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Born and raised in Indiana, Stephanie spent the last seven years in Los Angeles while working her way through film school.Since graduating four years ago, she’s been working as a freelance writer while pursuing her screenwriting and novel aspirations on the side. Her freelancing career has varied from ghostwriting non-fiction e-books to travel and novella writing. She loves learning about new places and writing about them in hopes of inspiring others to get out and travel the world. She currently lives in the Philippines with her girlfriend and ever-growing pack of pups.

Merry Christmas… Will You Marry Me? 5 Ideas for the Perfect Holiday Proposal

Are you thinking about proposing to your girlfriend this holiday season but aren’t sure exactly how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking to pop the question to her privately under the mistletoe or are contemplating doing it in front of family and friends when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve…

Here are some ideas to help you come up with the perfect holiday proposal she’ll never forget…

Have Santa Bring in the Ring Box

You can either dress up as Santa yourself, or have a friend or family member do it. There’s probably even a service that you can use to hire a Santa actor if you’d like. Imagine the surprise on her face when everyone has opened all their presents and then Santa comes in with one last surprise!

The Timeless (and Cutely Frustrating) Box Inside of a Box Inside of a Box…etc: You’ve probably seen it happen in countless romantic films…the girl follows a trail of rose petals leading to a huge box. She opens it only to find another box…then another…and another until she gets to the engagement ring box. It’s a classic way to propose and perfect for the holiday gift-giving vibe. Plus the look on you girl’s face when she finally gets to the ring will be priceless!

Popcorn and a Movie

Is there a holiday film you both love watching together? Maybe you have a holiday tradition of watching a certain film or you’re going to sit down for an “A Christmas Story” marathon? Before settling in on the couch next to your love, hide the ring box in the bowl of popcorn. It will definitely be another priceless moment when she reaches in and discovers it!

Get Creative with Holiday Lights

Those holiday lights can be a real pain in the ass…from the tangles to a single bulb causing the rest to not light up…who wants to deal with that? Put those lights to good use by grabbing a board of some kind…or really any type of flat surface. Shape the lights to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” and plan a way for you to light them up as she enters the room. You can even put them in a flashing mode for a more dramatic effect.

Welcome in the New Year with an Engagement

This is another classic way to propose…but no less romantic. In fact, a proposal on New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes midnight is one of the more popular times for a couple to get engaged. You can plan an intimate party with just the two of you, or ring in the New Year with friends and family (make sure you let them in on your plans so they can help out with anything). She’ll definitely be surprised and most likely elated upon ringing in the new year with a ring and a future wife.

Hang the Engagement Ring From the Mistletoe

Not only does this idea give you the opportunity to kiss your future wife, but when you tell her to look up and she’s expecting only to see mistletoe and sees the ring…let’s just say that kiss is probably going to be all the more passionate.

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A New Approach For Parents? Help Your Child Be Happy, Not Just Successful

When it comes to raising your children, you and your partner are going to have your own opinions on how to raise them as well as have your own notions of what it means to have a “happy” child.

With that in mind, there are also some great ways that are backed up by science and studies that can help supplement your child’s happiness.

Here’s a look at five ways to that are proven to help raise a happier child…

Nurture Your Marriage (or current relationship)

Don’t let your relationship with your wife (or girlfriend if the two of you aren’t married) fall by the wayside once a child enters your life. Whether you chose to have a baby biologically or adopt, you’re definitely in for a change, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect each other.

You have to care for each other as much as the two of you are caring for the baby too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Lighten Up

Studies have found that joking around with your toddler helps set them up for social success. They are less likely to get defensive when with their peers and will definitely be much more light-hearted when it comes to joking around.

Plus…laughter is good medicine for the heart and soul. Also, when parents joke around and pretend, it helps younger children to think creatively, manage stress, and make friends more easily.

Foster Self-Compassion

When children learn self-compassion from their parents, they are not only going to be more self-aware, but more aware of the world around them in general.

When talking about self-compassion, we mean a sense of mindfulness, common humanity, empathy for others, and the ability to manage emotions and thoughts without repressing them or overreacting to them.

Be Positive

While this may be a pretty obvious tip, it’s still a very important part of raising a happy child. Children you come from a household who express negative emotions toward their infants are more likely to end up with aggressive and angry toddlers.

That anger can then carry over into your child’s adult life. So be sure to always use positive reinforcement with your child, and also be positive with your partner, as children pretty much take in everything their parents do.

Know Your Child

It goes without saying that every child is going to be different. That’s why it’s important to be in tune with him or her and make sure you recognize if there are any behavioral changes or anything that would suggest that your child is not feeling happy.

Studies have found that parents who tailor their parenting style to each child’s personality will be less likely to deal with anxiety and depression in their child. And if your child is already well-adjusted…don’t hover over them. That can not only cause anxiety, but also hurt their fragile self-esteem.

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5 Scientific Reasons Why Two Moms are Better Than One

Okay, we don’t need scientists to tell us that having two moms rocks, right? But it would be pretty cool to have some scientific reasoning to help back us up.

Although research on same-sex parenting is still an emerging field, there’s evidence so far to prove what we’ve been saying all along…gay parents are awesome! But why are we so successful at being parents? Here’s a look at the scientific reasoning when it comes to why same-sex couples make great parents…

Gay Parents Foster Tolerance

A child growing up in a gay household is much more likely to approach the world with an open mind and more empathy. Not only that, but they are most likely going to be accepting of all types of people since they come from an “alternative” type of family.

Gay Parents Choose to Have Kids

There’s no such things as an “oops” baby for a gay couple. They have to plan to have a baby, whether it be through adoption or biologically, making them more motivated and committed than some of their heterosexual counterparts…not to mention, they are more prepared and aren’t likely to consider a child an accident.

Kids From Same-Sex Households Do Just as Well in School

Studies have found that there really isn’t much of a difference with grade performance when it comes to children from heterosexual households versus same-sex ones. So there’s really no basis to the argument that a child with two mothers or two fathers will do worse in school because he or she has been brought up in a same-sex household.


Gay Parents Nurture the Neediest

Gay parents are more likely to adopt minority, at risk, or children whose cases are either special circumstances or at risk. More than half of these children also have special needs. A study found that more than half of gay men and at least 41 percent of lesbian couples will adopt in the United Stated alone. That’s a huge number of great potential parents to help with the hundreds of thousands of children who are currently stuck in foster care.

Gay Parents Raise Confident Children

Yup…this was based on a study as well. It found that raising a child in a same-sex household can give kids a boost of confidence. This may circle back to gay parents choosing to have children, therefore being more involved in their child’s life (which definitely helps boosts self-esteem in child). Or it could just be that gay parents really do just rock…we’ll leave that up to you do decide…

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Saying Your “I Do’s”: Helpful Wedding Vow Ideas

Your wedding day is the special opportunity to announce to the world (okay, maybe just your family and friends) your love, devotion, and commitment to your partner.

So what in the world are you going to say when it’s time to say your wedding vows? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

And while your vows are best said from your heart, here’s a look at some tips to help give you a little bit of inspiration when it comes to declaring your love to your new wife…

Start with Brainstorming

Grab and pen and paper and write down all of the reasons why you want to spend the rest of your life with your girl. You can chose a serious tone or keep it light-hearted and humorous…depending on your vibe as a couple.

Be Yourself

If you’re the romantic, then by all means, pour on the sentiment. If sticking with tradition is more your thing, then go with a more traditional wedding vow. And if you’re a jokester, then make your vows humorous. The point here is to always be yourself when writing your vows…that’s who she fell in love with in the first place, isn’t it?

Don’t be Afraid to Use Quotes

Is there a specific song lyric or line of a poem that says what you feel perfectly? Or maybe you want to include lines from the first movie you two saw together. If it has sentimental value or will remind her of a fun moment you two shared together, then you should totally add it to the vows. It’s sure to bring a smile to her lips.

Edit and Rewrite

Read over what you’ve written and cut out things that aren’t vital. It’s a good idea to try to keep it under three minutes…anything longer might start to seem like rambling. Have a friend or family member go over the vows with you to see how they sound. They can also tell you if the vows sound like your personality or if you’re trying too hard to impress and something’s getting lost in all of the words.


Say your vows out loud before the ceremony. Practice does make perfect after all. If you’re thinking of memorizing them, just be sure to have a copy handy in case you get too nervous in front of your beautiful bride and forget everything you were going to say.

