development, with psychologists claiming

Regardless of parental sexual orientation, children [in the study] had fewer behavior problems over time when their adoptive parents indicated experiencing less parenting stress.”

Although several other studies have been published on this topic, like this one which focused on Australia alone, what sets this study apart is its uniqueness: it is the first longitudinal study focusing on children of LGBTQ parents. That means it followed children from early to middle childhood, giving time to assess both their personality and cognitive development.

Number of children waiting to be adopted per state

With this new study recently published, now should be the time to really openly discuss adoption by same sex couples. With thousands of children still in foster care, it seems reckless to just ignore objective data on behalf of an outdated ideology.

But maybe that’s just my own opinion as a queer woman. And what does psychologist Rachel H. Farr, assistant professor at the University of Kentucky and one of the psychologists involved in the study think about the results?

These results, which support many positive outcomes among adoptive families headed by lesbian, gay or heterosexual parents over time, may be informative to legal, policy and practice realms,”

As long as more studies and evidence on LGBTQ parents keeps coming out, the less reasons there are to doubt or dismiss us from the opportunity to openly adopt and, consequently, have the right to start a family.

The Post-Label World

Coming out and identifying as a specific sexual orientation has always been important to most LGBTQ people.

There is, without a doubt, a certain level of comfort knowing there are more people out there who, just like me, identify as lesbians. Lately, we have seen a shift in the way society sees labels and even on how some people choose not to label themselves. Is modern society starting to view labels as something outdated and unnecessary?

To label or not to label

In previous decades, there was almost an urgency to find a suitable label for our own sexual orientation. A way to tell the world who we are and who we love, proudly. And coming out was the last step of this whole process. This identity seeking journey was (and unfortunately in some places still is) often dangerous as LGBTQ people were seen as abnormal or unnatural.

 As generations grow older and so do views on sexual orientation, we are now experiencing an openness and acceptance like never before. It’s ok if you are gay, it’s ok if you are a lesbian, it’s ok if you are asexual. So why keep carrying the weight of a label on our shoulders?

I am not saying that 50 years from now no one will identify themselves with a specific label, I am however saying that there won’t be a necessity for that. Nor will there be the necessity to come out.

And why should we label ourselves? I can’t deny I have had crushes on men, but I still identify as a lesbian. Should I identify as bisexual or pansexual even though I no longer feel attracted to men? Am I less of a lesbian because of it? No! And I am sure there are a lot more people who have the same questions I do, and who decide not to label themselves.

Do you think we will ever live in a label-free world or are labels here to stay? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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5 Queer Youtubers You Should Subscribe To

I am a huge procrastinator! And lately, instead of wasting my time on Instagram or Tumblr, I decided to give waste it on Youtube, for a change.

I have always subscribed to several queer Youtubers and, in my quest to find more and more content, I have come across some pretty hilarious/informative/entertaining queer Youtubers I want to share with you.

Here are some of my favourite queer Youtubers in no particular order:

Rose Ellen Dix and The Roxetera

These two British Youtubers, now married, always manage to make me laugh uncontrollably. They cover all possible topics, even venturing into the gaming world with their famous segment Let’s play Games.

Not convinced? You can also count on several collaborations with other famous queer Youtubers and their chemistry and playful banter will turn them into your favourite Youtube couple.

Why watch: If you need a good laugh.


You have probably heard of Hannah Hart by now, either because of her Youtube channels, her movies, or even her books.

This Youtuber is definitely one of my favourites and My Drunk Kitchen will always be one of the funniest yet most informative shows on this list. Ow, not really into cooking? No problem at all! Hannah also has another channel, YourHarto, where she discusses more serious topics, always with her quick and witty humour in hand.

Why watch: If you want to learn something new AND watch someone get drunk.

Unsolicited Project

Mostly known as Pillow Talk, this hilarious Canadian channel is every gay girl’s dream!

Adrianna and Sarah, the two hilarious women running the channel, bring you a weekly dose of all the gay-related content you could imagine! They also have a new Snapchat series as well as a new movie, Almost Adults, featuring Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Baumann, from the hit webseries Carmilla.

Why watch: If you want to know everything about gay pop-culture or just know more about “baby-dykes”.


If you are more into a vlog type of channel, Ello Steph is one of the best! Often posting vlogs, challenges, and informative videos, this channel is guaranteed to teach you a thing or two. Another thing I love about this channel is the fact that it is incredibly sex-positive. If you have a question, sex-related or not, ElloSteph will have the right answer.

Why watch: Educate yourself!

Ally Hills

Last but not least, Ally Hills! Mostly know for her hit song “How to know if a Girl is Gay”, this Youtuber is the triple-threat of your dreams: she can sing, she can dance, and she’s incredibly hilarious.

You can count on fresh content every week with a positive twist! The videos always manage to cheer me up and leave me smiling the rest of the day. She also occasionally releases new videos and songs that will be permanently stuck in your head.

Why watch: I mean, just watch the video below.

These are just one of my favourite queer Youtubers. Do you subscribe to any of them? Who are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

Drag queens: the bridge between queer men and women

As a fan of drag queens and the art of drag, I have always wondered: do other lesbians love drag as much as I do? Why aren’t there more drag kings?

