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Couple demand equal fertility treatment from NHS

They just want to become mothers, but say they’re being discriminated against because of their sexuality.

YouTubers Megan Bacon Evans and her wife Whitney have launched a campaign demanding equal fertility treatment – after they were told they’d have to pay up to £30,000 to a private clinic before they could get any help from the NHS.

In an interview Megan said “We were really shocked to find out to get any help from the NHS we would have to go through six rounds. Even for one round we’re already at £6,000. We’ve had a lot of our followers message us and say they can’t afford to get pregnant,” she added.

Megan and Whitney are using their YouTube channel to campaign for equal access for fertility services for LGBT+ couples.

The couple have heard desperate stories from their followers trying to get pregnant.

“They were going to Facebook and finding sperm donors and doing it for free at home. I was shocked! Who knows what their medical backgrounds are?,” they added.

Stonewall’s Eloise Stonborough added “It very much depends on where you are – whether or not you have access to appropriate treatment. Whether you’re required to pay privately for donor sperm once you have access to NHS-funded IVF,” said .

“The NHS and Department of Health need to review their guidance to make sure it’s much clearer for CCGs [Clinical Commissioning Groups] about what they provide and where,” she added.

Whitney and Megan have started a petition and as well as more financial help they are asking for changes in care for LGBT+ couples whop are trying for a baby.

“We are asking for formal training with NHS staff on all LGBT+ issues. We’ve heard stories of some doctors saying ‘who’s the real mum or where’s the dad?’,” said Whitney.

The government said it was committed to reviewing IVF equality to ensure all couples get equal access to fertility treatment regardless of sexuality.

Whitney and Megan hope their petition gets enough signatures to get their petition debated in parliament.

New Batwoman Trailer offers first look at new lead Javicia Leslie in action

Javicia Leslie stars as the new lead in Batwoman and looks to play a role very different role from former lead star Ruby Rose, who portrayed Kate Kane.

Leslie will become the first black woman to play Batwoman and was excited for her new role.

Leslie said in July: “I am extremely proud to be the first Black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on television, and as a bisexual woman, I am honoured to join this groundbreaking show which has been such a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community.”

New teaser footage shows New Batwoman, Ryan holding up Kate’s batsuit in homage to the former character.

She then proceeded to pop up behind a villain, upside down by the way, and yell “boo!”

The short clip suggests we are going to see a very light-hearted and fun version of the superhero, even giving off vibes similar to Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spiderman.

Last month Javicia, said that it was important her Batwoman has a distinctive look from Rose’s.

She explained: “I love the fact that Ryan is becoming her own Batwoman – it’s her style, her swag, and her moment.

“I felt it was important that viewers could tell by the silhouette that Batwoman was a Black girl.

“With the form-fitting suit and beautiful Afro, we definitely nailed it!”

Ruby Rose revealed part of the reason why she left her role on Batwoman was a back injury she sustained while filming.

Ellen DeGeneres playfully Pokes fun at Sarah Paulson’s relationship with Holland Taylor

Ellen DeGeneres poked fun at Sarah Paulson and her relationship with Holland Taylor when she appeared on her show via Zoom.

Paulson had been talking about her hectic work schedule, saying she was filming American Crime Story in LA before shooting the second series of Netlflix’s Ratched

DeGeneres joked: “You’re rarely home. No wonder your relationship works. You never see one another.”

Sarah also discussed her randy rescue dog Winnie, who she said loves to constantly hump her arm. While she finds it funny, she said Holland is ‘disgusted.’

During a conversation about Paulson‘s dog, Winnie, a photo of Pennywise from the IT film flashing up and scared the actress leading her to ask, “How do you press Leave Meeting? I’m leaving. This is horrible!”

Raven-Symoné Secretly Marries Miranda Maday

Raven-Symoné took to Instagram this week to announce that she’s tied the knot with Miranda Pearman-Maday in an intimate backyard ceremony.

“I got married to a woman who understands me from trigger to joy, from breakfast to midnight snack, from stage to home. I love you Mrs. Pearman-Maday!” Raven, 34, whose last name is Pearman, wrote alongside a picture on Instagram of her and her now-wife hugging each other.

In the sweet snap, the couple are all smiles and Miranda, wearing white, excitedly hugs her wife’s neck.

Raven wore a black button-down shirt and black pants while Maday wore a white top and white pants for their wedding.

Raven came out back in 2013, when she celebrated the legalization of gay marriage nationwide. “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you,” she tweeted at the time.

Raven has been notoriously private about her relationships and it’s unclear how she met Maday, but marriage has always been on her mind.

In 2013, following the legalisation of gay marriage, the actress tweeted, “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you.” She later officially came out.

In 2014, Raven further opened up about her sexuality to Oprah Winfrey.

“In that topic of dating and in love, I knew when I was, like, 12. I was looking at everything,” she said. “I don’t want to be labeled gay. I want to be labeled a human who loves humans.”

