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‘Love is All You Need?’ Movie Envisions a Heterophobic Society

Changing The Game: The World’s Most Influential Feminists

Documentary ‘in particular, barbara findlay’ Details Vancouver LGBT Activist’s Fight for Equality

Twisted Lesbian Thriller ‘Alena’ Brings Award-Winning Graphic Novel to Life

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6 Famous Bisexual African-American Women

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‘Queer and Disabled’ Is A Must-Watch YouTube Series

‘That’s Not Us’ A Long-Term Relationship RomCom, Released Digitally and on DVD

Ingrid Jungermann Brings ‘Women Who Kill’ to the Tribeca Film Festival

NYC Ballet Troupe Uses Dance for LGBTQ Visibility, Activism and History

Entertainment, TV Shows 4 years ago

ABC Comedy Pilot Casts Tattiawna Jones as Lesbian Lead Character

Global News, News 4 years ago

Equator Coffees & Teas Becomes First LGBT-Owned Business To Be Named As A U.S Small Business Of The Year.

LGBT History, News 4 years ago

Where Does the ‘Criminal Black Lesbian’ Stereotype Come From?

‘Aviliaq: Entwined’ Features an Inuit Lesbian Relationship Interrupted by Christianity

‘Ned’s Project’, About a Butch Lesbian Trying for a Baby, Wins Big at CineFilipino Awards

Lesbian Pregnancy Documentary ‘Romeo Romeo’ to Air as Part of America ReFramed Series

Has It Really Been A Great Year for Female Film Characters?

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What Lesbian And Bisexual Women Need To Know About Sexual Health

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How The First Lesbian Kiss On American Television Changed TV Forever

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How Free Gender Khayelitsha Is Fighting For South Africa’s Black LGBTI Community

Life, Queer Life 4 years ago

Finding Acceptance: What Happens When You Are A Minority Within A minority?

Global News, News 4 years ago

‘Survival Sex’ the Only Option for Some Homeless LGBTQ Youth, Says Ali Forney Center

Was ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Author Harper Lee Gay?

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2016 Presidential Race: Where Do the Candidates Stand With LGBT Women?

Queer Viking Comic ‘Heathen’ Gets Vol. 1 Compilation

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These 6 Countries Are Making Big Strides With LGBT Rights

Sabrina Jalees Discusses ‘Portrait of a Serial Monogamist’, NBC’s ‘Crowded!’ In New Interview

Carol Is ‘Misunderstood’, Say Critics And Fans

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Agent Carter Season Two: Dottie Returns As We Rage About Angie

Iconic Lesbian Book ‘The Ladies Almanack’ Turned Into a Film

Style Guide, Travel 4 years ago

Dinah Shore Weekend to Feature The L Word and The Real L Word Cast Members

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