Speak From the Heart

She’ll know it’s coming from the heart, so there’s no need to try to impress with fancy words or too many love poem quotes. Just be you and let your heart do the talking. It writes the best vows anyway!


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Destination of the Week: Buenos Aires

This week we’re headed for South America and one of Latin America’s gay capitals: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Long before same-sex marriage was legalized in the country in 2010, the Argentine capital city had long been a magnet for gay travelers, with plenty of nightlife, culture, and the largest Pride parade you’re likely to find in South America.

Buenos Aires 07

Although South America still has a very long way to go when it comes to gay rights, including Argentina as a whole, LGBT travelers will still find a welcoming vibe in Buenos Aries.

So whether you’re looking for a few authentic tango lessons, or want to check out the unique vibe of the city, here’s a look at reasons why Buenos Aires should definitely be on your travel destination list…
Buenos Aires 02

Awesome Architecture and History

Argentina has a long, and sometimes sordid history, and plenty of architecture to go with it. So if you’re a fan of either…or both, then you’ll definitely find plenty to see in the city.

There are some great walking tours available that focus on the architecture of Buenos Aires. The Casa Rosada and the Teatro Colon are just a few cool buildings to check out. And if you’re into art, don’t miss the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, where you’ll not only find important works from Argentine artists, but also from European masters like Cezanne, Degas, Picasso, and Rembrandt.

Buenos Aires 03 Buenos Aires 08

The Great Outdoors

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities, or just love being out in nature, Argentina offers a world of possibilities. So after you’ve take in all of Buenos Aires, consider a side trip in other parts of the country.

Wine lovers should check out Mendoza, an area known for producing some of the best wines in the world. And if you’re looking for adventure, head down to Patagonian, where glaciers and plenty of adventure awaits. Argentina is also home to the world’s widest waterfalls: Iguazu Falls.

Buenos Aires 10


Maybe you’ve only heard of Evita from the musical, but this real life woman played an important role in shaping Argentina’s politics and history. She was even a part of the movement to help get women the right to vote!

Check out the Evita Museum for a more in depth look at this intriguing lady. You can also look for her grave in another popular tourist attraction in Buenos Aires: Cementerio de la Recoleta.

Buenos Aires 11

Diverse Nightlife

There’s a little something for everyone when it comes to gay nightlife in Buenos Aires. Whether you’re looking for a lively dance club, or a more subdued and low key type of setting, you’ll definitely find something in the city.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, check out the Pride Café. It’s got a warm and welcoming vibe and not only serves coffee, but alcohol as well.

Buenos Aires 01


Buenos Aires and tango are pretty much synonymous with each other, and let’s face it…watching two women tango is sexy as hell. So while you’re in Buenos Aires, you’ll definitely want to either go to a tango show (often times there are dinner and dance show options) or why not take a few tango lessons yourself? You definitely haven’t truly experienced Argentina until you’ve taken part in tango in some shape or form.

Buenos Aires 09

Have you traveled to Buenos Aires and have suggestions on things to do or see? Let us know in the comments below so future travelers can make the most of their trip!

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Mommy-To-Be-Wear: 5 Tips For Buying Maternity Clothes

When you’re expecting, (especially if it’s your first child), you’re probably thinking of more things related to the baby than yourself.

But what happens when your favorite pair of jeans just don’t fit anymore over your growing belly bump? Does that mean…it’s time for the dreaded maternity wear?

It all depends on what you feel most comfortable in, plus, maternity clothes have come a long way from a time when women didn’t have much to choose from aside from a few frumpy looking tops and elastic pants.

So what should you look for when shopping for your maternity wear? Here’s a look at 5 tips to consider to help make shopping for you and your baby bump a bit easier…

Look For Comfortable Fabrics

The ideal maternity wear will last through several pregnancy stages, so it’s important to choose well-made, high quality items that are made from strong and stretchy fabric. You want a fabric that will grow with you but will remain snug enough to support your body changes. Look for breathability, durability, and softness in the fabric, as well as the stretch factor. Fabrics like bamboo, modal, and cotton tend to be the best choices for comfort and breathability.

Keep Sizing in Mind

A lot of pregnant women are told that they should pick out maternity wear in the same size they wore prior to getting pregnant. That’s not really a good piece of advice to follow since not all maternity clothes are designed for pre-pregnancy sizes. It’s definitely a good idea to try things on to see how specific brands fit on you. And don’t forget to check the label to see if the fabric is pre-shrunk and how they base their sizing for a more proper fit.

Don’t Get Plus-Sized Clothing

Many women make the mistake of just buying regular clothes in sizes that are too large, or opt for getting plus-sized clothing. This is a bad idea, because you’ll end up with clothes that are too loose and baggy, and won’t “give” in the right place. The right fit will not only be more flattering to your body, but will also provide the best amount of comfort, so it’s a better idea to go with maternity clothing instead. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Because well-made maternity clothing can get a bit pricey, it’s a good idea to shop for quality over quantity. Lower quality clothing is more likely to fall apart quickly in the wash, shrink, or lose its shape and support. Set yourself a budget for your maternity wear, and be sure to include everyday favorites in your investment. Maternity jeans, basic maternity tank tops, t-shirts, and camisoles, a maternity dress, and maternity leggings should be at the top of the list. That way you can mix and match with your regular wardrobe and layer as necessary.

Look Out For Maternity Features

Be on the lookout for the following features when it comes to shopping for your maternity clothes to ensure a stylish and comfortable fit:

  • Adjustable waist bands (drawstring is a good choice)
  • All solids or patterns that create a slimming effect
  • Extra-long torso room for the growing belly
  • Extra length in the torso for dresses and tops
  • Empire waist in dresses and tops
  • Ruching on the side for tops and on the waist for bottoms

Keep a lookout for a butch girl’s guide to maternity wear coming soon…

Image source:Hayley & Nat from @twomummas | Kristen from Melbourne based Paperfox Studio in Australia. @

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How To Explain Sperm Donation To Your Child

The number of babies conceived through assisted reproduction technologies is steadily on the rise.

And for those who are using sperm donors to build their families, one of the most delicate issues that can arise as parents is how to talk to your children about the donors and the whole process in general.

When is the right time to discuss it with your child? And what exactly should you and your partner say to them?

Here’s a look at some tips to help when talking with your children about his or her donor.

Start Early

The longer you wait to tell your child, the harder it’s going to be for you and your partner to bring it up naturally. It’s never too early to tell the truth. In fact, some experts suggest telling your child about it while they are still in the womb so that you can get used to telling it to them when the time comes. Be matter of fact about it as though it’s not a big deal. If it’s not a big deal to your child’s two mommies, then it’s not going to be a big deal to him or her either. It’s also important to focus on your family rather than the details. Remind your child that both mommies loved each other very much and wanted to have a baby.

Distinguish Between Donor and Parent

As your child grows, he or she might start asking why they don’t have a “dad.” This is the time when it’s important to discuss with them the difference between a parent and a donor. Let them know that all families are different. What’s important is that there are two mothers that love them very much…that you two are the parents. Let them know that a donor doesn’t mean a father.

Keep the Conversation Going

Your child may continue to have questions as he or she gets older, especially once they learn about the birds and the bees, so to speak. So it’s important to always keep the doors of communication open when it comes to any questions they might have about the donor process. Think of a way that is easy for them to understand, and make sure they know that they were born out of their two mommies’ love for each other.

Acknowledge and Respect Your Child’s Feelings

Children are clear on who their parents are, so don’t be afraid of discussing any question they might have. It’s most likely they just want to understand things and are curious, like all children. Children can understand their donor origins and still know they are loved and celebrated by their family. But they may still experience complex emotions about it all, so encourage your child to talk about any emotions they may be feeling.

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The Lesbian Engagement Ring Selfie: Tips For The Perfect Shot

In this day and age, ruled by social media, it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to share a huge life moment with all of your “friends.” And showing off your engagement ring is no exception.

lesbian wedding 34

It’s a great way to get the world out there, especially to far away friend and family, that you’re now engaged.

This means you’ve got to put some planning into that engagement ring selfie. You’re going to post one anyway, so why not give them something to ooh and ahh over?