Last year Raven explained why she is still so private about her love life despite being out. “While it was a selfish thing for me to keep my secret to myself for as long as I did, I am very happy that I’m out, if only to help someone else feel comfortable,” Raven told Variety.

She added: “I still have my reservations about how much I want to divulge and how much I want my career to be defined by my membership within the LGBTQ community, how much I feel necessary to say because my journey is my own, and how much I’m obligated to say because of the position that I’m in and that I can help somebody get out of their shell.”

UK Black Pride 2019: Thousands Gather For Europe’s Biggest Celebration of the BAME LGBTQ+ Community

UK Black Pride is much needed event that celebrates the diversity of LGBTQ+ people and recognises unique struggles that queer people of colour – QTIPOC, or queer, transgender and intersex people of colour – face.

Having started as a day trip to Southend-on-Sea back in 2005, the event has grown in profile and stature in the last 14 years.

It is now Europe’s largest party for LGBT+ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent, and creates a safe space for people from these diverse backgrounds to celebrate their sexuality, culture and shared experiences.

This year, the event moved to its new home in Haggerston Park in Hackney, London, so it could accommodate a much larger crowd.

And that it did, with over 10,000 people showing up to celebrate.

The theme was #WhenWeRise: a reminder of the crucial role black and brown people played in the Stonewall uprising 50 years ago.

The main stage had turns from Jason Kwan, NEO, Deanz and Charmer and headliner, MNEK. DJs pumped out everything from bhangra and Bollywood to reggae and dancehall.

Speakers included Glenroy Murray of Jamaican advocacy group J-FLAG, and Amber Hikes from Philadelphia: the woman behind the eight stripe rainbow flag which also includes black and brown stripes.

Halsey’s Responds To Accusations She’s Using The LGBTQ Community As Marketing Stunt

Halsey has hit back after someone accused her of using the LGBTQ community as a marketing strategy. 

The singer posted a photo from one of her shows in São Paolo, Brazil, to her Instagram on July 6, captioned “peak bi gurl evolution.”

The first photo showed her standing on stage, singing, the second showed her doing the same, except with a rainbow Pride flag.

However, one Instagram user commented on Halsey’s “peak bi gurl evolution” post saying, “rainbow is the new marketing strategy.”

Halsey – who is bisexual, has been out as bisexual, and everyone who pays even a smidge of attention would know she’s bisexual – was having none of it, commented back,

“There’s been a flag in my show for 5 years. You’re just not paying attention you whiny little baby.” Oof, tell ’em, Hal! The singer’s fans couldn’t get enough of this clapback.

Halsey, who came out in 2015, has repeatedly spoken out about the stigma bisexuals face both from the heteros and from within their own LGBTQ community.

“So if I’m dating a guy I’m straight, and if I date a woman, I’m a lesbian. The only way to be a #True bisexual is to date 2 people at once.”

She also has continuously portrayed same-sex relationships in her music, videos, and choreographed live performances.

Out Fashion Designer Phoebe Dahl is Educating Women the Help of New Clothing Line

Some of you may recognise Phoebe Dahl because of her high-profile relationship with model and soon to be megastar of Orange Is The New Black, Ruby Rose.

However, you are set to see her in a very different light – for her fashion and clothing line which is helping young girls receive an education.

She uses durable and simple organic fabrics to create elegant, comfortable and functional linen dresses, tops and bottoms for women.

However, for Dahl clothes are much more than a reflection of individual style.

The Los Angeles based designer’s fashion label, Faircloth & Supply, is an ethical women’s linen line working towards increasing the economic empowerment of women worldwide.

Dahl – the daughter of screenwriter Lucy Dahl and granddaughter of celebrated author Roald Dahl and actress Patricia Neal – has spent most of her adult years in the world of fashion.

She attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco, studied at the London College of Fashion, and worked with Amsterdam designer Jupe By Jackie.

However, on a recent business trip to Japan, she was exposed to textile mills producing stunning linen, and on the streets there she saw girls wearing the fabric in beautiful, oversize silhouettes.

A subsequent trip to India, where she was struck by its grave poverty, left her with the resolve to meld her interest in design with a philanthropic cause.

After setting up a small studio in Silver Lake, she researched women’s rights charities and designed the first pieces for Faircloth & Supply.

One of the reasons why I started my company is because I love fashion, but I didn’t want to be a part of the cutthroat industry [in New York]. I needed to create a company where I can do what I love, which is sewing, designing, and also being able to travel and do charity work. So I just kind of dreamed it up… and this is it.”

Every purchase from the collection provides a girl in Nepal with a school uniform through the GO Campaign, which works directly with the Nepalese non-profit organization General Welfare Pratisthan.

In addition to granting her enrolment in school, a uniform makes a Nepalese girl less likely to be the target of sex traffickers and other exploitation.

We’ve put 1,000 girls through school who wouldn’t have otherwise gone. We’re hoping to triple [that number] this year, fingers crossed. I get caught up when I’m over here in my busy life, and then I go back over there and I realize why I’m doing this and why I have to work so hard.”