As a loyal fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race and an avid stalker a fan of several drag queens on social media, it’s hard not to notice that the fans are mainly gay men. So why isn’t there a bridge between queer men and women when it comes to drag?

Lesbian Drag fans, are you out there?

I have tried time and time again to reach out and find others who, like me, feel like drag is the ultimate art form; a way to connect us all through music, dance and comedy. And, after hours of reading comments and Facebook posts, there really is only a few of us out there who have the same opinion as me about drag.

Why? Perhaps the majority of  lesbians just don’t feel that connected to most drag queens.

I get that it can be hard to have to go through the struggles and daily hurdles we as women have to go through to then see someone else portraying an exaggerated and over the top version of what it means to be a woman and take all the fame, credit and praise for it.

On the other hand, historically, drag has had a bigger gay following than lesbian one. As time passed, we drifted further apart until this day. But why hasn’t there a larger lesbian “fan-base” from the start?

And this leads me to my next question: where are all the drag kings?

Are the kings missing…or just not in sight?


Perhaps it’s my mistake to think that the number of drag kings is much lower than the number of drag queens and perhaps, this is in fact a matter of visibility. There’s no America’s Next Top Drag King on TV, nor there is this big celebration of drag when it comes to women performing as men.

It is always seen as a dirty taboo if a woman deliberately lets go of her own femininity. So are we actually faced with a huge double-standard where femininity in a man is praised while masculinity in a woman is frowned upon?

Maybe our big break is still to arrive! Who’s to say that soon our own RuPaul will become a huge star and put drag kings back on the map. Perhaps, sooner rather than later drag kings will become as mainstream as drag queens!

Whether it happens tomorrow or 30 years from now, I am sure the day will come.

Until then, I will be binging Drag Race and stalking Adore Delano’s Instagram (seriously, I need some help).

Why I Have Given Up On Coming Out

Growing up gay, and coming out always seemed to be the most honourable and logical next step in being open and comfortable with my own sexuality.

But, as soon as I got to University, I stopped coming out. What changed?

The teen years and the closet

Being a young lesbian in a small town in Portugal, and coming out never seemed that big of a deal. I wasn’t seen as gay or straight, I was simply Carol.

As time passed, and with LGBTQ rights being more openly discussed, coming out became a necessity and not a luxury.

But what is the point of coming out? To me, it was a rather foreign concept, as was for most of my friends and family. As I saw it, coming out has a sort of magical effect: my loved ones went from discussing gay rights to discussing my rights.

The true realisation that when they opposed gay marriage or adoption by same sex couples, they weren’t just denying these experiences to some unknown gay person, but directly denying it to me: their friend, their daughter, their peer.

And so, I came out. Step by step I broke the news to friends, then my sister, then, much later, my mom. And I have been extremely fortunate in all the reactions I got so far, with nothing but love and support from those closer to me.

Am I still in the closet if I don’t come out?

As I moved to a foreign country and started a new chapter of my life as University student, something changed. I stopped coming out altogether.

Not out of shame or fear of rejection, simply because I didn’t feel the need to do so anymore. I cut my hair short, didn’t hold back about my sexuality, and decided to live my life as an open book. If the military had “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, I have “If they ask, just tell”.

And it works for me! Not making a big deal out of coming-out, has definitely helped me feel like I belong, while still being openly gay.

But there was a key step between these two outlooks on coming out; coming out to my mom. I still remember how nervous I was, handing herthe letter that would, without a doubt, change our relationship. As I anxiously saw her finish reading it, putting the letter down, and calmly saying “I know. And I love you.”

I just knew that my need to come out was finally put to rest.

But what’s next?

As University comes to an end, and the job hunt starts, I have wondered how will my views on coming out change? Will I disclose my sexuality to my co-workers and boss? Or will I stay quiet until asked?

I am excited to find out and, frankly, slightly terrified.

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Abbi And Carrie, Kristen And Annie, Ow my!

I am not one to gossip, or follow closely the tabloids, but I just had to share with you some of Hollywood’s newest queer couples.

Wait, that doesn’t right… Portland / NYC’s newest queer couple?

The urge to merge (TV shows)

Well, regardless of the city, I can’t even begin to explain how surprised I was when the rumour surfaced that Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson is dating Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein. I have been a huge fan of Broad City since the very first episode and recently spent 2 days glued to my couch binging on Portlandia.

A couple weeks ago, in one of my Instagram stalking sessions (slightly ashamed to share that), this photo came up.

Wait, do they know each other?

As Autostraddle later speculated, Carrie and Abbi are dating, adding:

My sources on the ground in Portland tell me that these two have been canoodling up a storm.”

As invested as I was to find out what was going on, there is no real proof about the nature of their relationship.

Maybe what made me so curious about this relationship was the fact that I never even saw Abbi as “one of us”!

Her Broad City character – also called Abbi – always struck me as straight, skilfully dodging her best friend’s attempt at trying the Arc de Triomphe (inside joke, you can check out the scene.

On the other hand, Brownstein was rumoured to have dated Taylor Schilling from Orange is the New Black although, again, we can only count on photos and wild speculation to assume they were in fact dating.

Music, Movies and Moving On

Moving on to the next rumour, are Kristen Stewart and Annie Clark dating?! The musician and St. Vincent‘s front-woman, Annie, was dating model Cara Delevigne for quite some time, making it harder and harder for me to leave Instagram with every post they uploaded. I mean, come on!