Here’s a look at some helpful tips for getting that perfect engagement ring selfie shot….

lesbian wedding 09

Remove Other Jewelry

Your engagement ring is the star of the show, so you shouldn’t have any other jewelry on for your shot. Any other rings or even a bracelet will be competing with your ring, which should be the center of attention since you are announcing to the world that you’re getting married!
lesbian wedding 03

Choose Proper Lighting

Yes, this may sound a bit technical and something reserved for professional photographers, but lighting plays a big key in how your ring will look in the picture. Soft, natural lighting will make your ring really look its best. The best lighting is on a cloudy day or after 4pm so you can avoid harsh shadows while still having the benefit of natural lighting.

lesbian wedding 07

Play Around with Angles

Make sure you’re showing your ring at its best by playing around with different angles. Try angling your ring to the side to put more focus on it. Also capture the angle that best shows off what makes it unique. Perhaps it has a captivating stone or a special detail in the setting. Experiment with your angles to see which way showcases your ring the best.

lesbian wedding 10

lesbian wedding 33

Don’t Zoom

This will compromise the quality of the photo. Hold the camera at an arm’s length to get the best, most detailed shot. You can always crop it from there. Using zoom risks having a more pixilated shot, which can take away the detail of the ring.

lesbian wedding 02

lesbian wedding 08

Notice Your Background

Use the background of your selfie to help engage intrigue about the proposal. Did she propose on the beach or while you were on vacation? Then maybe you can capture the perfect ring selfie with a heart drawn in the sand and the surf coming in. If you were proposed to on vacation, pick a famous landmark and take your selfie with it as the backdrop. Not only will it make for great shot, but it will also capture the memory of being proposed to.

lesbian wedding 04

Have a Steady Hand and Use Focus

You definitely don’t want to end up with a blurry picture of what looks like it could be a ring. Keep your hands steady while taking the shot. If you’re using your cell phone, take advantage of the camera’s burst mode, which snaps several frames per second so you can chose which one came out the best. And with proper focus, your shot will look all the more professional.

lesbian wedding 06

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Married With Children: How to Include Your Kids in Your Wedding

Whether you’ve been together for a long time and finally have the opportunity to tie the knot where you live, or you’ve just decided the timing is right to propose to your girlfriend, involving your children in your union will make it all the more special.

By including your children in your big day, you’ll not only give them plenty to be proud of, but also give them a renewed sense of assurance that you will all be committing to each other as a loving family.

And aside from the typical tradition of putting your kids in the bridal party, there are also other ideas that can be done either at the wedding ceremony, or in private as a family.

Here’s a look at some ways to get your children involved in your wedding plans…

Write Them Into Your Vows

This is a great way to make your kids feel special and included. And what better way to do that than when you’re speaking to each other from the heart while exchanging your vows.

lesbian wedding 04

Have Them Walk You Down the Aisle

This works especially well if your children are older, but there doesn’t have to be any sort of age limit either. It’s not written in stone that you have to have your father or parents walk you down the aisle. Why not make your child feel like a real part of something by allowing him or her to walk with you.

lesbian wedding 05

Let Them Make Something to Display

Kids love to be creative. And what better way to let them express their love for you than by allowing them to create something for your wedding to put on display. Or maybe they want to recite a poem for you and your partner. Whatever they have in mind, it will definitely come from the heart, and you’ll all be feeling the love all around.

lesbian wedding 06

Put Them in the Wedding as Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Who says your bridal party has to consist of only adults? Having them be a part of the wedding party is the ultimate way to make them feel included. This works especially well if your child is too old to be a flower girl or ring bearer.

lesbian wedding 10

Have a Family Bridal Shower

Of course they can always come to the regular bridal shower too, but by throwing your own family bridal shower (you, your partner, and the children) you’ll be able to celebrate with each other in a more private manner. Let them plan a game or help with baking a cake with you. It’s a great way to bond as a family and make them feel included and a part of the wedding festivities.

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Destination of the Week: Amsterdam

“Live and let live” is one of Amsterdam’s favorite sayings, and with an overall relaxed and tolerant attitude towards different lifestyles, who wouldn’t want to give the Netherlands’ capital city a visit?

amsterdam 08

Not only was the Netherlands the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001, but it has a long history of fighting for gay rights.

In fact, homosexuality was decriminalized in Amsterdam all the way back in 1811! How’s that for being a pioneer in the LGBT movement! Here in the present day, Amsterdam continues to be one of the world’s top destinations for gay and lesbian travelers. With its vibrant gay nightlife and one of the most renowned Pride celebrations worldwide, it’s time to think about a trip to Amsterdam.

amsterdam 03

Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why the city should be on your LGBT travel destination list…

It’s so darn picturesque

No matter where you go in the city, it looks like one of those beautiful scenery post cards you send off to friends and family. With its 400 year old canals criss-crossed with a number of bridges, it’s like the Dutch version of Venice in Amsterdam. Along connecting canals and streets, you’ll find the quintessential cafes, shops, and galleries.

amsterdam 04

And if you visit in the winter, the canals provide an icy playground for some ice-skating fun. Although it’s definitely a modern city, you still get that vintage European feel while roaming around and discovering the sights.

The bicycles

Amsterdam is the most bicycle-friendly city. In fact, more people ride a bike to get where they need to go than any other form of transportation. Not only is it more convenient (with the city’s relatively small size, many streets are closed to cars), but it helps keep Amsterdam a lot less polluted than most urban settings.

One of the best ways for visitors to discover the city is by bike. It’s relatively safe and bicycle group tours are available. It’s definitely a unique way to see the sights and take in the Dutch capital from a new perspective!

amsterdam 07

Awesome art scene

First of all, there’s the Van Gogh Museum, which houses 200 paintings and 500 drawings by the famous Dutch artist. You’ll also find Japanese paintings there as well as works by Van Gogh one-time collaborator, Gauguin. Art lovers should also check out the Stedelijk Museum, where you’ll find an amazing collection of 20th and 21st century artists. Works by Chagall, Matisse, Cezanne, and Picasso can be found here.

You can also take a look at post-1945 artists like De Kooning, Lichtenstein, Judd, Stella, and Warhol. Lovers of modern art should plan a trip to the Jordaan district, where you’ll find about 40 specialist galleries occupying former shops or homes.

Amsterdam Pride

It’s one of the largest (and arguable best) Pride celebrations worldwide and attracts more than 350,000 participants. You’ll definitely find plenty to do at the festivities, including film screenings, dance parties, sporting events, exhibitions, and debates. In fact, there are usually over 170 events to check out. And…you can’t miss the world-famous Canal Parade!

amsterdam 02

Plenty of Nightlife

Amsterdam’s gay and lesbian bars and clubs have a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to lounge around with friends for some good conversation at a low key bar, or are looking to dance the night away, you’ll definitely find no shortage of the gay nightlife in the city.

amsterdam 05

Have you been to Amsterdam and have some travel tips our sights to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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Location, Location, Location: 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

If you and your girlfriend recently got engaged, chances are one of the things you’ve been thinking about is where to tie the knot.

Choosing a wedding venue is definitely one of the most important parts of the planning since it does dictate pretty much everything else involved with the ceremony like decorations and the size of your guest list.

Here are a few major tips to consider when it comes to picking out the perfect venue for you and your future wife…

Estimate Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on your wedding venue? The venue will most likely take a large chunk out of your budget (unless you’re looking for a simple location like the backyard of your parents’ house), then you most likely won’t have to worry about large venue costs.

But if you’re looking for something else, be sure to shop around at the type of venue you’re looking for to see what the average cost is.

That way you’ll be sure to budget enough money for your location.

Figure out Your Wedding Day Style

The wedding style you and your partner envision having will definitely play a role in where you decide to have your wedding. You’ll also need to determine if you want a traditional or more non-traditional venue.

Plenty of traditional venues are most likely going to be well-equipped to handle a wedding, whereas a more non-traditional venue may require you to be responsible for a bit more of the details.

For example, most wedding ready venues often provide tables, chairs, linens, and a clean-up crew, and a non-traditional space may not provide all of that, so you’ll have to make sure to include those expenses not included into your budget.

lesbian wedding 02

Visit Potential Venues More Than Once

Once the two of you have finally narrowed it down to a few potential venues, it’s time to revisit each of those venues to see which one resonates with you and your partner the most. Do the venues have the same charm as before? Are they big enough to accommodate all of your guests? Do they fit your intended wedding style?