Last spring, after only three months of dating, Dahl became engaged to Ruby Rose. Their schedules mean that the pair is on the road a lot, but they plan to wed in late 2016, once things calm down.

For now, they live in Silver Lake with a flock of rescued animals and try to use the attention they receive for good.

“We try to be good role models. Especially for the gay community and young gay women. People message us with stories, and we always make a point to respond and be there.”

A clothing collaboration with Rose is in the making, but no details have been given yet.

Evan Rachel Wood Stars in New Video For Queer Fashion Brand Wildfang

Evan Rachel Wood is the new face Portland-based clothing brand Wildfang – fronting their latest campaign, in this fantastic video.


In the short film, the Emmy-nominated actress is also joined by Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon, singer Beth Ditto and NBA star Robin Lopez, which is titled with the clever hashtag #EvanRachelWould.

Directed by James Westby and the video begs the question: ‘What would happen if you stopped saying no and started saying yes?’

“It’s a super funny piece that encourages you to find adventure in the ordinary, push yourself to take on the unknown, and have the ladyballs to say ‘yes’ to the opportunities life presents us – big or small.”

Evan Rachel Wood



In addition to the short clip, Wildfang’s team created a special “Evan Rachel Would” t-shirt with all proceeds going to the Friends Of Children charity.


“This charity helps the most vulnerable kids in our communities. It’s the perfect opportunity to shine some light on a yes-worthy cause. It’s my new favourite tee.”

Evan Rachel Wood

Wood has been teasing the release of the campaign video for weeks using the hashtag #EvanRachelWould.

So if #EvanRachelWould. Would you?

Oscar Talk | Tegan and Sara Rock All Black At The Oscars

We really loved the look Tegan and Sara opted for at last nights Oscars. The rock duo went for an all black matching ensembles for the red carpet: one a black tuxedo suit and the other a chic black dress, respectively. Perfectly complementary. 

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


Twin sisters, Tegan and Sara, were at the oscars to perform the song Everything Is Awesome, from The Lego Movie. The song was one of five tunes nominated for the Best Original Song award – and they pulled off a fantastic spot, lightening the mood and making the audience smile, with Andy Samberg’s comedy-music troupe The Lonely Island. Dancers even handed out Lego Oscars to Oprah, Steve Carell and other stars – an epic Oscars collaboration that will make the history books.


The Black Lesbian Handbook

Channel 4’s 4oD, is currently showcasing a new series – The Black Lesbian Handbook, which is has been pitched as ‘a lively guide to the underground Black Lesbian scene in Britain’.

The show is focusing on different aspects the black lesbian community – from studs, to the underground black LGBT scene, tokens (the minority white women who hang about on the scene), fems, and Stems (a lesbian who plays both masculine and feminine roles).

All the women featured speak openly and honestly about the social pressures they face not only as queer women, but as black queer women.

Black LGBT community faces a number of problems in society and within the LGBT scene. These included the overwhelmingly white nature of the ‘mainstream’ LGBT scene, racism both inside and outside the scene, and the difficulties of coming out to families, who generally perceived homosexuality as a ‘white’ issue.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 01.30.19

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 01.20.28 Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 01.16.31 Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 01.23.44 Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 01.15.04

To watch the show click here

& Other Stories Debuts Valentine’s Day Campaign Starring Lesbian Couple

The fashion company & Other Stories has a new Valentine’s day campaign, which features models and real-life couple, Eden Clark and Lizzie Tovell.

The photo shoot highlights the tender moments in their relationship via a series of romantic and subtle self-portraits, and presents positive representation of queer love in mainstream outlets.

&-Other-Stories &-Other-Stories-02 &-Other-Stories-07 &-Other-Stories-08 &-Other-Stories-09

This is not the first time the company has used a same-sex couple in the advertising. The British retailer featured real life lesbian fashion couple Jenny Shimizu and Michelle Harper in a lookbook last spring.

Selfridges Department Store Goes Gender Neutral

Iconic high-end retail store Selfridges based in the UK, has announced it is set to stock its shelves with unisex clothing.

The high-end store, which is known for revolutionizing fashion is ditching its separate men and women’s departments and will instead have three floors of unisex clothing. It is described as a “a fashion exploration of the masculine, the feminine and the interplay … found in between” that will “take … customers on a journey where they can choose to shop and dress without limitations or stereotypes”.


The unisex collection will be at Selfridges’ Manchester and Birmingham stores, as well as on its website. The designers whose gender-neutral fashions will be featured at Selfridge’s will include Belgian avant garde designer Ann Demeulemeester, English designer Gareth Pugh, and designer Nicola Formichetti – who is said to be Lady Gaga’s favorites designer.

Creative director Linda Hewson says they are “responding to a cultural shift that is happening right now” and will “allow our shoppers to approach the experience without preconceptions”.

In a world that is already blurring gender lines by featuring cosmetics modeled by drag queens (RuPaul for MAC) and sending transgender models down the runway, the Agender project could be described not as “fashion forward” but rather, of the moment.

