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Things you should Know about Sperm Banks

Sperm banking is a huge industry that has been around for decades but one that is relatively loosely regulated in the U.S.

Here are some things to know about the industry:

How many Babies come from donated sperm?

While anecdotal evidence might suggest that the use of sperm donors to conceive a baby is rising because of improvements in technology and its popularity among lesbian couples and single women, there is no way to know for sure. No federal agency or professional organisation tracks the number of children born from sperm donations.

The last time a count was done was in 1988 by the now-defunct U.S. Office of Technology Assessment, said Rene Almeling, a sociology professor at Yale University who has done extensive research on sperm and egg donation.

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What they tell you

Sperm banks generally tell clients about a donor’s family medical history; physical traits like hair color, eye color, height and blood type; some educational and professional information; and some personal social preferences.

Additional information that might also be available for some donors, possibly for an extra fee, includes childhood and adult photos, audio interviews and other personality attributes.

Much of the information comes from surveys that the donors fill out.

What’s the cost

It depends on the sperm bank and various options the recipient can choose from. Georgia-based Xytex Corp., one of the bigger players in the industry, provides free profiles with basic information including medical history, genetic testing results, physical traits, and limited educational and professional background. There is a tiered pricing structure to see more extensive information.

A single unit of sperm from Xytex costs between $395 and $795, depending on a variety of factors, including the method of insemination the recipient plans to use and whether the recipient wants her child to have access to the donor’s identity once the child turns 18.


Donor anonymity

Sperm donors are generally anonymous when the recipient buys the sperm and is inseminated. Some sperm banks, including Xytex, allow a donor’s identity to be disclosed with the mother’s permission once the child turns 18. The child could then use the information to seek out a relationship with the biological father, or simply contact the donor with questions about family history.

Donor requirements

Donors are screened over a period of four to six weeks. The screening generally includes a blood test, a genetic test, a physical and collecting sperm samples. Donors are asked to provide three generations of family medical history, including mental health, as well as some social background and preferences.

Because of the expense of screening, donors are frequently asked to donate once a week for at least a year. To keep up their sperm count, they’re advised not to engage in any sexual activity for at least 48 hours prior to donating, to try to limit alcohol consumption and stress, and to exercise regularly and eat healthily. If the sperm count is too low, the sperm bank will throw out the sample and the donor won’t be paid.

The Lies Lesbians Tell

Have you ever been in a relationship where the communication was lacking? Either one of you or even both weren’t being truthful with each other? You’re supposed to care for the person you’re in a relationship with…. right? So why do people constantly lie, cheat, and manipulate?

While most people generally want to be in healthy, truthful relationships, that isn’t always the way it plays out. First we have to think about human nature. We may not realize it, but lots of the decisions we make are based on ideas and instincts that were passed down to us from our ancestors. One of those traits is lying.

Lying is part of our human nature, because most of the time the decisions we make are based on our emotions. As we get closer to another person, we both intentionally and unintentionally share with them information about who we are. This is because as humans, we have a fundamental need to be understood.

While it is absolutely necessary to trust your significant other, this also lays the ground for deception. After all, who makes a better victim than someone who is eager and willing to trust everything you have to say?

Polyamorous Lesbian Relationship Myths Busted

If you find that your own lesbian relationship lies outside the ‘traditional monogamous couple’ model, you’re definitely not alone. Their are many multifaceted and multifarious love relationships to choose from.

Increasingly, people are opting out of the traditional structure of monogamous partnership or marriage, and choosing polyamory or open marriage/partnership as viable alternatives.


So what is a polyamorous relationship? There is a common misconception that a polyamorous relationship is really no different from an open-relationship agreement: one committed couple, with some lighthearted fun on the side. But the word “polyamory,” by definition, means loving more than one.

In an open-relationship, there is still a central, committed couple, who allow one another to engage in purely sexual (or at least quite casual) outside relationships. Generally, any discussion about the benefits of such practice revolves around how it strengthens and/or reinvigorates the central couples relationship. For those of us living in polyamorous families this is not the case. Most polyamorous units have deeply committed relationships with more than one partner, with no hierarchy among them and no core ‘couple’ at the heart of it all.