It’s also a good idea to visit the venues around the same time of day you intend to have your wedding, that way you can see how the lighting and all around look of the place is for when you’ll be taking pictures. Visit each finalist venue a couple of times if you need too.

That way you’ll be more than sure of your perfect choice.

Have a Guest List Estimate in Mind

How many guest to you plan to invite to your wedding? You’ll need to make sure your choice of venue will be able to accommodate however many people you decide to invite.

If you and your partner want a small wedding, then it’s probably not a good idea to rent out a banquet hall. But that banquet hall could work perfectly if you intend on inviting a lot of people.

So it’s definitely a good idea to at least have an estimate about your guest list before you start looking for a venue.

Be Sure to Check About Religious Ceremony Requirements

If you intend to have a religious wedding ceremony, you’ll need to first find out if you’re required to have the ceremony in a house of worship. If your religious leader is able to come to a venue, then you don’t have to worry as much about this.

However, you do need to make sure he or she would be available around the time of year you and your partner want to get married.

What’s in a Name? Things To Consider Before Naming Your Baby

What’s in a name? Well…pretty much everything. Your child is going to have to live with his or her name the rest of her life, so picking out the perfect name isn’t something to be taken lightly. But how do parents chose the perfect name for their child?

From researching name meanings to passing down a family name, there are quite a lot of factors to consider when it comes to picking that perfect name. Here’s a look at some tips to consider when it comes to naming their child…

Be Careful With Current Popular Names

If you’re looking for a unique name for your baby, be sure to do your research on the trending popular names. What you may think is a unique name may also be deemed “unique” to millions of other parents too. Sites like and are great resources to use when it comes to checking whether a certain name is trending up or down.

How Does the Name Sound with Your Surname?

Although you might think it’s cute for your baby to have a rhyming first and last name, or a name that’s really similar to your surname, think about how that may affect your child in the future. Do you really want him to be teased for having a name that’s really easy to mock or make fun of? Instead of looking for a first name that jives with your last name, pick one that flows with it.

Avoid Names with Unfortunate Connotations

It doesn’t matter how much you and your partner love a certain name, if it reminds you of something negative, like an ex-girlfriend or someone who bullied you in high school…whatever the unfortunate connotation, don’t name your child that name. It’s also wise to avoid baby names that will be the same as a celebrity. For instance, if your surname is Beckham, don’t name your child Victoria. Unless of course, you’re a hard core Spice Girls fan…but even then…it’s weird.

Don’t Go With Weird Spellings

This will save both you and your child from having to endlessly correct the pronunciation of the name. We all had that one kid in school whose name was always messed up by the teacher during roll call, so why put your child through that? Before going with an oddly-spelled name, test it out with friends and relatives first. If they have a hard time pronouncing it like you intend, then it’s time to rethink that spelling or chose another name altogether.

Do You Both Love the Name?

Finding a name you both like can be a tricky thing. But it’s something you both must agree on. If your partner doesn’t like a favorite name of yours, don’t force it. It’s best to find some common ground instead. Both of you can make a list of names you like and go from there. You can eliminate names together and then chose which ones make the final cut.

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Kid & Questions: How to Explain Your Same-Sex Family To Other People’s Children

Children are curious. And there’s no way of escaping all of the inevitable questions that are going to come your way in general as a parent.

But as same-sex parent’s you may find yourselves fielding a whole new set of questions when it comes to your children’s friends. So what are you supposed to do whenever your child gets asked why he or she has two mommies? Well, your first instinct may be to say something along the lines of “Our family is none of your business!”

However, that’s probably not going to solve much of anything, and you may risk isolating your child. So here’s a look at some way to help your child explain your family to friends instead…

Simply State the Facts

Family’s come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and diversity. And whether you’re gay or straight, there are many ways in which people can become parents. Let your child know their family history. Keep it straightforward and simply, that way if he or she is met with having to explain his or her family to another curious child, they can do it in the same way they were told by you.

Normalize Your Family

Children will treat information the same way you and your partner do. So if you want your child to feel at ease answering questions about their two mommies, then the two of you need to feel at ease discussing it with them. Once again, it’s important to be straightforward and up front with your children. Let them know that just because there are two mothers in the household, that doesn’t mean they are any different from any other family. Talk with them about normal things you do as a family that other families most probably do as well.

Don’t Be Defensive

Other kids may still be curious about your child’s same-sex family even after answering questions and explaining. So if you find your child is still being questioned, don’t get defensive. While it’s your motherly instinct to defend and protect your child, as long as it’s truly curiosity and the other children wanting to understand, there’s nothing to really get defensive about. However, it’s always a good idea to always be aware of what’s going on with your child to make sure nothing is leading to bullying. Always encourage your child to be open with you and your partner, as you two should do the same for him or her.

Families = Love

When children have questions about same-sex families, it’s not about sex, it’s about love. When they think of families, they think of people who love them unconditionally. This is a good explanation to give to your child in response to questions about them having two moms. When it comes down to it, really the only answer your child needs is a response along the lines of: “My parents are my parents because they love me and they love each other.” Simple as that…and children are good with simple.

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Toddler Battles: 10 {Fun & Unexpected} Ways to Get Your Kids To Sleep

What parent hasn’t experienced that struggle or “bedtime battle” when it comes to trying to get your children to sleep. More often than not, it’s not because your child is trying to pick a fight, they truly just don’t want to go to bed.

Whether they feel like they’ll miss out on something while they sleep (don’t all kids think their parents do all the fun stuff when they have to go to bed?), or maybe they’re afraid of the dark or are just excited for something that’s coming up in the week, there could be many reasons why your child is giving you a hard time at night.

Here’s a look at some tips to help make bedtime less of a battle and more of a sleepy surrender…

Have Quiet Time Before Bedtime

This means no video games, movies, or television at least a half an hour before bedtime. Two hours of quiet time is actually ideal, but sometimes you may have to compromise and settle for the half hour. Either way, having no outside stimulation before bedtime will help calm your child down as well as relax them. Also, light form the television screen can actually interfere with melatonin, an important sleep hormone.

Create a Sleep-Inducing Environment

If your child doesn’t feel comfortable and safe in their bedroom, chances are they are going to have a hard time sleeping. Make sure his or her room has a welcoming atmosphere complete with favorite stuffed animals, soft sheets and pillows, and enough darkness in the room to allow your child to fall asleep easier. The more at home they feel, the less likely they are to fight you when it comes to going to bed.

Keep a Consistent Bedtime Routine

Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers do better with routines. When it comes to bedtime, don’t scrap the daily routine either. Be consistent with thing you and your child do before bedtime like perhaps first it’s bath time, next story time, and then bedtime. When you child gets into this bedtime routine, he or she will find comfort in knowing what comes next and will be more apt to fall asleep instead of fighting you to stay awake.

Address Bedtime Fears

If your child says there’s a monster under the bed, instead of dismissing his or her fears, instead try talking about it. Sometimes some simple reassurance can help them feel more at ease and protected. If that doesn’t work, then be creative with how you “protect” your child from they’re afraid of. For example, assign a specific stuffed animal as the “monster protector” or grab a can of air freshener and deem it the “monster repellant.” Your child will appreciate your efforts and take comfort in knowing they don’t have to be afraid at bedtime.

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Ten Tips For The Eco-Friendly Traveler

With global warming on the rise and more and more people making travel plans, now more than ever it’s important to think about what sort of footprint we’re leaving when we take those vacations and business trips. The effects on travel on local communities can leave a lasting impact, so here’s what we can do to help…one eco-traveler at a time…

Avoid Plastic Bags

With more and more cities worldwide enforcing plastic bag bans, it only makes sense to make the switch to reusable or biodegradable bags. Canvas bags and even though reusable bags you can buy at the local market or department stores are great for travel too. Not only are the lightweight and sensible, but these days they are even being made trendy with many colors and designs to choose from.

Buy Local Products

Some of the most unique souvenirs tend to come from local artisans. So not only will you be contributing to the local economy, but you’ll also be helping to reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding those mass-produced souvenirs that are made in and shipped from international companies.

Chose Eco-Friendly Lodging

Before you travel, do your research to see what accommodations adhere to eco-friendly policies. You’ll find more and more hotels and other types of local accommodations are switching to a more environmentally friendly structure, such as offering you the option of reusing your towels to save water.

