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Steph Castor is an alternative and indie rock musician as well as a writer. She began playing guitar over 15 years ago at the age of 11 after growing up with a musical family background and being introduced to modern rock bands such as Blink 182, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. She took three guitar lessons before moving on to be completely self taught and forming her own band at the age of 14. Through learning guitar and meeting like-minded teens she developed a passion for punk rock, hardcore, and emo music with newfound favorite bands including AFI, Glassjaw, and Brand New. Twelve years and handfuls of bands later, she has found her purpose in live music promotion, publicity, marketing, and performing with the Kansas City indie rock band known as Vigil and Thieves. She is currently an endorsed artist through Moniker Guitars and works as a freelance content writer and music journalist residing in the Midwest. Her published works can be found in notable outlets such as Guitar World, Revolver Magazine,, and many more.

New Women-Only Sex Club Kicks Off In Sydney

Women who love women are bracing themselves for the newly opened sex club exclusive to woman-identified patrons in Sydney, Australia.

Skirt Club is an internationally recognized name in the business of sex parties around the world ranging from Miami, Florida to London, England.


The club focuses on the sexual desires of lesbian, bisexual, and questioning women in search of adventure and a bedroom fantasy brought to life. Each event caters to a different theme or fetish and encourages participation in costumed dances, games, and exploration of sexuality.

Though sex parties suggest the excitement of sensuality and physicality, all guests are required to demonstrate respect as well as adhere to rules regarding consent.

All women, gay or straight, are invited to join in on the beauty of sexual exploration and deep innate bodily desires at Sydney’s newly established and prized Skirt Club– a place where men are left at the front door.

LGBT Kids Struggling In Wake Of “Safe Schools” Scare Campaign

Similar to the Gay-Straight Alliance program found in schools throughout the United States, Australian LGBTI youth programs have fought to enlighten students of all backgrounds and inspire unity of cultures.

After learning of the essential anti-bullying efforts, misinformed parents and conservatives have launched a campaign against the Safe Schools program for fear that might be too influential on the sexual tendencies of Australian youth.

What these parents and conservative citizens don’t understand is the harmful and permanent effects that bullying and misinformation can have on the entire community. Children fear for their lives every day and often resort to self-harm or suicide due to lack of support and compassion.

The Safe Schools program aims to assist youth in healthy expression of their individuality from gender identity, to sexual preference, to overall curiosity.

Many supporters of the “scare” campaign fear that the program is encouraging underage sex and inappropriate behavior among students, but their energy is being focused on the wrong facets of the anti-bullying efforts.


Instead of offering positive reinforcement for authorities behind the program, parents and conservatives are creating a barrier between the protectors of Australian youth, which only further promotes the discrimination that called for the educational program in the first place.

How might concerned parents offer suggestions to the program without compromising the overall nature of LGBTI youth health and safety?

Lesbian Couple At A Catholic Girls’ College ‘Banned’ From Seeing Each Other As School Denies Allegations

Students and families of same-sex couples are now fearing for the future and current state of their education as private institutions such as St. Aloysius College begin to ban all contact and communication between alleged gay and lesbian couples.

St. Aloysius College is an all female Catholic school that employs traditional values found within the Catholic religion, however other local area students claim the institution has now gone too far.

No evidence has been revealed that a recently reprimanded couple has even demonstrated sexual activity deemed punishable by the Catholic belief system, yet the accused lesbian couple has been forbidden of all contact, both physical and verbal, while attending the local college.

Such discrimination poses a threat to all students wishing to express individuality and support equality amongst all peers and staff. Despite the interruption of a student’s human right to love whomever they choose, an outrageous and inspiring number of signatures was collected in effort to secure the couple’s social rights throughout the community and on campus.

It appears that after a massive lashing out via social media, the school is attempting to deny all punishment out of sheer embarrassment and fear for the reputation of the institution.

Without any information on evidence that the couple was indeed in a same-sex relationship it seems as though the accusations involved a major violation of the students’ privacy.