Lesbian Polyamory Myths Busted

Ask A Polyamorous Person

Pillow Talk | Oh Sh*t I’m Gay

People often ask ‘so when did you discover you were a lesbian?’ Which is highly annoying, but does give me food for though – was I always a lesbian, or did I discover my sexuality?


I kind of knew I was gay, but when I was younger I didn’t really know what that meant. In school I chased boys, and I even had a boyfriend for most of my time at high school, but on the back burner I was having these weird crushes on girls.

However, at the time, the thought of being with a woman felt more like a ‘secret’ fantasy than reality. Back then, I didn’t think I’d ever act on these ‘secret’ feelings and sadly, the idea of actually telling people I was lesbian, bi, queer… terrified me. I felt certain it would fill my life with stress, judgment and trouble. I was scared.

It wasn’t until I met my first girlfriend, and my pulse sped up to the point where I felt dizzy that I knew. So, I finally embraced, and found, myself.

The process of discovering sexuality differs for everyone. It might take a while for you to figure it out, and there’s no need to rush.

Like me some people say they ‘felt different’ from the time when they were young, but it took a while to think of themselves as queer, lesbian, or bisexual. As they grew older, they realise that those words fit in with their feelings.

Some other people don’t discover their attractions until later in adulthood.

If you’re feeling confused, you’re not alone. Sexual orientation, like many things in life, develop over time and over time your questions will become clearer.


Things you shouldn’t SAY during sex

Sex is fun. Well, it should be. And we all know we get a little carried away in the heat of a steamy moment… but some things are better left unsaid.

There are questions women don’t want to be asked while naked and some personal disclosures that shouldn’t be made in bed.

There are a bunch of super unsexy sex things, or random things, you can say during sex, which will make the sex you’re having feel weird. And just, ugh, weird!

Yes, sex talk is a complicated art – but it is not too complicated. Less is more, specifically when you’re tempted to say something wrong.

So here you have some of the worst things you can say during sex. Memorise them. Remember them. Avoid them. And happy humping.

Share with us some of your favourite things NOT to say during sex.

Top 10 Stupidest Anti Gay Laws in the USA

Even though same-sex marriage is now legal, the majority of US still has other discrimination laws against LGBT.

Most states do not have nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people in the workplace, public accommodations, or housing, which means you can be sacked for being gay, or refused to rent a home. Many schools across the country still lack enumerated policies that protect LGBT students from bullying and discrimination. Some states go so far as to have “no promo homo” laws in place, which forbid teachers in public schools from even mentioning homosexuality, at least in a positive light.

There is still along way to go LGBT civil rights in the USA.

Watch: 10 Stupidest Anti Gay Laws

Image source – Spc. Sabryna Schlagetter, left, kisses her wife, Cheyenne Schlagetter, after returning home to Fort Carson with about 135 members of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division Friday, November 14, 2014. Sabryna and Cheyenne married on Valentines Day in New Mexico nine-months ago, before Sabryna deployed to Afghanistan. Photo by Michael Ciaglo, The Gazette. Click to enlarge.

Bisexual Women Myths Busted

You’ve probably heard a lot of stereotypes about bisexuality – the bastard stepchild of sexual orientations. Its something a lot gay and straight people struggle to figure out.

Most people can’t even agree on a definition of bisexuality, which has led to a lot of confusion, angst and prejudices.


No one is really bisexual. It’s just a phase. They’re either gay and they can’t admit it, or they’re straight and they’re just experimenting. So, why can’t they make up their minds? Because you know, bisexuals can’t be trusted. They’ll just leave you for a man/woman.

They can’t be monogamous. They can’t be happy unless they’re sleeping with a man and a woman at the same time – bisexuals don’t have real relationships. They’re fun for a roll in the hay though.

Bisexual women are sleeping with the enemy. They are stealing lesbian energy and giving it to men. They just want heterosexual privilege. It’s easy to be bisexual because it’s chic.”

We’ve heard it all… so let bust that myth bubble once and for all.


SeX.ED 101 | WTF Is Gender?

Gender (n.) – the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).

What does it mean to be a woman or man? Whether we are women or men is not determined just by our sex organs. Our gender includes a complex mix of beliefs, behaviors, and characteristics. How do you act, talk, and behave like a woman or man? Are you feminine or masculine, both, or neither? These are questions that help us get to the core of our gender and gender identity.