Girl with map at Brandenburger Tor

Girl with map at Brandenburger Tor

Walk and Use Mass Transit

Take advantage of the public transportation options available in your travel destination. Instead of renting a car, opt for the bus, train, or subway. Not only will it help cut back on greenhouse gases, but it saves you the hassle of trying to find tourist destinations on your own, plus it gives you the chance to interact with locals. And if you’re visiting a city that is pedestrian friendly (especially ones that offer walking tours), don’t be afraid to us your feet or rent a bicycle. Sometimes the best way to see a city or the countryside is by foot or bike…and it’s pretty much the most environmentally friendly way to travel!

Use re-chargeable batteries

Disposable batteries are one of the major culprits when it comes to leaching toxic chemicals into the earth in landfills. So when it comes to your electronics, opt for re-chargeable batteries instead. Look for a charger that has a “quick charge” feature. That way you won’t still be waiting on them to be fully charge in the morning.

Stay on marked trails

They are marked for a reason…so that we can enjoy nature with as little impact to the surrounding environment as possible. So when you’re out hiking the great outdoors or following a local footpath, don’t be tempted to take a “shortcut” or go out exploring on your own. You may do more damage than you realize.

If you’re interesting in finding local companies that are eco-friendly, check out EcoBusiness it’s a great resource for researching eco-friendly companies worldwide.

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Destination Of The Week: Copenhagen

This week’s LGBT travel destination takes us a to a city that was given the honor of being the number one most gay-friendly place on the planet by the popular travel publication “Lonely Planet: Copenhagen.

Located in the small Scandinavian country of Denmark, Copenhagen is known for its eclectic cultural scene, great food, and of course, being welcoming to the LGBT crowd. And it’s not only the city that’s a great gay-friendly destination, Denmark itself was actually the first country in the world to recognize legal partnership status for same-sex couples.

Copenhagen’s laid back vibe carried over into the open-minded attitude towards…well everyone, not to mention it’s also a beautiful city with plenty of vibrant nightlife.

So let’s take a look at why Copenhagen should be high on your list of LGBT-friendly travel destinations…

Being Gay in Denmark Just Isn’t a Big Deal

The Danish have a very relaxed attitude when it comes to the LGBT population. Being gay just isn’t a big deal to them. Often times you’ll hear about open gay celebrities being praised for being role models for the LGBT community. Danes are pretty humble and reserved and tend to go about their lives with their famous laid back attitude, so you’re not going to have to worry about being singled out for being gay during your travels.

demmark 02

demmark 03


Great Cultural and Historic Options

If you’re a traveler who loves hitting up all of the museums when you visit a new city, or are just into history and culture, Copenhagen has plenty of great options to check out. The National Museum of Denmark is a must for history buffs, with exhibits from a whole range of periods including the Stone Age, Viking Age, and Modern Danish History. And if it’s art you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty in the city as well. You’ll also find the Open Air Museum…the oldest and largest open air museum in the world. So there’s definitely plenty of culture and history to soak up in this Danish city.

demmark 05

demmark 06


…the Kronborg Castle, to be exact. You know…the one where Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” takes place. Okay, it’s not exactly located in Copenhagen, but it’s only a forty-five minute drive north…a drive that will definitely be worth it. This castle is huge and has a whole lot of history behind it. It’s a must see if you’re a fan of art, architecture, and history. The castle grounds are equally beautiful, so it’s well worth taking a day trip to Kronborg if you’re looking for a break from the city.

demmark 11

Food, Food…Food!

Foodie travelers…you most definitely have to schedule a trip to Copenhagen…and everyone else who just loves to eat! Danish cuisine has come a long way and is now a top sought after dining destination in Europe. Not only that, but you’ll also find the famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, which has been named as the world’s best restaurant several times. There are also plenty of cafes and bistros, as well as plenty of tasty options to fit almost any dining budget.

demmark 09

Vibrant Nightlife

Copenhagen has a wide range of nightlife options for the gay and lesbian crowd. If you’re looking for an exclusively lesbian club, head for Vela. There’s always something happening there pretty much any time of the day or night. Drinking, dancing, bar games, and kissing in the corners make this nightclub the happening place to check out. They also host cultural events at the club too like poetry and literature evening, live music, and speed-dating.

demmark 01

Copenhagen definitely has plenty to offer the LGBT traveler, and with so much history and culture mixed with a very accepting attitude, it’s a great place to visit and enjoy yourself. Have you traveled to the Danish capital? Tell us about your experience or any tips you have for making the most of a Copenhagen travel destination.

demmark 07

The Space-Savvy Traveler: 5 Tips for Packing Light

What should I pack in my suitcase? It’s an age old question that probably every traveler has asked at some point in their travel experiences. And unless you’re a seasoned traveler, the dilemma of figuring out what to pack most likely comes up every time you’re ready to go somewhere. But don’t worry, here are some tips for the rest of us to help get those suitcases ready to go (without having to sit on them to get them zipped).

Make a List… Then Check it Twice

You’ll be less likely to forget something if you make a list of the things you’ll need for your trip. Are you traveling for a business meeting? You don’t want to wake up the morning of and realize you forgot to pack a dressy shirt. Making a list will also help you realize the things you really need versus the things you think you may need. By prioritizing items you need to pack, you’ll be less likely to just throw in a bunch of extras stuff that will only clutter your suitcase anyway.

Pick a Consistent Color Scheme

When your travel wardrobe consist of matching items, that means you can easily mix and match to make different outfits without having to pack your entire closet. This will also save you from having to pack matching belts, shoes, and accessories for every outfit too. So go with a color scheme when packing. It will also save you the hassle of trying to figure out what shirt you can put with what pants when you get to your destination if everything you’ve packed goes together.

Leave Your Shoe Collection Behind

Not only do shoes take up a lot of room in your suitcase, but they can also add extra weight. And you definitely don’t want to get to the airport to learn you have to pay extra for your overweight luggage. Typically, a pair of sneakers and flip-flops will do the trick if you’re going on vacation. Wear the sneakers to the airport and pack the flip-flops. If you’re going to need dressy shoes, stick with only one pair that will match all of your outfits.

Leave out the Toiletries

Most hotels provide you with the basics of shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Many even offer accessories for your personal use like hair dryers, irons, and hangers. Keep those toiletries out of your suitcase. Not only will they added unnecessary weight to your luggage, but you run the risk of having something spill all over your clothes too.

Pack a Bit of Detergent

Who says you can’t take a quick 10 minutes to wash your socks and underwear…and even fast drying shirts in your hotel room? Not only does that mean you can pack less, but you’ll also have less laundry to do when you return from your trip. Pack a little dry detergent in your suitcase. It definitely will take up a lot less space than trying to cram extra shirts and underwear into your luggage!

Will You Marry Me? 5 Tips for Planning The Perfect Proposal

Have you been thinking about popping the question to your girlfriend but aren’t quite sure where to start?

Sure, getting married is a bit deal, but planning the proposal is pretty darn important too.

So what’s a girl to do? Where should you start? And do you have to get an engagement ring?

One thing’s for sure…you should definitely make sure your proposal is something she’ll remember.

Here’s a look at 5 tips to help you plan that perfect proposal…

Decide on Ring or No Ring

While there’s nothing written in stone that it’s necessary to present her with a ring when proposing, it is traditional to do so. However, if you and your girl aren’t exactly into “tradition,” then it’s totally okay to skip asking her to marry you with a ring. And hey, if this is the girl you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, you probably already know by now if she’d want an engagement ring or not, right?

Plan Something Awesome

What’s your idea for the proposal? This is probably the most important part, since it will show your girl that you’ve been paying attention and truly get her. Think of a plan that is personal to you and your future wife. Perhaps you want to return to where you had your first date…whatever the idea is, by making it personal and really giving it some thought, you’re bound to get a yes from her.

Plan the Date and Location

You most definitely need to plan ahead when it comes to choosing when and where you want to ask her to marry you. Do you want to do it privately with something like a picnic on the beach? (Be sure to pack all of her favorite foods for bonus points) Or are you thinking about going to your favorite restaurant on your anniversary to pop the question there? Choose a location and a date that’s going to mean the most to you both, and if you do choose a restaurant, it’s always a fun idea to get the wait staff involved in your happy moment too.