On the other hand, Kristen Stewart – everyone’s favourite “not out but really out” actress – was dating Alicia Cargile or, as most tabloids put it, “they were gal pals”. The couple were then rumoured to have broken up,  Kristen start seeing Stephanie ‘Soko‘ Sokolinski, and then her and Alicia got back together earlier this year.

Still with me?

But now my Instagram feed is filled with photos of Annie and Kristen hanging out in New York.

Los Angeles-based comedian Liza Dye met the pair backstage at a gig, and the pair were spotted apparently leaving the venue together, looking pretty cozy.

So, are they really dating or is this just some futile and desperate attempt to try to find the latest queer couple?

What are your thoughts on the latest couples? Are they really dating or is it just wild speculation? 

Let us know on the comments!

The 10 Stages Of Going Out As A Lesbian To A Gay Bar

I love going out, especially to gay bars and recently I have noticed a pattern. Every single night out I go through the same 10 stages. So, for my own embarrassment and your entertainment, here they are:

1. The pre-party is the best party


I love drinking games and for some odd reason, the pre-party is always my favourite part of going out! The night is filled with possibility as I search for the best party in town, only to realise I am going to the nearest gay club strictly out of convenience. I turn on Beyoncé, pour everyone a drink, get my disco ball  and I am ready to get this night started. A couple hours later, fully dressed and rather tipsy, it’s time to head to the club!

2. So. Many. Shirtless. Guys


As there are no lesbian clubs in my city, I always end up going to a bar that’s predominantly filled with gay men and, like clockwork, if I arrive past 1 a.m. I can count on seeing at least 5 shirtless men at any time.

What about queer women?! Recently, there was a lesbian party and I decided to check it out. Little did I know that instead of half-naked men, I was going to walk into a sea of snapbacks. Everywhere I looked, I could spot snapbacks! Time to showcase my talents…

3. I have two left feet and no shame


Something amazing happens when I drink. I can’t dance for my life but, after the pre-party and the magic effect gay clubs have on me; I spend the whole night dancing. I apologize in advance to anyone who has ever decided to dance with me. I am truly sorry you had to experience that.

Has it ever stopped me? Hell no! I will get down to Britney Spears, Beyoncé and J-Lo every single time. And believe me when I say, dancing on top of the speakers is a given.

4. New gay best friend


All that dancing usually means I am, unfortunately, on the spotlight. But one amazing thing always happens: I will find a new gay best friend. As the music keeps playing and the drinks flowing, I end up meeting someone who, just like me, loves to dance. The big difference is, they can dance. I can’t. True story, one of my best friends to this day is a gay man who I comforted outside a gay bar when he wasn’t feeling too well. I brought him chips and our friendship was sealed forever.

5. Shots are a girl’s best friend


After my new found friendship, there is only one logical thing to do. Shots! Bear in mind, I am quite short and my alcohol tolerance is pretty low so shots usually mean one thing and one thing only. The night will soon be over. After a couple incidents with Tequila, I have developed my own technique to down a shot without immediately regretting it: I don’t. I just sip it like a true weirdo hoping no one will ask for more shots.

6. Guys, welcome to “The Carol Show”


After my single shot, I get back to the dancefloor. If I was a horrible dancer before, I can’t even begin to explain how bad my dancing skills are now. And not just my dancing skills, but I also decide it’s the perfect time to start singing. I feel like I am on “Glee” and, once again, the top of the speakers is my favourite place to dance.

She wants it maybe two

7. “Looking very Shane”


By now, I am feeling pretty good and people are starting to notice me. The only problem is, I am the friendliest anti-social drunk person I know, meaning I usually start flirting with the only other lesbian at the gay bar only to then forget about her and go back to dancing. I am fully aware of the fact that I look like a mess at this stage but I still feel like Shane has nothing on me! This is by far the most regrettable stage and I can’t even begin to count the amount of times my flatmate has lectured me about not forgetting to flirt at a club. I always end up forgetting and later regretting it.

8. Wait, I need a second


At this point, my new gay best friend is nowhere to be seen, my possible crush is gone and I am out of money. Time to step out of the club and have a cigarette, which always ends up being a horrible decision as they just make me feel sick.

When I go out, I usually go with my flatmate so this is the perfect opportunity to regroup and discuss the vibe inside the club. Amazing debates have unfolded during this little break and, oddly enough, the final decision is always to go back home.

9. Sober the fudge up


Living in the Czech Republic has its perks and the biggest one by far is food joints. You can find that most kebab places are still open. Not in the mood for a kebab? You can find pizza, hot dogs, nachos and even Chinese food at 5 a.m. It’s truly magical and I am a firm believer that you haven’t lived if you haven’t gotten food poisoning after a night out. Also, at this point, everyone gets emotional and, in-between mouthfuls of pizza, I decide to share long and heartfelt love declarations.

10. Bed, Bath and Beyond


Finally home! Why is my room spinning and my ears ringing?! I don’t know but frankly I could sleep anywhere right now. A ton of water and one last bite of pizza later, I am tucked in and ready to slumber.

An Aspirin and quick bath in the morning feel like heaven after a night of heavy drinking and dancing. But best of all? I still have pizza leftovers.