Pillow Talk | Drunk Calling Your Ex-Girlfriend

I like to call everyone when I’m drunk. No one is safe. Ex girlfriends, friends, colleagues, immediate family, potential lovers…

The moment one too many drinks get into my system, I obtain this super power I’ve always dreamed of.

If I’m dealing with a broken heart, I suddenly unearth the strength to call my ex. If I’m been crushing on someone, booze lights the fire under in my belly and I’m in the casanova zone.

Everyone knows the feeling of power that flows through your veins when you’re holding your phone and you’ve had one too many drinks. Even if you’re in tears, complaining about your ex, the power is still there.

But what we also know, is too much alcohol causes us to lose all forms of rational thinking and behaviour. When sober, you have a better chance of utilising your brain to help control your impulses – not the case when drunk

Mathematician Reveals Formula For Finding the Perfect Partner 

Are you on the quest to find true love? It is often said that one must kiss a few frogs before meeting a princess.

Well, it would appear this theory is true.

Dr Hannah Fry, a mathematician at University College London, has come up with a formula to find a perfect partner.

She has developed a practical theory for love, which involves ruling out anyone you meet in the first 37 per cent of your dating life.

So, if someone began dating at the age of 16, and hoped to stop at 40 at the latest, then you’ll find true love around the age of 25 – ta-da!


It is suggested that people “get a feel for the marketplace” when they are young before settling down with the “next person that comes along who is better than everyone they have met before”.

Dr Fry has publishing a 116-page book entitled The Mathematics of Love.

Some of her statistically proven tips include always being prepared to approach a would-be mate, finding a similar-looking but slightly less attractive “wingman”, and never cropping one’s faults out of a photograph on an online dating profile.

Speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival, Dr Fry said that looks were not proven to make a difference in finding love.

Ultimately, no one cares if you look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. All they care about is how you look compared to everybody else.”

Thus, she suggested finding a similar looking, slightly less attractive friend was the best strategy.

The Undeclared Debate – Lesbians Explain Butts Vs. Boobs

There’s an undeclared debate among those turned on by female parts and it goes something like this: “Are you a boobs or a butt, guy/girl/person?”

Does society like boobs or butts?

Now, while we clearly stand firm that someone shouldn’t be defined by their body parts, a recent graphic by none other than porn sites PornHub and YouPorn, in partnership with Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten, found that the world is clearly divided on the issue.


The findings suggest that some countries and states are lusting more over certain bits of human anatomy than others. People up north seem to go for boobs while those down south like their butts. The exceptions are Southeast Asia, Australia, India and Argentina, where busty searches are more common.

The Complex Dynamics of Lesbian Friendships

Ah the dynamics of lesbian friendships. Lines get blurred and boundaries have no limits, but we wouldn’t do without our lesbian BFFs.

What you have to remember though, is friendships are among the most complex, but meaningful relationships in our lives. These unique bonds often run deeper than family ties, and sometimes last longer than our relationships with spouses or lovers.

What Lesbians Say vs. What They Really Mean

Queer women can be a confusing and complex lot. No, we’re not trying to perpetuate a stereotype or make a mockery, it’s just sometimes true.

Human beings in general are complex creatures, and the sooner we accept this, the sooner we can learn to laugh at ourselves and move on.

We often hide behind sarcastic phrases and straight up lies in hopes of improving our reverse psychology skills, tricking people into believing what we want them to believe.

We say we’re fine when we are not, and we tell people we want to be friends, when really we want to be lovers. We have all been guilty of hiding behind claims and false expressions, hoping whomever we’re talking to can read our minds, or at least be tricked by our statements.

What Lesbians Say vs. What They Really Mean

More Sex, Means More Brain Power (So Science Says)

Do you want to keep your brain active as you get older? Then the answer is simple – have more sex.

As you get older, brain function starts to slow down. Your memory starts to fade, and you can’t remember things like you used to. It’s one of the biggest and scariest things about getting older because memory loss really erases a person’s identity.

Well, good news guys – a new study has found that a good way to fight memory loss is to have more sex. And to be fair, they do say the brain is a very important sexual organ, so that does make sense.

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A study conducted by The Manchester University surveyed 1,700 people between the ages of 58 and 98. Turns out, the test subjects who were still sexually active also had better brain power. The study also found a third of women over the age of 70 are still getting it on.