Speak From Your Heart

This always tends to work a lot better than trying to rehearse a speech or recite something you’ve tried to memorize right before you actually propose. Chances are your nerves are going to get the best of you anyway, so why not just tell her what your heart is feeling. Words from the heart are always the most romantic and endearing, and she’ll definitely have a hard time saying anything but yes when she looks at the true love in your eyes.


She said yes! Awesome…now it’s time to celebrate. Getting engaged is a huge deal. It’s definitely not something that’s going to happen to you every day. So don’t just sit there in your engagement bliss…get out there and celebrate, you future brides to be!

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Story Time: Children’s Books For Your LGBT Family

Reading to your children is a wonderful way to bond with them and spend quality time together, not to mention it helps them learn to love to read.

The best way to keep your child interested in reading is to find stories they can relate to and connect with. However, that can prove to be difficult when it comes to finding books that portrays a family that has two mommies… or any other type of diverse family for that matter.

Chances are, you’re going to find next to nothing in terms of LGBT-themes children’s books at your library or local bookstore. Have no fear though, we’ve compiled useful list of children’s books that celebrate having a diverse family.

Take a look at these suggestions that can be found online, or maybe you can even request your local library or bookstore to carry them…

Mommy, Mama, and Me : By Leslea Newman

This book tells the story of the everyday life of a family with two moms. It’s great for young toddlers through preschoolers, as they can easily relate to the story and what the child does with his two mommies like going to the park and having bath time. There’s also a version with two dads entitled Daddy, Papa, and Me as well.

Mommy, Mama, and Me - By Leslea Newman

Mommy, Mama, and Me - By Leslea Newman

And Tango Makes Three: By Justin Richardson

This endearing book tells the true story of two male penguins in Central Park Zoo in NYC that paired up with each other and were eventually given an egg to hatch. The result was their chick, Tango, which they raised together as a family. It’s a great example of how love and caring makes a family, not how many daddies or mommies you have.

And Tango Makes Three- By Justin Richardson

A Tale of Two Mommies: By Vanita Oelschlager

It’s got fabulously vibrant illustrations done by Mike Blanc and tells the story of two friends asking a third how his family works since he has two mommies. But they don’t want to know the questions that adults tend to over think. Instead they are curious about with one bakes the cakes and who coaches little league. In the end they find out that their friend isn’t any different from them just because he has two mommies. There’s also a dad version entitled A Tale of Two Daddies as well.

A Tale of Two Mommies- By Vanita Oelschlager

The Big Book of Families: By Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith

Whether your family has two moms, two dads, a step-dad, or even no dad, this book pretty much covers any kind of family you can think of. It has a lot of great, funny pictures and plenty of details for even the most inquisitive child. And it will be even more fun when you get to pick out your family within the pages.

The Big Book of Families- By Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith

Molly’s Family: By Nancy Garden

Molly draws her two mommies in her kindergarten class and gets told by classmates that she can’t have two moms. Instead of the teacher scolding the classmates, she instead teaches a lesson we could all learn from…that every family is different and that’s okay. It’s a great way to start a discussion with your child about how to handle that type of situation, should they face it in school.

Molly’s Family- By Nancy Garden

King and King: By Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland

This is a great alternative to the typical princess fairytale stories. It’s the story of a prince who is told he must marry a princess in order to inherit the throne. There’s just one problem…the prince isn’t into princesses. It’s a story about staying true to yourself and finding love…and of course, ends happily ever after.

King and King- By Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland

King and King- By Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland 02


Do you have any more titles to suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

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Staying One Step Ahead: 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

It’ something no parent wants to hear…that their child is being bullied. With today’s hi-tech world of social media and easy access to online platforms, the issue of bullying is becoming an epidemic.

And it’s no secret that children with same-sex parents have an even bigger risk of being bullied. Since you can’t be with your child every minute of every day, one of the best ways to prevent bullying is to be aware of the warning signs.

That way you can be on the lookout for any potential changes in your child’s behavior and get on top of things before they get out of hand. Here’s a look at 10 warning signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to whether or not your child is being bullied…

1. Unexplained Physical Marks, Scrapes, Cuts, or Bruises

It could be just another day on the playground, or it could be more. Be aware of any injuries your child comes home with.

2. Afraid to Be Left Alone

Whether at the bus stop or being dropped off at school. If you’re child suddenly doesn’t want to be left alone or becomes clingy out of nowhere, this could be a sign he or she is being bullied.

3. Change in Eating Habits

Look out for the “I’m not hungry” excuse or any other changes in your child’s eating habits that seem out of the ordinary.

4. Damaged Clothes, Toys, Books, etc

If you noticed any of your child’s possessions or clothes damaged, be sure to ask what happened. Look for a direct response versus excuses. And if the damage keeps happening, definitely look into it.

5. Withdrawn Behavior

Behavior changes are a big warning sign of bullying. If your child is typically energetic and cheery and is now withdrawn, there’s a good change of bullying.

6. Acting Out

If your child is usually well-behaved and not one to act out or pick fights with you and is now suddenly doing so, he or she could be trying to deal with the anger from being bullied.

7. Doesn’t Want to Go to School

What kid actually wants to go to school, right? But in the case of bullying, they are going to be suddenly very adamant about not going…to the point where they may throw tantrums, cry, or even beg you not to make them go. If this happens, there’s a very good chance he or she is being bullied at school.

8. Sudden Drop in Grades

A drastic drop in your child’s grades can definitely indicate he or she’s being bullied. That’s why it’s always important to stay involved and keep track of their grades and progress in school.

9. Unexplained loss of Lunch Money, Toys, Electronic Devices, etc

This could mean your child was bullied into giving up something of value to either them or the bully. Be sure to keep track of your child’s belongings and find out if anything is missing and why.

10. Abnormal Physical Complaints…headache, stomachache

…or your child is making numerous trips to the nurse’s office. This could mean they are trying to avoid running into their bully and are coming up with excuses not to go to class or school in general.

One of the best ways to help your child with bullying is to be there for him or her. If you do notice some signs of it, talk to them. They may avoid the topic at first, or they may be relieved that you finally know. Either way, let them know they aren’t alone and you’ll tackle the issue together, as a family.

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Destination of the Week: San Francisco

This week’s LGBT destination pick takes travelers to the “Gay Mecca” of the U.S. …also known as San Francisco. It’s been called the world’s most gay-friendly city and has been known for its liberal, laid-back, and alternative lifestyles. So it’s no wonder this northern California city has long been a welcoming place for the LGBT crowd.

From the famous Castro district to more than sixty gay bars and clubs, there’s definitely plenty for the LGBT crown to discover in San Francisco. So if you’re looking for a great gay-friendly destination in a city with plenty of history, culture, and awesome scenery, it’s time to plan a trip to the City by the Bay.

San Francisco 02

Here’s a look at why San Francisco should definitely be on your LGBT destination radar…

Iconic Landmarks

Of course there’s the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Fisherman’s Wharf to check out while you’re there. But aside from these famous iconic landmarks, there are plenty of other great sights to check out while in the city too. Check out the historic Fairmont hotel, which was one of the only buildings to survive the devastating 1906 earthquake. There’s also the Castro Theater in heart of the city’s gay neighborhood. It’s one of only a handful of 1920s era movie theaters still in operation. And don’t forget to check out one of the major icons of San Francisco…the cable cars!

San Francisco 05

Awesome Scenery

Because the city is so hilly, there are plenty of great views to be seen, especially of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay. Take the time to explore the city on foot. You never know what kind of great views you might come across. Check out Coit Tower for some incredible views of the city, Lands End Lookout for some amazing scenic vistas and the Golden Gate Bridge, and Twin Peaks Summit for a great view of the city on a clear day…just to name a few.

San Francisco 01

Eclectic Nightlife Choices

When it comes to nightlife in San Francisco, this city pretty much has it all. From gay and lesbian bars to disco diva dance clubs and drag shows…there’s definitely something for everyone in the LGBT crowd here. So don’t be afraid to let loose and dance the night away while you’re there.

The Castro

San Francisco 04

This historic neighborhood is an LGBT tourist attraction in itself because of its long standing gay identity. If you decide to visit in late October, you’ll find the city’s longest running street fair (founded by Harvey Milk), with plenty of crafts, drag shows, great music, food, and drink. And it wouldn’t be the Castro without a pride celebration. During pride month, the Castro comes even more alive (if that’s even possible) with plenty of display of LGBT power. There are also plenty of nightlife choices to experience in the neighborhood too.