The Ultimate Lesbian Party: Games And Music

Last Friday me and my flatmate had a brilliant idea: let’s have a party!

As Halloween is rapidly approaching, we wanted to throw a party like no other; a party for the ages; a party that will turn us into legends. In other words, we wanted to throw a “lesbian party”.

Wait, what’s a “lesbian party” you may ask? Well, these were the only rules:

  1. All drinking games had to be lesbian related;
  2. All music needs to be from queer women/bands;
  3. Everyone is welcome.

Games, Games, Games

When it came to drinking games, the task was as easy and simple as possible: The L Word drinking game!

Basically, we got to work, made up a bunch of rules and every time something on the list popped up, everyone took a shot. Some of the most ridiculous rules included:

  • Jenny: she literally just had to show up on camera for us to take a shot;
  • Intro: take a shot if you can’t remember the words to the intro song;
  • Iconic quote: take a shot when you recognize the quote;
  • Outfit choices: take a shot whenever a character was wearing an outfit that fully embodied 2004.

This isn’t the full list but it’s needless to say, we couldn’t even make it past the first episode.

The playlist

When it came to the music, it was a way harder task! How could I craft a perfectly balanced playlist featuring only female queer musicians? I didn’t, and ended up letting my iPhone on shuffle the whole night which, not surprisingly, was a perfect fit.

Some of the most popular songs played and replayed throughout the night included:

So, overall, I can say my first time hosting a lesbian party was a huge success and a new found tradition that will surely repeat itself every weekend before Halloween. Did we throw an amazing party? Did we become legends? Did we throw a party where queer and straight women, and queer and straight men felt included? Sure! But what really made this party a success was that the next day everyone had “The L Word” theme song stuck in their heads. And to me, that’s what it truly means to be a great party host.




‘The Handmaiden’ – A Tale Of Complex Desire And Female Sexuality

The director of Oldboy, Park Chan-wook latest provocation is The Handmaiden, started the summer as the hottest commodity in South Korea (topping the Korean box office before becoming the most widely distributed film in the country’s history). Now it is set for release in the around the world.

Working from the Sarah Waters novel Fingersmith, Chan-wook kept most of the essentials –  including its central lesbian romance – but updated the story to be set in the same period as Japan’s imperial reign over Korea. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, you can check out the trailer below.

The movie is filled with plot twists, torture, sadism, and all the sex you could possibly imagine; even though the story mainly follows a young Korean pickpocket who tries to get a hold of a Japanese heiress’s fortune.

The lead character is portrayed by Sook-hee, who ends up developing feelings for Lady Hideko, the heiress, played by Kim Min-hee, and both end up developing a steamy yet loving relationship.


Perhaps the reason the movie is causing such a stir is due to the explicit sex scenes between the two women, who some have praised while others have criticized.


In the light of all this controversy, Vice interviewed Chan-wook, to try to know more about not only the director himself, but also about his choices when it comes to directing and portraying explicit gay sex (you can read the full interview here).

When asked about which themes Chan-wook chooses for his movies, he made quite the distinction between Handmaiden and his earlier work:

This film is a bit different—quite distinctive—because this film, rather than dealing with an ethical dilemma, is about love and greed.”

Although the movie can be seen as one of his most “pro-love and pro-sex” works, Chan-wook noticed how the truly “pro-love and pro-sex” vibe of the movie stemmed only from the female relationship, which is crudely contrasted by the depicted greedy and violent male perspective, which he describes as it as a ‘kind of rape in my mind – gang rape.’

With a repertoire of not only female-centred movies, but also well-written and complex female characters, Chan-wook claims his passion and drive to tell women’s stories, didn’t happen on purpose, but rather a result of his own growth,

I suppose getting old, becoming mature as a human being, also means you become more of a feminist.”

Have you watched The Handmaiden? What did you think about the movie? Let us know in the comments!

‘Notas Aparte’, The Spanish Webseries You Don’t Want To Miss

I have come across an exciting new project, I have been dying to share with you guys! Entitled Notas Aparte, this new queer web series promises to bring together both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking viewers with its fresh, compelling narrative.

Set in Barcelona, the series mainly follows Sara, a shy, naive student looking for a tutor for her Art History class. But there’s more to Sara than meets the eye, as she has to deal with and possibly embrace her sexuality when she meets her tutor, Helena, who later becomes her own personal “lesbian godmother”.


As the producer brilliantly sums up the show:

Notas Aparte revolves around a girl who is going to grow up at the speed of light with the help of a proud lesbian.”

And who wouldn’t have wanted their own lesbian BFF to guide them through the treacherous waters of accepting their own sexuality?

I still remember my frightening closet days when my main goal for the day would be to pass as straight with, of course, the occasional hiccup (woops…).

As the show takes place in Spain, all the dialogue is in Spanish, although English subtitles will be available. And this is the real reason why I am so excited for the show to premiere!

As has happened with Ellen Page’s Gaycation, I have been dying to know more about what it means to be gay and closeted in other countries. And, since I am Portuguese, a show set in Spain will very likely mirror not only my experience, but also the experience and struggle of thousands of other young queer girls trying to navigate the dating world in a country with, perhaps, more conservative views. And all this while dealing with exams and University admissions at the same time!