This isn’t the first study that has shown sex keeps the brain healthy. A 2010 study found sexual activity promotes cell growth in the hippocampus, the area in the brain that controls long-term memory.

Myths about Sex as you age debunked…

Hormone changes, less orgasms? Here are some facts about sex when you’re older.

Why We Need Transgender Pronouns

A person’s gender is always valid. Even if you don’t understand.

When we we use pronouns like “she” or “he” to identify a person, we might be making an assumption about that person’s gender that differs from their preferred gender identity. Some people express their gender identity ambiguously, meaning you might not know which pronoun to use just by looking at them and have to make an assumption. For other people, appearances can be deceiving– even people who clearly look to be one gender may identify as a different gender than you would assume. When someone has a different gender identity than you would assume that means a different pronoun.


Are Sex Toys Something to be Ashamed of?

Once something you could only find in a shady sex shop, sex toys are now mainstream. So mainstream, in fact, that both Trojan and Durex have products you can pick up at your local chemist.

The fact is, more people are bringing sex toys to bed, and they’re not ashamed to do so. We all have a healthy stash of goodies somewhere around our homes, just barely out of hand’s reach, for fun times.

But where to stash them? Where do you hide your dildo…


Sex toy fail

Here are a few tips from the wonderful Arielle Scarcel and friends – so take note 😉

Arielle Scarcel - Where To Hide Your Dildo...

Getting The Spark Back by Megan Luscombe

This is probably one of the biggest questions I come up against as a Coach; How do I get the spark back with my partner?

Type the question into Google and you’ll get 14,100,000 results in less than 30 seconds. It’s crazy!

Many people identify that ‘the spark’ goes when they’re missing the following things in their relationship:

  • Sex
  • Physical attention such as hugs/kisses/cuddles/holding hands
  • Date nights
  • Effort stops and things are perceived to be too ‘routine’
  • Conversations become repetitive

Any of those sound familiar? 

Don’t feel bad if they do – it’s completely normal. Relationships go through peaks and troughs, highs and lows and it’s all part of the relationship cycles. When you first started dating someone ‘the spark’ was always there and it wasn’t even a conscious choice or decision you had to make, you could just ‘feel’ it. Right? RIGHT!

That’s why many individuals get SO concerned when they no longer ‘feel’ ‘the spark’, they begin questioning the relationship, their feelings, their partners feelings and so much more. They equate what they’ve associated ‘the spark’ to be as love and whilst intense connections and amazing sex do leave us with feel good tingly parts – they’re all things that are happening to us without us consciously choosing them to occur. They’re all byproducts of lust.

Relationships change so dramatically through their duration because as the days/months/years go by you become familiar with your partner. You learn everything you need to know about them. They see you at your best/worst/in-between and you see them at theirs.

One day you’ll love everything about them and the next they’ll drive you bonkers. One minute you’ll want to rip their clothes off and have a sexathon and the next you’ll want to sit down by yourself and watch a movie.



‘The spark’ was something that just came without effort in the early days, whereas now it’s something that requires a little more effort and imagination and what’s important for all couples (and those wanting to venture into a long term relationship) to know is this… 

IT’S COMPLETELY NORMAL (cue the sigh of relief)

So, how about we focus on RE-CREATING AND UNDERSTANDING ‘THE SPARK’ as you want it to be now! Sound good? For sure it does! This gives you so many options and puts everything in your control (as opposed to when you originally started dating your partner and all those lusty feelings were just happening to you!).

My tips on re-creating and understanding ‘the spark’

1. Work out what produces a feeling of ‘the spark’ for you.

This might be sex, going out for a fun night, great dinner/conversation etc. Work out what it is. Once you know what it is talk to your partner about it and make them aware. Find out theirs too. Once you know this you’ll be able to focus each other’s attention on it and have some great times!

2. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and your partner

This isn’t a Holly Wood movie. This isn’t 50 Shades Of Grey. This isn’t a romance novel. This is your relationship, stop expecting to ALWAYS feel a certain way and allow yourselves to be however you are. Keep the communication channels open and encourage honesty always. Once you remove the pressure and expectation on how you think you’re ‘supposed’ to feel you’ll start to allow yourself to feel however you want!