Great Foodie Destination

San Francisco 07

You name it, and it can probably be found in one of the wealth of restaurants in the city. Whether you’re into global cuisine, trying new things, or are looking for local specialties, the foodie traveler will definitely find themselves stuffed before running out of food options. The LGBT crowd will also find plenty of gay-friendly restaurants, cafes, and other eateries as well, so when you come to San Francisco, be sure to come with an appetite!

San Francisco 08

There’s no doubt that San Francisco has plenty to offer the LGBT traveler. Have you been to San Francisco? Let us know what your favorite thing to do there are in the comments below!

Ring Shopping 101: Tips for Picking out the Perfect Wedding Bands

You’ve popped the question, and she said yes. Now it’s time to get into the whirlwind mode of wedding planning. Sure you’ll have to set a date, pick out a venue, figure out what to wear…but what about the wedding rings? It’s never too early to think about the sort of wedding bands you and your future wife would like to wear…for the rest of your life. So yeah, shopping for your rings is pretty important. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a look at some helpful tips to help get you on the right track to picking out the perfect wedding bands…

Decide on a Style

Are you and your girl a traditional sort of couple, or are you more of a couple who says to hell with tradition and do your own thing? Think about your style and how you want your wedding bands to represent you and her. It’s also important to figure out if you want to get matching bands or not. While that’s a popular choice, many couples also choose to pick out different bands for each other.

Figure out a Budget

While you don’t want to go broke spending all your hard-earned money on wedding bands, you also want to make sure you choose something that is going to last and be with you always. Decide on a budget together and be sure to stick with it. Don’t forget you’re going to have many more wedding expenses to consider when planning your budget for the rings.

Know Your Ring Materials

Do you prefer gold or silver? White gold or platinum. What about diamonds or another precious stone? There’s no rule that says a wedding band has to be made out of a certain material. These days even titanium and stainless steel are gaining popularity. Some couples have even chosen the ring tattoo route. The point here is to go with what you like and with something that shows your unique personality.

Shop at Least 3 Month Before the Ceremony

This gives you plenty of time to shop around and really get a feel for what you and your girl like. There are plenty of choices out there, so you may need time to narrow it down, or maybe you’ll fall in love at first sight with a ring your first time shopping. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to make your choice and get the rings properly sized so that they’ll be all ready for the big day.

Have Fun!

Not only will you be spending time with your future wife picking out something vital to the wedding ceremony, but you’ll also be having a blast doing it. You can even make a weekend getaway trip out of your wedding band shopping. Have fun and don’t forget what the purpose of the rings is really about…you and her committing to each other.

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My Big Fat Lesbian Wedding: The Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to planning a same-sex marriage, the details aren’t all that different than a “traditional” marriage.

And while you may run into a few snags here and there when it comes to dealing with opposition to your lesbian wedding, you shouldn’t let that deter you from planning the perfect day for you and your future wife.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider when it comes to your wedding planning…

DO: Know Your Goals and Priorities: Wedding goals are must no matter who is getting married. Know what you want out of your ceremony and be sure to prioritize what you hope to achieve.

DON’T: Feel Like You Have To Plan Your Wedding Like You are Bride & Groom: Find a balance that’s right for you and your girlfriend. You may want to go with traditional or you may want something completely different.

DO: Plan Things Your Way: Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion if there’s something in the planning you or your girlfriend don’t like or aren’t happy with. It’s your day after all…so be firm and make sure it’s done your way.

DON’T: Be Afraid to Put Creative Spins on Tradition: Who says the two of you can’t walk down the aisle together? While it’s okay to stick with tradition as well, how you plan your wedding and what traditions you want should depend solely on you and your bride to be. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your wedding.

DO: Help Family & Friends be Confident in Their Wedding Roles: Will one parent walk to down the aisle? Both? Or will you walk each other down the aisle? Will there be joint showers and bachelorette parties or does such tradition even interest you and your girlfriend? Be sure to keep your friends and family clued in on everything too. That way you’ll have less of a chance for misunderstanding and conflict.

DON’T: Let Backwards Thinking Vendors Get You Down: Opposition to same-sex marriage will probably always exist. As a lesbian couple, you both must feel comfortable with your potential vendors. Make sure you are upfront and communicate with them. You don’t want to find out a week before your wedding that your baker doesn’t want to do a same-sex wedding.

When everybody is up front with each other from the start, planning will go smoothly. And don’t worry about those who refuse to take part in a gay wedding. There are plenty of vendors out there that will have no problem making your special day that much more special.

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Family Time: 6 Fun Ideas To Do Together

Between you and your partner’s busy work schedules juggled with your children’s after school activities and homework, family time may seem like a bit of myth in your house.

And with today’s technology of computers, texting, and televisions, spending time together as a family can feel more isolated than ever.

So if you want to spend more quality family time together but don’t know what to do, you’re in luck. Take a look at these 6 fun ideas to help get your family to enjoy spending time together again…

Schedule a Movie Night

Better yet…schedule a marathon movie night. Chose a theme together or pick and actor or actress you all like. Then agree upon a date to hold your movie night. And don’t forget about the snacks! What’s more fun than an Audrey Hepburn marathon while munching on popcorn and spending quality time with your partner and children?

Have a Backyard Campout

Pack up a picnic dinner or even build a fire and have a cookout. If you don’t have any tents, bring out a few old sheets and improvise. You can roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories by the fire. If you don’t have a backyard, then set up your own living room “campout.” It will be just as fun and give you plenty of fun family time together.

Time to Dust off the Board Games

And don’t forget about that deck of cards you know you have somewhere too. Schedule a family game night with snacks and drinks and plenty of opportunity to have a bit of friendly competition. Board games are not only full of some good, old-fashioned fun, but can also help teach your children various skills like math and vocabulary as well.

Arts and Crafts

It’s time to take a break from depending on the TV for entertainment and enjoy a bit of hands on fun. Spread out the newspaper, get out those paints or whatever materials you decide to work with and go crazy creating. Whether it’s making holiday ornaments or making a tie-dyed shirt, the possibilities are endless and you’ll have plenty of fun, quality time together to be creative.

Story Time

Young children aren’t the only ones that enjoy reading aloud. Your older kids and even you and your partner will find it to be a relaxing experience. And it’s a great way to get the family together and keep them interested in reading. You can even take turns reading aloud and see who has the best flare for the dramatic.

Have a Bake-off

…of any other type of cooking competition. Bake-offs tend to be the most fun though…especially if you’re up for a bit of a flour fight. For a fun way to have a bake-off, grab a box of cake mix from your pantry and divide it up among your family. Encourage everyone to add their own “secret ingredients.” Then bake the cakes and have a taste test. Perhaps the winner gets…the biggest slice of remaining cake? No matter the outcome, you’re bound to have plenty of fun with each other creating in the kitchen.

Above all, remember just to have fun with your family and appreciate all of those precious moments spent together.

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Celebrate Your Pride With These 5 Pride Celebration Destinations

Whether you’ve already been to your fair share of Pride celebrations or you’re entertaining the thought of attending one for the very first time, there’s no doubt that you’re in for a fabulous time.

And there are definitely many exciting destinations to choose from, each celebrating the LGBT population in their own unique way.

With some celebrations only lasting the weekend and others holding non-stop parties for an entire week or sometimes even longer, there’s plenty of Pride partying to be had.

So if you’re looking to make your next Pride celebration a destination trip, here’s a look at some of the top locations you shouldn’t miss out on…

Pride Toronto (Canada)

It’s one of the largest Pride events in the world, with an estimated attendance reaching 1.2 million. Toronto is known for celebrating diversity, including its LGBT population. Pride festivities include glitzy, colorful costumes and dancers, just to name a few and lasts or 10 days.
Pride Toronto

Pride Toronto 02

Sao Paulo Pride (Brazil)

Not to be outdone by Toronto, the Sao Paulo Pride became the largest Pride celebration according to the Guinness Book of World Records and typically sees upwards of over 2.5 million people attending. With plenty of color, culture, and music, you’re definitely in for a memorable Pride celebration in Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo Pride 02 Sao Paulo Pride 01

San Francisco Pride (USA)

As one of the world’s leaders of the Pride movement, this long time gay-friendly city in Northern California knows how to put on a Pride celebration. You’ll find hundreds of exhibitors and at least twenty community-run stages and venues throughout the celebration. The parade also passes through some historic areas known for its LGBT activist activity.