“We want to take our customers on a journey where they can shop and dress without limitations or stereotypes. A space where clothing is no longer imbued with directive gender values, enabling fashion to exist as a purer expression of ‘self.”

Linda Hewson, Selfridges’ Creative director

David Beckham’s New H&M Range Clearly Has Queer Appeal

Will the new David Beckham’s H&M collection be entering your wardrobe the season?

Well, I have to say yes. Why, because the new collection is made up of key and essential pieces for spring, including a classic poplin white shirt, linen bomber jacket, white chalk-washed denim jacket and a sharp linen blazer – ideal for a queer tomboy edge or dapper style.


This week David Beckham announced he would be extending his role at H&M beyond his body-wear range with a new collection of his favourite pieces.

The new range is called Modern Essentials by David Beckham, which has been specially curated from his favourite pieces for the season.


Speaking about the campaign and new collection – which will be launched in stores and online worldwide on March 5, 2015 – he enthused:

“I am thrilled to continue and extend my collaboration with H&M by selecting my favourite pieces from this spring’s Modern Essentials collection. Each piece is a new wardrobe classic that will update every man’s spring wardrobe with great style. Marc Forster is one of my favourite directors – I can’t wait to reveal the new campaign with H&M”

David Beckham

David-Beckham-07 David-Beckham-02 David-Beckham-04 David-Beckham-06

Watch H&M’s behind the scenes film with David Beckham and Marc Forster below:

Cara Delevingne Butches It Up For New DKNY Menswear Campaign

Cara Delevingne is once again shining for DKNY, but this time she is butching things up for the new menswear campaign.

Wearing a dapper three-piece suit and tie, wedged trainers and no make-up for the shoot, she stars alongside male models Binx Walton, Xiao Wen Ju and Sam Rollinson in the brand’s SS15 campaign, shot in New York City.

The model-come-actress-come-singer is no stranger to the androyonous look having confessed to being a “total tomboy” on many occasions.


Proving her versatility, Delevingne also poses for the womenswear campaign too, channeling urban ’90s with Sam Rollinson and Binx Walton. The women’s outfits showcase the label’s sporty and striped collection.


So which Delevingne look do you prefer?

A Christmas Present gift with a difference, Tom Ford’s Phallic Accessory

For those of you in search of a Crimbo gift with a difference, then designer Tom Ford has a creative suggestion.

The fashion designer has just released a perfectly phallic accessory, which is setting the prudent public alight.

The new crafted necklace is similar in design to a crucifix, and this design coincidence has the Catholic Church enraged.


Ford’s controversial ‘Penis Pendant’ fittingly comes in small, medium and large sizes, in either palladium-plated silver or gold plated brass. Priced at $790 each, they’re certainly among the more opulent gifts this season.

Ford’s decision to market these pendants near the holidays has caused a massive backlash, with anti-gay Catholic League president Bill Donohue being among those haters to speak out loudest – targeting Ford’s sexuality in his ranting.

He writes…

“When we learned of this item, I said to the staff that I bet this guy Tom Ford is a homosexual. I was right. He even thinks he’s married.”

Hurrah for the homophobes Christmas spirit.

dapperQ Presents: (un)Heeled: A Fashion Show for the Unconventionally Masculine at Brooklyn Museum

Watch April Maxey’s amazing video footage from dapperQ’s stunning fashion show at Brooklyn Museum.

Since launching, dapperQ have quickly become the leading style website for ‘the unconventionally masculine’; champion menswear for masculine presenting women and trans* identified individuals.

The team have now taken their work to the next level, producing a unique fashion events to celebrate masculine gender queer style.

(un)Heeled: A Fashion Show for the Unconventionally Masculine at Brooklyn Museum, was one of the largest runway shows to celebrate styles for masculine women and trans* identified individuals.

Exploring the new frontiers of fashion, and displaying an alternative narrative to Brooklyn Museum’s current exhibit Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe.

The show featured key designers; Bindle & Keep, Sir New York, St. Harridan, Goorin Bros., Sharpe Suiting, Jag & Co., and Angie Chuang; and dashing models, including celebrity model Elliot Sailors.

“Freed from the confines of academic discourse, (un)Heeled is an opportunity for museum visitors to engage with those who are using fashion as a springboard for redefining masculinity.”

Anita Dolce Vita, Editor-in-Chief of dapperQ

Photos by Steve Prue, JChuangphotograph, Maro Hagopian and Suri

Why We Love The Latest Collection From Homme Boy

The new collection from HOMME BOY‘s designer Kyle Pak offers consumers, and collaborators a chance to watch the brand evolve.

The Los Angeles-based label latest collection – ‘101’ – consists of totally unique, one-off pieces that incorporate custom cuts, exclusive fabrics, and artful reinterpretations of their signature styles.

Still rooted in clashing subcultures, the collection encapsulates a mixture HOMME BOY’s past, present, and future, with ‘101’ signifying the way Pak revises, in order to refine, modifies and magnify the power of his products.