Interested? For now, you can check out the trailer right here, but the first 7 episodes of the show are scheduled to come out on the 20th of October!

What do you think about this concept? Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments.

Lesbian Vampires And Tampons: The ‘Carmilla’ Phenomenon

Whether you are a fan or not, by now we have all heard about one of  Youtube’s biggest hit series Carmilla.

This mini web-series follows Laura (Elise Bauman), a curiosity-filled Journalism student at Silas University. As she first arrives at her dorm, Laura meets her new roommate, Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis) who, by the way, is a vampire and they both end up developing a romantic relationship (well, that’s a really summed up version of their whole relationship).


Silas University is, naturally, invaded with supernatural catastrophes each semester, leaving Laura, Carmilla and the rest of their friend-group to fight Evil each season.

Maybe some fans may not know but the character Carmilla is actually inspired on a1872 book, also entitled Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu!

And of course you can click here to watch season 1, season 2, and the highly awaited season 3.

The question remains, why is Carmilla such a hit-show?

Carmilla is backed by U by Kotex which, ironically enough, is a tampon company! Has that changed in any way how the show is written, produced or directed?

Jay Bennet, the show’s executive producer thinks it was a natural fit, adding

I think if you look at the type of marketing campaigns that U by Kotex was doing at the time, they were not pouring blue dye on to pads, they were having women throw underwear from the balconies of apartment buildings. I think the content naturally fit in with their brand attributes, their sense of humor — a bit more irreverent, a bit more edgy.”

But if U by Kotex is such a big part of Carmilla, how come we never see an ad or a not so cheeky occasional product placement?


Bennet explained,

One rule we don’t see others following is we do not put the brand anywhere near the scripted content. We’re dealing with female millennials, the most sophisticated consumer group of all time, and they know it’s an ad two seconds in and will move away, so we work very hard to protect the scripted content as the core driver. Once someone has fallen in love with the show and its characters, we then take them outside of the scripted series and create additional content that features the brand more clearly.”

How is U by Kotex making a difference?

In no way make the mistake to think U by Kotex isn’t leaving its mark on the tampon business, even releasing special edition tampons featuring unique Carmilla packaging!

I am not even lying, I really, really, really want vampire tampons! And they are not making a change purely on a product level!

As Natasha Negovanlis puts it, the shows portrayal of non-traditional gender roles is immensely important to its viewers:

There was a 15-year-old transgender boy who came to an autograph signing [of the Carmilla tampon box], and his parents looked me in the face and thanked for what we’re doing, and it was just a really touching emotional moment. It is such a blessing to be creating content that means something to this community and to be a voice for young people who often feel left out, misunderstood and like they don’t have a voice.”

By supporting a queer positive/female-centred show, U by Kotex has managed to earn more than just views, but rather new fans and buyers.

Well, although most Carmilla news are good news, I bring you the best news any fan would want to hear:


The news was just recently released so we should expect more details and dates. In the meantime, here is the trailer (Ow Lord, she brought her creampuffs). Are you a fan of Carmilla?

Let us know in the comments youropinions on the show and on the movie news!

New Lesbian Movie ‘Me And Marcy’ Tells The Story The Struggles Of Self Acceptance

Looking for a new movie to watch with queer characters? How about one with an intriguing story? Well I have awesome news.

Me and Marcy – a lesbian drama short-film – has one of the most interesting stories I have seen in recent lesbian films.

The story is not only highly unique but, at the same time, incredibly relatable. The trailer (you can watch it right below) leaves quite a lot to the imagination, so here is a little bit more information about the movie.

The story follows Brit, who has been living in constant struggle. After her first sexually experiment with another woman, she keeps having extreme anxiety attacks. In a desperate attempt to cope with her daily struggle, Brit steals a picture frame from a garage sale.

But that’s not all she ends up leaving with.

Secretly hidden inside the picture frame are old photos of a lesbian couple from the 70s. Brit can’t help but admire how open and visible these women were about their relationship 40 years ago, so, naturally, she decides to track down and meet the couple from the photos.

As she meets and finds out more about the couple, she realizes she must confront her own feelings and, ultimately, who she really is.

So, when can you expect a release?

In order to be able to fund the movie, they have set up their own Indiegogo page (you can check it out and donate right here) where you can also find out more about Me And Marcy.

I am incredibly excited for this movie to finally come out. As more and more movies with queer characters  come out each year, I have been wishing for a new movie with an interesting and new story and, most importantly, well-written queer characters.

And I am surely keeping my hopes  up to finally see if Me And Marcy will be that movie.

Tellofilms Bring Us Another Awesome Lesbian Web Series ‘The List’ Ft Clementine Ford, Lindsay Hicks, Saffron Burrows, ‘The Real L Word’s’ Tracy Ryerson,

It doesn’t seem that long ago that The Real L Word first entered our lives and our screens.

For The L Word fans and new viewers alike, it definitively left a long-lasting impression. Unapologetic, fast-paced and real (was it though?), each of us had a favourite character. And one of mine was Tracy Ryerson, so I couldn’t be happier to announce that she will be back in our screens.

The nine-part web series, written by Kelleen Conway Blanchard, and produced and directed by Jillian Armenante, will focus on Chloe (Lindsay Hicks), a chef who is going through a rough patch with Mike (Josh Bitton ), her boyfriend.