3. Have YOU TIME

Some couples see each other all the time and spend TOO much time together. This often results in things becoming boring and routine. Why not take up a class by yourself and encourage your partner to do the same? Maybe there’s a movie you want to go see with your friends on the weekend and they want to go watch a sport? You do your thing and let them do theirs. Independence in ANY relationship is REQUIRED. It  encourages new conversations and experiences to about together and establishes new intimacy between the two of you.Don’t allow yourselves to be boring together. Complacency in relationships exists because both partners allow it. True story.

4. Encourage spontaneity

Remember when you first got together and you were up to trying everything, or maybe your partner was and now not so much. Get that person back! Go on some random adventures together, take a cooking class together, go on a hike together – just DO SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY! Get out of your comfort zones and experience something new as a couple. You’ll thank yourselves for doing it (and me by default for suggesting it!)

5. Communicate what you want, especially when it comes to sex

Unbeknownst to many but it is actual fact that orgasms don’t fall out of the sky and for some people they take work. When it comes to having sex with your partner it’s important to keep the communication lines open and if you have to, ask for what you want (it really isn’t a bad thing!). Talking about sex openly and honestly can really work in your favour and assist in getting you and your partner dosed up on those feel good sparky endorphins!

It’s also extremely important to communicate what you want OUTSIDE of the bedroom, allowing honesty and transparency in a relationship encourages growth, stability and security. All of these things help in alleviating worry or insecurity in a relationship and therefor allow more positive emotions to flood the brain! 

Remember, just because you don’t feel giddy about your partner 24/7 like you did when you first got together doesn’t necessarily ring alarm bells for you to jump ship. It just means your relationship is changing, growing and evolving (like it’s supposed to).

SeX.ED 101 | WTF Is Lesbian Bed Death?

Today we take a moment to discuss Lesbian Bed Death – not to be confused with lesbian death bed, as a death bed is where someone dies.

So, WTF Is Lesbian Bed Death?

In 1982, sociologists Pepper Schwartz and Philip Blumstein published American Couples: Money, Work, Sex, which was the first major study to compare gays, lesbians, and heterosexual couples on issues such as sex, communication, and money.

Among many other findings, their research showed that lesbian couples had less frequent sex anyone else – thus the term lesbian bed death was born. Although their methodology and results were later challenged, the idea of lesbian bed death has taken on a life of its own, with damaging results.

Lesbian bed death –  (n.) When sexual relations between a lesbian couple have virtually ceased, yet the companionship remains.

There is now this stereotype that over time, lesbians become almost asexual; using their beds not for wild nights of passion, but for reading, sipping herbal tea, and hanging with their cats.

However, the truth is that lesbians who have been sleeping together for decades do have a love life, its just the marathon sex sessions slow down a little. Also many would argue that all couples (hetro and gay men) get tired of marathon sex sessions too – sex gets old regardless of a couple’s sexual orientation.


Lesbian bed death is not necessarily the symptoms of a doomed relationship. In fact its not a death, its a natural slowing down of a relationship, which is often created out of resignation and habit.

Also, a theory is it’s actually normal for sexual interest to wane when two people compromise a lot and share a lot, both trying to do the right thing by one another. We do so because we think we’re being generous and considerate, but sometimes this actually ends up making us feeling like we’ve lost a part of ourselves. And when we feel like this, we don’t feel sexual.

So what is the answer?

Spoiling. That’s right. So, once a week – when you don’t have to go to bed early or get up early the next day – create a night which is all about spoiling yourself with your partner.

Crack open a bottle of good wine, prepare an excellent dinner (or order in take-away), relax and watch some goofy-assed movie together. Eat some 80% organic, fair-trade chocolate (Green & Blacks is excellent). Have a shower together. Spend some time pleasuring each other,  and doesn’t matter if that means backrubs or getting it on, just whatever is for you want to do.

When everything in your evening is all about you and your partner and the enjoyment of fine, wonderful things, you can’t help but have a great time.

We Miss Ellen – the Sitcom that is – Here are 12 Things You Didn’t Know About The Show

From 1994–1998, many of us would switch on to watch the Ellen show, a TV sitcom staring the much loved Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen played Ellen Morgan, a neurotic bookstore owner who dealt with life through comedy and extensive rambling. What made this sitcom so notable was the portrayal of the first leading character on national TV to come out and stay out as gay. We loved Ellen and we loved the show, which went on to run for 5 series.