Addicted to Taylor Swift’s New Androgynous Look For Wonderland Magazine.

Taylor Swift has unveiled a brand new look for the latest edition of Wonderland magazine, and I love the androgynous style she is pulling off.

This is a brand new Taylor, which shows the versatility to her wardrobe and look. The chart-topper is seen sporting a retro inspired style – 80s in feel.



Suited & Booted – Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt, & Zhou Xun in IWC Schaffhausen’s Latest Campaign

This is an advert for luxury watches, but we can’t take our eyes off the ladies wearing the suits.

IWC-Schaffhausen-06 IWC-Schaffhausen-07 IWC-Schaffhausen-08

IWC-Schaffhausen-02 IWC-Schaffhausen-03 IWC-Schaffhausen-01

We all saw the pictures Emily Blunt and Cate Blanchett together wearing tuxes, and yes our hearts started to flutter. Now they are also joined by model Zhou Xun and actors Ewan McGregor and Christoph Waltz for a new IWC Schaffhausen campaign.



The Art of Androgyny – Androgynous Models Turning Gender Expectations Inside Out

Sexual ambiguity is in, and to celebrate we’ve listed out the hottest models to take into consideration for rocking gender identity.

Here 10 androgynous models turning gender expectations inside out

1. Ari Fitz (@itsarifitz)

It’s like an unspoken trust – that i will give them something powerful, unique, and new … every time i create.”

Ari Fitz

2. Jana Knauer (@janaknauer)

When you start your career as a fashion model, you usually know what the industry likes about you most. It is either your agent who tells you right away, or you will learn on jobs… for me: eyebrows.”

Jana Knauer

3. Elliott Sailors (@Elliottsailors)

It was a natural transition earlier on in my career, I would get frustrated because I thought I looked too masculine. I have a strong jaw, wide forehead, huge eyebrows. I thought I looked like a man wearing make-up… One of my favorite things, actually, about working in menswear is that people are much more direct about what they want.”

Elliott Sailors

4. Beck Holladay (@mickeypancake)

…dressing like a boy and having the biggest hair”

Beck Holladay

5. Erika Linder (@richiephoenix)

The fashion world always changes. You can’t keep up and it’s not something I keep up with to be honest. I think it’s hard for androgynous models to really get known or get a good gig. This world in general is hard to get into and do well I reckon. It all depends on how far you wanna go. I just imagine that I wanna be the best that I can be…”

Erika Linder

6. Courtney McCullough (@courtneymccullough6)

I find utter enjoyment in travel planning and researching rather than leaving it up to a travel agent. In another life, I’d be THE perfect travel agent; just give me a budget and what you’re looking for and I’ll create the perfect trip for you.”

Courtney McCullough

7. Agathe Mougin (@agathemougin)

8. Agyness Deyn (@agynessdeyn)

When I started modeling, I didn’t have a fucking clue what I was doing. Actually, I still don’t know what I’m doing while modeling. But at the beginning, it was like, “Oh, god, is this right? Is it not?” So I’m kind of going through that again, but I think it’s a discovery, which is fun.”

Agyness Deyn

Tilda Swinton: Suited Muse

Tilda Swinton has honed her own signature when it comes to fashion, and at KitschMix we simply can’t get enough. Her androgynous beauty allows her to play everything from a Caravaggio muse to winter snow Queens.

Her fashion choices (like her movie roles) tend to stray from the Hollywood norm. From menswear-inspired pieces, to strong architectural details; Swinton is always guaranteed to shy away from the mainstream and wear something unexpected.

There is a reason the actress and fashion muse has been touted as one of today’s most original and visionary dressers.

Here, we pick our favourite Swinton fashion moments.

The New Prince(ss) of Androgynous Style; Fashion Model, Erika Linder

Erika Linder is androgynous modelling royalty, cultivating a successful career by creating her own modelling category. Neither feminine, nor masculine.

The fashion world always changes. You can’t keep up and it’s not something I keep up with to be honest. I think it’s hard for androgynous models to really get known or get a good gig. This world in general is hard to get into and do well I reckon. It all depends on how far you wanna go. I just imagine that I wanna be the best that I can be…

I feel like you have to be to get somewhere. Not pretend to be anything that you’re not. It’s easier for me. The term of being consider as an androgynous model is not something I really care about like that, not something I think about but I love doing both. It’s fun and interesting. I love getting into character. I’d be bored just doing one of the two. I’m just having loads of fun with it.

I have has pretty much embraced everything I’ve done. To be honest I feel like one of the first photo shoots I’ve done as a young Leonardo DiCaprio for Candy magazine back in 2011 made a big difference. It was the shoot that made people realize that I could shoot as both genders. I have done so much in such little time, it’s crazy. Commercial stuff mixed with edgy work and everything goes hand in hand so every little thing counts.

That’s what’s so great about it. Everything just works well together by being completely different. I have some major stuff coming out still, campaigns, movies, music and designing so I’m looking forward to that.”