Chloe’s a hopeless romantic and Mike is oblivious. After an innocent conversation with her best friend Winston ( James Evan Bonifant), on which celebrities would be on their “free pass list,” it’s revealed that Chloe wouldn’t mind dipping her toes in the lady pool, more specifically with Tina Max (played by the impeccable Saffron Burrows).


Distributed by, The List is executive produced by Christin Baker who

This is a concept that I have been batting around for years and knew that Jillian and writer Kelleen were the perfect duo to bring it to life. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast to play these characters.”

Well, where does Ryerson fit into this show?


Well, we aren’t quite sure yet, but along side Ryerson, we have other L Word alumms joining the cast too. Does “I know that I’m still Gay 101, but I’m a really fast learner.” ring a bell?

Yep, that’s right, Clementine Ford is also in the show. She will also be joining the cast and although we are still not entirely sure how Ford’s or Ryerson’s characters will be like, or even how big of a role they will have on “The List”, I surely can’t wait to find out!

We can however expect well-written queer characters, since tello Films focuses on producing and distributing web-series with a lesbian focus and moreover, with a focus on authenticity and bringing forward stories and experiences not only about lesbians but also for lesbians. Tello Films has even mentioned “(…) that lesbian/queer characters are front and center.” Is this a dream?!

Tracy has even expressed how excited she is about this project: “I am so glad to be in another fun series on I think the tello audience will get a kick out of this series.”

The List premieres on the 2nd of October.

Will you be watching the return of both Tracy Ryerson and Clementine Ford to TV? We’ll keep you posted on The List.

‘K&A’ Is Back With New Mini Movie “Gay Camp”

The creators of the female-driven comedy web series K&A are back and ready to answer all our prayers with their new mini movie Gay Camp. If you are not familiar with K&A, it follows best friends Karly, who is straight, and , Alex who is a lesbian, on their many adventures throughout Boston. It’s almost like a perfect storm between Girls and Broad City and if you are interested you can check out the entire first season on Youtube, just click here and binge away!


In a recent press release, we managed to get some scoop on the plot and what to expect:

The long format episode “ Gay Camp” follows the best friends, Karly and Alex, on a gay getaway that turns out to be anything but.”

And just this much information is enough for me to know I will be tuning in as soon as possible!

Wait…. you can just watch the movie right now! How?! Right here! (You are welcome.)


The movie starts with the two girls heading out to Vermont for a Gay Camp as a birthday surprise from Karly to Alex. But guess what? As they arrive, they quickly discover their Gaycation in Paradise is actually a gay conversion camp. Ups… Regardless, they decide to stay! You have everything you could hope for in a Gay Camp movie: dinner-time singing, priests, praying (so much praying), the lovable yet undeniably gay hosts, and even some romance!


Alex ends up meeting Amanda, a writer who has been to the Vermont Gay Camp three times… Well, the third time’s a charm as Alex ends up asking Amanda out on a date, not without Karly’s help though.

Although the story isn’t foreign to most gay women, this updated version of But I am A Cheerleader is not only funny but also highly relatable.



Can’t get enough of K&A?

With their show’s entire first season funded solely through a hugely successful Kickstarter Campaign, the comedy duo are looking for funding for the show’s second season, this time on Indiegogo (if you are a fan and/or would like to donate to this incredible project, you can find out more about it right here).

With so many positive praises from XO Jane, Curve Magazine, After Ellen (RIP), Boston Globe, and many many more, you should definitely keep an eye on these comedy partners.

K&A has even been considered by Arts.Inc as one of  the “top thirteen web series to watch.” We will keep you posted on all K&A related news and I can confidently say this won’t be the last time we hear about them.





Does Being Single Beat Being Married?

Browsing the internet, I couldn’t have been more surprised when I read the headline “Being single beats being married.”

I immediately thought “Me, a 21 year-old gay woman, who has never even been in  relationship is going to write about the joys of being single…oh the irony!”

But as I am reading the article (you can find it here), I found myself actually second guessing serious relationships for the first time ever!

So come along and follow me as I share some of  my thoughts as I learn more about the undiscovered bliss of “singledom”.

Being single allows people to “live their best, most authentic and most meaningful life”

Well, that’s a promising start, right? According to the researcher Professor DePaulo, those who are single usually have a higher sense of personal growth and development. Well, as a long-time bachelorette, I fully agree with the statement! (Already changing my tune about being single this early into the article has to be a sign).

Also mentioned, is the fact that single people are more self-sufficient! Well, I can’t argue with that either, although I guess it really varies and there are definitely a lot to take into account when talking about self-sufficiency that isn’t necessarily related to one’s relationship status.

But how about the loneliness of single life?!

I know, I know, I sound slightly crazy, and it turns out I have been completely wrong! According to DePaulo, “Single people are more connected to parents, siblings, friends, neighbours, and coworkers than married people are, and when people marry, they become more insular.” Looking back, it does make sense to be more alienated from friends and family while married…I mean, we have all seen The L Word episode where Bette and Tina need an intervention!

“Scholars are learning more about the risks of putting too much relationship capital into The One.”