Here are 12 Things You Didn’t Know About The Show.

1. The show was originally titled “These Friends of Mine.” After the first season, the show became Ellen, focusing more on the character of Ellen Morgan.


2. DeGeneres earned four Emmy nominations and three Golden Globe nominations during the show’s five years.

3. The infamous “Puppy Episode,” in which DeGeneres came out as gay both on the show and in her real life, was titled after the network reportedly suggested the storyline of Ellen getting a new puppy instead of coming out gay.

4. “The Puppy Episode” had 42 million viewers and won a Peabody Award.


5. Degeneres would later note that when she kissed a cast member jokingly in a scene, a disclaimer was needed. When another show did the exact same scene (but with all straight actors), no disclaimer was shown.

6. During rehearsals for “The Puppy Episode,” DeGeneres couldn’t bring herself to actually say the line, “I’m gay.”

Ellen-DeGeneres-show-05 Ellen-DeGeneres-show-06 Ellen-DeGeneres-show-07 Ellen-DeGeneres-show-08 Ellen-DeGeneres-show-09 Ellen-DeGeneres-show-10

7. During the episode with Ellen’s “lesbian supermarket” dream sequence, several celebrities made cameo appearances: KD Lang, Demi Moore, Billy Bob Thornton, and Jenny Shimizu, to name a few.


8. At the end of that episode there’s a sequence in which Susan (Laura Dern) leads Ellen over to Melissa Etheridge, who confirms that Ellen is gay and — after completing the necessary paperwork — awards Susan a toaster oven.

9. Sadly, Laura Dern couldn’t find work for over a year following her role on Ellen.


10. Emma Thompson played a gay version of herself in the final season.

11. ABC canceled Ellen in 1998 after ratings declined. “I tried to incorporate educational things about what people actually go through when they’re coming out, and it wasn’t funny,” DeGeneres said. “Because it’s not funny.”

12. The bloopers were fantastic.

#DearMe ‘Guess what? You’re gay’ – What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

#DearMe is currently trending on Twitter, but what is behind the message.

Well, it is a YouTube new campaign, launched ahead of International Women’s Day, that encourages women to write letters and make videos with the advice they’d have given their teenage selves.

It’s part of a YouTube campaign in celebration of International Women’s Day (on Sunday March 8) to “empower young girls everywhere”.

So if you could go back in time and share some wise words with your teenage self, what would you say?

Prominent YouTube bloggers – and Youtube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki – kicked off the campaign. But now thousands of women are getting involved, including Hannah Hart and Felicia Day.

Pillow Talk | How Do You Know If You’re A Lesbian?

Its a good question – how do you know if you’re lesbian? Well, truth is only you can truly determine if you are queer, and you need to do this on your own terms. There’s no test for it, so the most reliable method is to look at your history, your feelings, and make an educated guess.

More: Coming Out of a Marriage by Megan Luscombe

And if you’re still questioning then watch this wonderful video from the Pillow Talk ladies.

And once you accept you’re gay, then its time to learn theme tune. Ally Hills has kindly written a song for coming out. Listen and learn

Introducing Thailand’s Toms

While the world obsesses over the ladyboys Thailand’s polysexual society, its Thailand’s ‘toms’ that inhabit a unique place on the gender spectrum.


Toms are women who dress and act in a masculine way, typically sporting short hair, t-shirts and jeans. But they don’t consider themselves trans or even lesbians, despite the fact that they date women (often girly ‘dees’ or other toms).


In fact, the word “lesbian” has developed a negative connotation in the country, leaving room for other labels to gain acceptance. The Tom community has recently carved out a large fan base through Instagram, television shows, and magazines published for women who love Toms.

In this short documentary, Coconuts TV explores the world of tom culture and Thailand’s complex girl-girl relationships.

Ever Wondered What ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Would Be Like If It Was Animated By Disney?

So, have you ever wondered what Orange Is The New Black would have been like if Disney animated it?

Why of course we have. Especially now after we’ve binged watched season two 6 times already, and we start the long wait for season three.


MORE: Get the scoop on Season three of OITNB’s

Take a look at this awesome OITNB vs Disney mash-ups, where Ariel totally hold court over the kitchen.

disney-OITNB-04 disney-OITNB-03 disney-OITNB-06 disney-OITNB-05 disney-OITNB-07 disney-OITNB-08

Low Budget Valentines Gift Ideas

It’s not how much money you spend on Valentine’s Day, it’s the thought that counts… right? Right?!! Oh cr*p.