Erika Linder

Photographed by Graham Dunn at I Heart Reps

#NYFW News | Miley Cyrus, David Beckham and Nicki Minaj all Deliver at NYAW14

Miley Cyrus is one of 3 high profile celebrity designers to feature at this years Fashion Week.

Cyrus debuted her funky jewellery, made of children’s alphabet beads, little toys and lots of other colourful stuff, at designer Jeremy Scott’s show Wednesday. The atmosphere was suitably frenetic – even more so than usual at the bad-boy designer’s shows. Beforehand, photographers swarmed Cyrus, dressed in a bright multi-coloured ensemble of trousers and bra top, along with some of her handmade jewellery.

And after the runway show, in which many outfits included Cyrus’ creations, Scott came out for a bow, scooped the pop singer up from her front-row seat, and brought her along for a victory lap.

“We live really close to each other in LA, and she had a little party and I came over. And she started showing me these things she was making, and I said `Wow, this kind of looks like my collection – it’s colorful and stream-of-consciousness and everything just kind of goes and somehow works. I was like, `Oh my god this looks so cool, would you think about doing something?'”

Jeremy Scott

Next on the list is Nicki Minaj, who has recently dropped her colourful and oddball style for a more natural and sophisticated look, says it’s because she’s more comfortable in her skin.

“I kind of feel now that I look more like my regular old self, like what I look like when I’m at home. I think there’s just a little bit more confidence and so I’m like, `It is what it is. I am who I am. I look like what I look like.’ I don’t really have to change much of it anymore.”

Nicki Minaj

Minaj’s new look includes her natural black hair colour versus the wild and bright wigs she’s worn that helped establish her name in pop culture. At the Fashion Rocks concert Tuesday in Brooklyn, New York, where the rapper performed, she wore a blazer and skirt that came off like a little black dress.

“I just thought it was really, really sexy, but without being tight. I thought it was different for me.”

Nicki Minaj

Then we have family man David Beckham. The Beckham family has made a name in fashion with Victoria Beckham’s high-end collection, which showed Sunday at New York Fashion Week, and sons Romeo, 12, and Brooklyn, 15, gracing magazine covers and Burberry ads.

Now the former soccer star has his another fashion collaboration with British brand Belstaff. Beckham said he lent much more than his name to the six-piece capsule collection that includes leather motorcycle jackets ($1,950), a pair of distressed jeans ($395) and a classic, white T-shirt ($95).

“I have always been involved 110 percent. People know that it’s what I would wear and that’s why people have loved the collection the way they have.”

David Beckham

New York Fashion Week | It’s Who You Know Behind the Scenes That Counts – #NYFW

Aside from the best-known NYFW power players: Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Glenda Bailey among them, there is a group of less obvious influential movers and shakers who make NYFW what it is.

Jenna LyonsThe Creative Director

Out Jenna Lyons is the queen of juxtaposition: pairing chunky jewellery with plain white shirts, pencil skirt with embellished cardigan. She is the tall, beautiful and incredibly stylish leader of J. Crew, and a women who turned the brand image and appeal around in just a few years. She will be presenting the new spring ’15 J. Crew collection at NYFW. Making the mass retailer one of the only to present atNYFW. Why because J. Crew is now creating trends instead of adopting them and has the power to influence and inspire even luxury brands.

The Fashion Hub

The trio Jenné Lombardo, Mazdack Rassi, and Keith Baptista are the faces behind MADE. In the past six years they have helped launching the careers of Alexander Wang, Hood by Air and Altuzarra, just to name a few. With an impressive lineup that goes from Gareth Pugh to Cushnie et Ochs and Maison Kitsune this coming week, MADE is guaranteed to deliver some major fashion moments.

The Retail Fashion Directors

6 powerhouses -Tomoko Ogura (Barneys), Linda Fargo (Bergdorf Goodman), Ken Downing (Neiman Marcus), Colleen Sherin (Saks), Jeffrey Kalinsky (Nordstrom), Holli Rogers (Net-a-porter), who will be sitting in the first rows of most NYFW shows. They are typically unknown to the general public, however they ‘the’ most important people there. Editors can make or break a designer reputation, but this small group of discerning fashion gurus have the final word on “who’s in and who’s out”. They have the power to make a young designer and the money. Every designer is eager to impress them, and for a very good reason: The retail fashion directors decide who and what will be displayed in their beautiful stores next season.

The PR Agent

Libby Haan boutique agency Haan Projects represents designers like Adam Lippes, Creatures of the Wind and, Schiaparelli, and is one of the New York PR powerhouses. She has been running Haan Projects since 2010 after spending 15 years working in fashion PR for the most exclusive brands. Her role like with other PR gurus, is to be the ring master at every NYFW event. Not only is in charge of her clients’ image and press, but organizing the shows from A to Z including deciding which VIPs should occupy the front rows.