Another highly focused point is the negative effects of putting all expectations in a single person and consequently, in a single relationship. It has also been under study the psychological risks and benefits of marriage and long-term dating. According to this study, single people appear to be not only happier but also more satisfied with their life when compared to married people. So why are we still getting married? “Relentless celebration of marriage and coupling and weddings that I call matrimania” is the answer given by Professor DePaulo.

Although there’s still a lot to discover in this hot-topic, it’s undeniable that the results should bring on some conflict and critique since we still live in a society where, sometimes, marriage is seen as the ultimate goal; The “happy ending” we should all aspire to, regardless of how professionally successful we may be. When I first came across the article, I was sure I was going to disagree with everything said, especially being a hopeless romantic. But what if DePaulo is right? What if we are simply “better

off” being single?

However, I can confidently say that I can’t wait to be in a serious relationship! I really can’t! But when taking a deeper look into this study, it’s undeniably scary to even think about that! What about you, what do you think about marriage? I can’t wait to see everyone’s take on this subject, so comment away!

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Why Are Modern Marriages So Hard to Maintain?

In a recent post published on the Independent, couple’s therapist Esther Perel (you can check it here), shared some insight on why modern marriage is so hard.

Instead of who will we marry being dependent on arrangements previously made, or even on our partner’s wealth, we get married due to a much more urgent reason.

In today’s society, we see a new trend of marriage – the romantic model of marriage. We are getting hitched more and more due to love, which is great, BUT why is the divorce rate still increasing?

Perel has a simple yet insightful explanation and has claimed:

Marrying because you are deeply attracted to someone and have fallen deeply in love with someone (…) are rather recent ideas.” 

She also added that along with the traits desired in a partner in traditional marriage such as companionship, family life, status; modern values have simply been added up to the traits we look for in a partner nowadays. In modern marriage, passion, love and romance also play a big role in marital life and, as Perel simply puts it, “We simply added more requirements to the mix.”

This marital overload will also show its effects on the couple’s sex life:

I don’t do it [have sex] because it’s part of marital duty. I do it because I feel like it and you feel like it and we feel like it at the same time and hopefully for  each other.”

This much pressure on a partner to fulfil not only the traditional marital “duties” imposed by traditional marriage but also to fulfil all the other person’s needs eventually leads to disappointment.

But Perel offers some advice:

Instead, it’s worth being aware that you’re placing so many demands on your partner — and that they might be equally demanding of you.”

She also adds that instead of looking for our spouses as someone in charge of our personal fulfilment, we should look for other sources such as friends and hobbies.

Another suggestion was communication. If the couple can communicate what they would like their partner to do (or not to do), our expectations are readjusted to match not only our partner’s needs but also our own.

What are your thoughts about this topic? Is modern marriage harder? Do we demand more or do we just know what we are looking for? Let us know in the comments!

New Web Series ‘As We Are’ Aims High As It Brilliantly Tackles Gender And Sexual Identity

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet (you can check it out right below), the story focuses on Chloe, a gay woman, as she travels back to Brighton for a week to take care of Robyn’s cat, her ex-girlfriend, while she is out of town with her new girlfriend.

Chloe dates a couple women during her stay, but ends up taking a special interest on Blake, Robyn’s neighbour. Upon knowing Chloe has met Blake, Robyn quickly outs Blake as a trans man, who becomes the first trans person Chloe has ever met.

Nevertheless, Chloe finds herself attracted to Blake, but what could this all mean?


Is she attracted to men, or does she not see him for who he really is?

Deborah Espect, the writer and creator, is a published novelist, screenwriter and playwright, with several awards under her belt as well as critically acclaimed short films shown in Canes, London, West Hollywood and Brighton.

Espect is also openly gay and we can count on a cast and crew composed mainly of LGBTQ+ women.


Fox Fisher (Blake) is no stranger either! He is a trans activist who first appeared on Channel 4’s My Transexual Summer and since then has been a spokesman for Trans matters. He also has vast experience behind the cameras, having made more than 50 short-films for My Genderation, a project focusing on the gender spectrum and its variations (you can check out their Youtube channel right here).

With such a unique story finally brought to our small screens, it’s quite hard not to be excited and ready to tune in as soon as possible!


Well, good news, the release date is Autumn 2016, although a specific date hasn’t been given yet, so stay tuned for more information.



New Lesbian Film, ‘August in the City’ Begins Crowd Funding Campaign

Great news! A new film entitled August in the City has started its Crowd Funding Campaign!

And to make it even more exciting, the plot offers not only a compelling story, but also a couple twists we can’t wait to see on the big screen.


The story focuses mainly on August (Daniela Mastropietro), a 45 year old woman, struggling with an alcohol addiction while simultaneously trying to make peace with the past she left behind.

August also has 2 daughters, Anna and Marie (Stacey Raymond and Amanda Tudor)  who have just started college although they couldn’t be any more different in the way they approach life and its challenges.

When Anna comes back home for Thanksgiving, she brings Nick….who just so happens to be a girl.

Her daughter’s relationship makes her confront her own feelings she had to burry deep down, 20 years ago when she decided to pursuit her goal of starting a family with her husband, Salvatore (John Solo). Adding up to the already intriguing story, when Anna introduces Nick to August, we are taken back 20 years earlier, and see what truly happened to August in 1978.