With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, it’s time to get a move on when it comes to finding that perfect gift. However, what with the holiday season having just ended, we know that funds can be pretty tight.

No problems, Hannah Hart has got you covered. There’s something for every one and your wallet will thank you!


On Screen Chemistry – 5 Lesbian Couples That Sizzled Before ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Things are about to get steamy on the big screen this Valentine’s weekend, with Fifty Shades of Grey finally hitting theaters.

Fans of the popular book are going crazy to see the now infamous characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele be brought to life by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

However, when it comes to steamy romances, queer female movies has been doing this very well for years.

Here are a few of our favorite lesbian couples the sizzled:

A Perfect Ending – Rebecca and Paris

From renowned woman’s director, Nicole Conn, this is a powerful film of female sexuality and empowerment. A repressed and uptight socialite, Rebecca (Barbara Niven) lives a perfect and pointless life, but Rebecca has a secret, something her friends don’t even know. The last person that she expects to reveal it to is a high priced escort named Paris (Jessica Clark). The build in this movie is amazing. Its raw passion and hot. Watch the film here

Bound  – Corky and Violet

The chemistry between Gina Gershon (Corky) and Jennifer Tilly (Violet) is hot, in this mob thriller, which serves up a heavy cocktail of sapphic sex and mafia intrigue.

Room in Rome – Alba and Natasha

Starring Elena Anaya as Alba and Natasha Yarovenko as Natasha, Room is about two beautiful strangers quickly become lovers, over the course of an intense and adventurous evening of sex in a hotel room.

Concussion – Abby and Sam

Robin Weigert stars as the suburban lesbian, Kate, whose midlife crisis finds her drifting away from her super-tense wife Kate (Julie Fain Lawrence), flirting with a female friend, Sam (Maggie Siff), and turning tricks while redecorating a downtown apartment.

Elena Undone – Elena and Peyton

Another classic Nicole Conn film, Elena Undone is the love story between Elena (Necar Zadegan), a stay at home mother and pastor’s wife, and Peyton (Traci Dinwiddie), a well-known lesbian author. The two share an intense connection immediately upon meeting and sparks fly.

Straight Girls Explain Sleeping With Lesbians

Last week we discussed lesbians sleeping with straight girls. But with every tale like this, there is a flip side.

So, this week we’re looking at the straight girls who sleep with lesbians.

Why do they embark on encounters with other women?

Well, there are a number of women who fantasies about sleeping with a lesbian or bi woman, and there are a number of straight girls who go out there and sleep with other women.

Maybe it’s a one off, maybe they do it multiple times, but a lot of straight women are curious about girl-on-girl action.

And trust me, if you have straight women as friends, you’ll probably have fended off a few questions about your sex life – from pickup lines to techniques, and toys.

However, what I think is true, is women often feel safe to explore with other women.

Straight guys often freak out at the thought of have sex with another man, where as woman is less discriminating towards what they enjoy.

If they fancy women, they may explore that option. Female sexuality is consider a mental attraction, not down to what is on your chest or between your legs. Fantasy plays a part, and as boundaries breakdown.

Who Was Your Most Inappropriate Crush On?

Inappropriate crushes are usually those forbidden fruits we all fantasy about – be it a highschool teacher, your best friends sister, your best friend’s mum (eek)… crushes are crushes. Sometimes they make sense and other times there is no sense in them whatsoever.


But the truth is we all have inappropriate crushes. Well maybe not as many as the ladies of The GW Channel, but we have at sometime or another found ourselves crush over people we shouldn’t.

Lesbian Dating Problems

From Twin dates, to ex-girlfriend interruptions, straight-girl dating, to Ladies with the same-name as you  – dating in the lesbian world can be a trick thing.

Brittany Ashley outlines the dilemmas of dating lesbians in this great new sketch. And check out cameos from a whole host of our favourite web-based lesbians – #hashtag‘s Caitlin Bergh & Laura Zak, The Better Half‘s Amy Jackson Lewis & Lindsay Hicks, and even AfterEllen‘s chief editor, Trish Bendix, gets a spot.