Mickey BoardmanThe Bloggers

The Coveteur is widely-recognised as the go-to source for behind-the-scenes, unparalleled access to the world’s most influential celebrities, tastemakers, events and prestigious brands. Started by Toronto-based Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg started in 2011, The Coveteur gives its readers a voyeuristic look inside untapped territory (think: closets, homes, backstage, ateliers and archives), The Coveteur works closely with the world’s most notable brands to tell their story in a unique, compelling way.

The Fashion Editor

Look out for Mickey Boardman of PAPER Magazine powerful words. With his quick wit, big personality and sharp tongue, not to mention an incredible eye for fashion and talent, Boardman has risen from intern to editorial director. He’s famous for discovering new designers and NYFW wouldn’t be complete without him. This week “Mr. Mickey” (as he’s also known) is planning to attend the “Marc Jacobs, Public School, Michael Kors, Suno, Calvin Klein, Azede Jean-Pierre, and Proenza Schouler shows, plus anything at Milk Studios”.

Best-Dressed Butch of the Week: Lea DeLaria at the Emmys

While many were busy gushing over the Hollywood ladies’ perfect dresses, we here at KitschMix were transfixed on Lea DeLaria Saint Harridan tuxedo.

DeLaria wore a simply tuxedo, shirt and trade mark glasses to the Emmy awards, and showed the world how the butches do it.

Lea DeLaria Emmys 02

Lea DeLaria Emmys 01

Lea DeLaria Emmys 03

Queer Fashion | The Bold and Beautiful Dare to Wear

Queer Fashion | The Bold and Beautiful Dare to Wear – They say that fortune favours the brave. In the case of this season’s boldest accessories, fashion fortune favours those who dare to wear these eye-catching outfit extras. Each trend is a bold statement in itself so make sure that you keep the rest of your look simple, and let your bling be the focal point.

Also keep in mind, to pick the daring jewellery trend that goes best with your frame. Do not pick pieces that will overwhelm you. The key to this trend is confidence, and knowing what bold accessory works well with your style and personality.

These pieces prove that there are fashion risks worth taking.

Ear Cuffs – Popularised by red carpet rebels, such as Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus, Ear Cuffs have now become one of the most coveted accessories. These punk influenced ear jewellery has many incarnations, from a simple hammered silver cuff to a full-on brass cuff that envelopes the entire side of your ear. Usually just worn in one ear, you can wear it on both if you’re feeling extra gutsy.

Body Chain – Body Chains have long been a staple in the closets of edgy fashionistas. Kate Hudson is the latest celeb to be seen walking around with body chains. Fair warning though, this a very body-conscious trend so better hit the gym before stepping out of the house draped in body chains.

Embellished Sunglasses – Seen on the runways of Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Roberto Cavalli, this trend is definitely one to watch. Fashion editor, Anna dello Russo, was one of the first ones to adopt this trend. Wearing large sunglasses outlined in large pearls, or large floral appliqués—this trend is most definitely made for the fearless fashionista. Anna Karin-Karlsson is the latest designer to adopt this bold and brash trend, check out her wares if you dare.

Queer Fashion | Streets of the World; Trends Across the Globe

Queer Fashion | Streets of the World, Trends Across the Globe – What are the 5 trends that unite the world? Read on and see.

Stockholm and New York. Singapore and Cape Town. Paris and Hong Kong. All these places are separated by thousands of miles and have distinctive cultural differences, and yet they seemingly share a collective fashion consciousness.

Maybe it is the Internet and social media that allows for the fashion trends to spread widely and rapidly, or maybe the Internet allows everyone from any corner of the globe to tap into a singular fashion zeitgeist.

Who knows? All we know is that it is this same technological wonder that allows us to peep through the lenses of street style photographers all over the world, and here are the top 5 trends we saw from the streets of Berlin to the streets of L.A.


The flat footwear of choice is currently the sneaker. From Jordans to Isabel Marant sneaker wedges, from Nike Dunks to Vans slip-ons, and even onto the now ubiquitous designer sneakers like Givenchy and Louboutin, sneakers are having a major fashion moment worldwide.

Minimalist Footwear

Say adios to platform pumps and overly embellished heels of the early to mid 2000s, this year is all about the minimalist sandal. With a single thin strap over the toes and single ankle strap, this sky-high shoe is the weapon of choice of chic women everywhere.


Not the velour kind, mind you. These are luxurious lounge pants that are well tailored, and more often than not worn cropped close to the ankles. The better to show off the shoes, you see.

Print on Print

Gone are the days when everyone was told to wear prints with basics. Everyone is getting creative with mixing florals with plaids, stripes with tartans. It’s time you get in on that action too.


Minimalist and monochromatic is a common street style battle cry. Fashionistas all over the globe are letting silhouettes and textures do the talking as the dress in head to toe grey or all black everything.

Queer Fashion | Power Dressing

Queer Fashion | Power dressing in 2014 is all about tailoring and accessorising.

The term ‘power dressing’ or ‘power suits’ conjure up bad images of shoulder pads, oversized and unflattering blazers, and perms. Eww.