Perhaps even more curious, the story is based on true events. Lisa Tedesco, the screenwriter, based the script on her own mother’s story, later adding her own fictional twist:

My mom had called me one night and said that she has written a little something about me. It was about my very first love that I had in college – her name was Nick – and she was expecting to see a young man when I brought her home.”

It’s safe to say, I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a long time! I am sure it will be a compelling, deeply emotional story where we can not only count on the expertise of Tedesco and fellow director Christie Conochalla, but also take a deeper look into what the world was like for young queer women chasing love in the late 70s.

The movie is currently in pre-production and if you would like to check out more about the movie or would like to help out by contributing, “August in the City” has  its own IndieGoGo page, which you can find here.

The Lesbian Who Didn’t Fall For The Straight Girl

As a queer woman, I can’t tell you the amount of times I have heard the “Lesbian falls for straight best friend” story. We have all heard it time and time again, and it seems to be a defining stepping stone; A sort of twisted angsty heart-break most queer women have lived through.

Except me.

I am in no way complaining though! It just seems odd to me how could I have missed such a fundamental step?

And it wasn’t until college that I truly understood why I didn’t fall for the straight girl. A reason so far-fetched and ludicrous that I second-guessed it for months before realising it was indeed a valid reason.

I love queer girls.

I love our culture, the fact that we probably watch the same tv-shows or listen to the same bands, or even the fact that we are crushing on the same celesbian!

And I guess that’s why straight girls never really got my baby dyke heart rushing. But guess what, it’s never too late, right? In the last couple years with lesbian culture becoming more and more mainstream, I found myself frequently asking myself “Do you have a crush on a straight girl or are you just thrown off by her shirt?” (what can I say, I could never resist a good flannel).

I guess the whole point of this very short confession is that it made me realise something, even as a teenager trying to figure out who I am.

Queer girls are beautiful. We are a vibrant, interesting community and I am so glad we have had our input in today’s society and pop-culture. At the end of the day, it also says a lot about one thing in particular: unlike the common stereotype, queer women have a kick-ass fashion style!

I mean, flannels are in, beanies, sneakers, snapbacks! Snapbacks! As a teenager, could I have predicted straight girls would wear snapbacks?! No! I am not in any way saying straight girls should act and dress a certain way, I am however saying that we were right all along.

So, what’s going to happen in the future? I am excited to find out, with or without a heart-break.

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Why Are Queer Female Athletes Years Ahead Of Gay Men When It Comes To Acceptance?

In the wake of another Olympic Games, we can all look back and ask: Weren’t these Olympics gayer than usual?

Well, in a way, they really were! With 50 LGBTQ athletes competing this year, there has been a considerable increase in out athletes participating when comparing with the London Olympics, where only 23 athletes identified as LGBTQ. Of course this staggering increase can be seen as a rise in acceptance as more athletes come out each year.

But, as always, there are two sides to every coin.

The disparity between queer male and female athletes is still visibly high. As UpWorthy mentioned, of the 12 athletes on the US Women’s Basketball Olympic Team, 4 identify as gay.

How about the Men’s Team or even the NBA? 2? Maybe 1? You guessed it, 0 players identify as gay or bisexual. This disparity has little to do with the number of LGBTQ players, but instead with acceptance.

The difference between coming out while playing for the WNBA or the NBA is as night and day; seen even regularly amongst the female athletes. Why is that?

As a lesbian, I have always loved the stereotype “Lesbians are good at sports.”

Not that I am nor most of my queer female friends are, but the fact that there are female all-star athletes such as Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova (should I include Dana Fairbanks?) sets a precedent that gave rise to such a stereotype. And most of us who have done any sport at a competitive level have come across a couple other queer athletes.

Although I am not saying in any way that coming out as a female athlete is easy, this normalization of LGBTQ women in sports has paved the way to acceptance and the freedom to come out.

But what about the other queer athletes?

How can it be expected for a bisexual or gay man to come out while playing for the NBA if there are no other queer players in the league? On the bright side, after North Carolina passed the known “anti-LGBTQ” law, the league ended up not having its All-Star game in Charlotte as a way not only to protest the law but also for protection of both the athletes and the fans.

The way I see it, it’s just a matter of time before male athletes start to come out, and once the first one does so, an avalanche of players, managers and coaches coming out will soon follow.

We have discussed the Ls, the Gs and the Bs. How about transgender athletes?

Only this year has the Olympic committee lifted its ban on transgender athletes without gender reassignment surgery! There’s still, however, disparity between trans-men and trans-women competing, with the IOC announcing that “Those who transition from female to male are eligible to compete in the male category without restriction,” but for those transitioning from male to female “[t]he declaration cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum of four years.” with regular mandatory testing of serum testosterone levels. Although there are still some barriers to overcome, this has already been an enormous step forward in inclusion of transgender athletes in the Olympics.

What can we take from all this? Naturally, as more and more athletes come out, the more acceptance there is not only from fans but also from team mates and possibly sponsors.

As coming out is somewhat normalized in women’s sports, we can clearly see a higher level of acceptance. So let’s keep it that way and keep moving forward! The way towards acceptance is visibility which can definitely be achieved by coming out. Whenever a big athlete comes out there’s usually some sort of backlash whether from fans, sponsors or even team mates. But (and I hate to use this expression) it gets better!

Especially when that Olympic medal finally proves we are just as good (or even better) than the straight athletes.