Power dressing in 2014 is a bit different. Women’s wear has long taken a turn toward tailoring, and it looks like tailoring is becoming just as important for women’s fashion as it had always been in menswear.

Of course, the number one power-dressing item is and will always be the suit. Pantsuits are now one of the hottest looks in fashion. What’s great about pantsuits is the infinite ways you can style it to make it your own. If you’re in a more creative field like advertising or new media, you can be more adventurous with your pantsuit style. Try wearing a mismatching pantsuit; say a royal blue tuxedo jacket with black high-waist wide leg trousers and an embellished belt.

If you’re in a more corporate work environment, there are various ways to dress up your pantsuit. Don’t limit yourself to all black. Experiment with an all grey pantsuit and add pops of colour via your pumps or a scarf.

As always, fit is important. You may have the right accessories but if you wear an ill-fitting pantsuit, it’s all-downhill from there.

Another important element to power dressing is shirting. Gone are the days when women wore shiny satin button-down shirts underneath their work blazers. Make sure that your button-down shirts are in flattering cuts that cinch at the waits and end right above the hipbone. A shirt that is too long makes you look unpolished.

Cuff and collar details are elements that you should watch out for when picking out work-appropriate blouses. You can even take a cue from menswear and add pocket squares and cuff links to your ensemble.

Although there are lots of style guides (including this one) out there for power dressing, keep in mind that power dressing’s end goal is to make you feel confident and make you look capable. Any item that you wear that doesn’t make you feel that isn’t worth the closet space.

Cuff and collar 05 Cuff and collar 06 pantsuits 07 pantsuits 06 pantsuits 05 Cuff and collar 04   pantsuits 03 Cuff and collar 03 Cuff and collar 02

Tom Ford Celebrates the Diversity of Female Beauty with Yaya DaCosta and Trans Model Valentijn de Hingh

Tom Ford  is planning to celebrate female beauty in his latest advertising campaign. The designer revealed his new fall/winter womenswear campaign, will showcase ‘the diversity of female beauty’ with rising stars such as Gigi Hadid, Ashleigh Good, Yaya DaCosta, and trans model Valentijn de Hingh.

As a fierce advocate of equal representation of LGBT models in the fashion industry, Ford selected the stunning Valentijn de Hingh, a transgender Dutch model who recently participated in Bruce Weber’s spring campaign for Barneys with a cast of 17 transgender people.

“The concept is individual style, which was the idea behind my first women’s show in New York. The campaign is focused on the personal, individual style of different types of women.”

Tom Ford

Yaya DaCosta is best known for her stint on America’s Next Top Model as Season 3’s runner-up, and was recently cast as Whitney Houston in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, I Will Always Love You. She shines in Tom Ford’s new campaign, alongside others notable beauties.

The star-studded shot also features Ashleigh Good, who closed the Spring 2013 Chanel Haute Couture show as a lesbian bride in response to gay-marriage inequality in France.

Leather Luxe | The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

Nothing quite rivals the richness and texture that leather brings to an outfit. Leather is buttery, luscious, and sexy. This material has become more than just a fall/winter staple, and it has become a yearlong trend. You can’t argue with the timelessness and chic luxury that it adds to your wardrobe.

The question now is how to incorporate leather effortlessly into your everyday dressing, and the easiest way to do this is through accessorizing. No need to the break the bank on this one though since there are a lot of chic and inexpensive options out there for leather accessories. You can start with this season’s hottest leather trend—perforated lather. Whether it’s a laser-cut leather clutch or a dotted perforated black ankle bootie, this trend can easily up the ante of any ensemble. It adds edge without looking seasonally inappropriate. Pro tip: Keep an eye out for eyelet leather. It’s a great way to keep your leather accent light and feminine.

Another hot summer leather trend is fringe. With Roberto Cavalli and Valentino blazing the trail for bohemian luxe with their leather fringe bags, you can be sure that this style will go from runway to reality. You can opt for leather fringe on your low-cut boots, perfect for those breezy summer dresses. Fringe might be typically of the boho aesthetic, but it can also easily be translated into cocktail hour with a black leather clutch with sleek fringe accents.

If you count yourself as a fashion risk taker, bravely embrace this trend in leather skirts, shorts, and tops. Leather has become a fashion tour de force that designers are now using it as a material for pretty much everything, from full midi skirts, crop tops, boxy blouses, shorts, and even as sleeve accents for T-shirts. When purchasing a major leather piece, make sure that the tailoring is top-notch and the fit is just right. Keep in mind that this is not fabric, which has some give; so fit is very important. When styling your latest leather purchase, be sure to balance its toughness with softer accents like a draped silk shirt or a delicate pair of nude sandals.

For the classicists, a leather motorcycle jacket is a style essential that will go a long way. It is a piece you can wear as a cover-up over anything in your closet. It can be thrown on a T-shirt and jeans for more casual days, or wear over a bright-colored sheath dress for an edgy take on cocktail dressing.