San Francisco Pride 02

San Francisco Pride 03

Tel Aviv Pride Week (Israel)

Drag shows, great music, and the Tel Aviv Pride Parade are just a few of the over 50 events you’ll experience at Tel Aviv’s Pride Celebration. It doesn’t get much better than a week long Pride party…except maybe for the famous beach party at Gordon Beach to mark the end of the festivities.

Tel Aviv Pride Week 02 Tel Aviv Pride Week 01

Amsterdam Gay Pride (Netherlands)

Amsterdam is famous for its laid back lifestyle and LGBT-friendly openness, so there’s no doubt the Dutch really know how to throw a Pride party. Expect all kinds of awesome festivities like the Drag Queen Olympics. The celebration is also known for its Canal Parade, where over 75 decorate boats sail along the city’s canal. It’s definitely a spectacle not to be missed!

Amsterdam pride 02 Amsterdam pride 01


Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York are a few more great US Pride Celebrations destinations to consider, along with Madrid in Europe. Do you have your go to destination to celebrate your Pride? Let us know in the comments section and share with us why it’s a great place for celebrating all things LGBT!

The Allure of Eloping… Why it May be Perfect for You and Your Girlfriend

Back in the day, eloping carried a negative stigma of sorts with it. To elope meant that you had the intention of running away together…be it because the match wasn’t approved by the parents or maybe even because there was a pregnancy involved.

The elopement has come quite a long way since then. These days it’s seen more as a planned destination wedding between the brides and maybe a handful of witnesses, or perhaps just the brides alone with someone to officiate their nuptials.

If you and your girlfriend aren’t into all the bells and whistles that come with a big wedding and are more into the idea of having a more intimate ceremony between yourselves, then eloping just may be the perfect way to do it.

Here’s a look at all of the reasons why you’d want to elope…

You’ll Save Money

It was recently estimated that the average wedding will cost around $29,000. And the costs will only increase depending on the size of the wedding, how many guests you want to invite, and how extravagant you want the reception to be.

So if you and your girlfriend were already contemplating eloping, definitely factor in the costs versus having a traditional wedding.

If you’re already strapped for cash, going more into debt to say “I do” is probably not going to help matters since money tends to be the biggest reason why couples argue or even break up.

Sharing an Intimate Moment…More Intimately

Let’s face it…getting married should be about the two of you, not about guests, where the most convenient locations would be for guests, or who might get offended by not getting an invite. Repeat after me…a wedding is about you and your future wife…each other. And while you might want your loved ones to share in the happiness of your matrimony (you can always have a reception/celebration when you get back), eloping can allow the true intimacy a wedding should celebrate.

No Family Drama

Okay, if they are the sensitive types then you might hear a bit of bitching and complaining about not having a traditional wedding and eloping. But that kind of family drama can be handled pretty easily by just going for it.

Whereas if you stick around and have a wedding ceremony, there may be some uninvited drama headed your way like oppositions to a same-sex marriage, vocal opinions on how the wedding should be planned, or family members making sure you invited so and so, making your guest list way too big.

If you and your girl aren’t about the drama…eloping may be the best decision to make.

Less Stress and More Focus on Each Other

Planning a wedding can take months and often comes with a whole lot of stress. From the cake to the food to the seating arrangements, focus tends to be only on the planning and not on each other. If you want to avoid that stress, you may want to consider eloping. It doesn’t require an elaborate plan…just a destination and the two of you.

You’ll Have a Blast!

Not only will you be getting married to each other, you’ll be doing it on your terms and in a location that means something to you. And it will definitely be a fun and memorable way to celebrate your love.

Eloping isn’t going to be for everyone, but it’s definitely an option to consider if you’re both avid travelers and are looking to have a more intimate celebration of your love.

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Destination of the Week: Stockholm

We’re staring up a new segment in Travel called “Destination of the Week” to help give you some great travel options when it comes to cities around the world that are LGBT-friendly and are not only welcoming, but have plenty of great sights to see and things to do.

Are you planning to travel soon? Where will your next destination be?

This week’s LGBT destination of the week is Stockholm, Sweden. This Scandinavian city has emerged as a top gay and lesbian destination over the years and is only getting better.

Stockholm Pride (July-August) has grown into the largest Pride celebration in Scandinavia, and the city is known for being very open with gay-friendly establishments found throughout the city.

So why head for Stockholm on your next getaway? Aside from its welcoming LGBT persona, there’s also plenty of great tourist sites, gay nightlife, and popular restaurants.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a look at some of the top reasons to check off Stockholm on your LGBT destinations list…


Beautiful Scenery

Stockholm is full of historic buildings, including grand palaces, ancient churches, and even a medieval old town. Not only that, but the city sits on 14 small islands joined by bridges crossing various bays and narrow channels, so there’s going to be some amazingly picturesque scenery all around you.

Intriguing History and Culture

Stockholm is home so some of the best museums in Scandinavia, including the Vasa, where you can check out a restored (not to mention huge) 17th century Viking ship. You can also explore the Royal Palace, which has 600 rooms and offers year round tours as well as a museum. And let’s not forget about ABBA.

Stockholm 02

Fans of the Swedish band can visit the ABBA Museum located in the Music Hall of Fame. And if you’re a Greta Garbo fan, you can pay homage to the Swedish lesbian icon at Skogskyrko garden, a UNESCO World Heritage cemetery and her final resting place.

Vibrant Lesbian Nightlife Scene

Of course the lesbian girls are welcome to join any party going on in the city, but if you’re looking for a true “girl’s night out,” there are also plenty of places to choose from.

Stockholm 03

Check out the weekly lesbian parties like Jungle Jane at the popular King Kong gay bar where you can mingle with the ladies and dance every Friday night. Moxy is also a popular lesbian hangout with special parties held throughout the year.

Stockholm 07

They are also known for their awesome DJs, so make sure to put on your dancing shoes and mix it up with the great crowd there. There’s also the “Tjejfesten” which means girl party in Swedish. This affair is held once a month on Fridays with parties that can draw hundreds of girls. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a “girl party,” right?

Stockholm 09

Great Food and Hotels

Stockholm is known for being a culinary destination with its wide variety of fresh traditional as well as modern cuisine. And if you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll definitely love dining out in the city. There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes that attract a nice gay following as well, so your options are going to be plentiful.

Stockholm 05

As far as accommodations in Stockholm, you’ll find a wide array of options from 5-star splurges to quaint bed and breakfasts. There’s definitely something for everyone’s budget when it comes to food and hotels in Stockholm.

Stockholm 06

Stockholm 04

Stockholm offers lesbian travelers plenty of abundant culture and idyllic surroundings with plenty to do and see. Not only that, but its LGBT vibe is truly open and refreshing. Have you been to Stockholm and have travel tips or destinations in the city to share?

Let us know and comment so our future Stockholm travelers can make the most of their trip!


Are You an Anxious Parent? 5 Ways to Relieve the Worry

As a parent, you probably find yourself spending a lot of time thinking about your children. From worrying if they have all they need to wondering if they’re getting enough sleep and nutrition…there’s definitely plenty to keep your mind busy and maybe even anxious.

But you can also get caught in a negative cycle of anxiety, one that has you thinking about potential negative outcomes and questions about the future.

And while it’s okay to have some general anxiety from being a parent, too much worry can lead to poor health, both mental and physical. Here’s a look at some ways to help you relive that anxiety and relax a bit more when it comes to being a parent.

Ask What You’re Really Anxious About

When you confront what’s making you anxious, you’ll be less likely to deflect your anxiety onto your child and partner. Avoiding the problem isn’t going to help either.

You first must ask yourself what’s causing your anxiety. Once you’ve identified it, then you can address it and work through it so that it eventually doesn’t bother you again.

Identify What You Can and Can’t Control

This means focusing your efforts on things you can control in your household and letting go of the things you don’t’ have control over. Anxiety can manifest out of the things you think are out of your control. By letting go of those things you are taking control of yourself as well.

Know the Difference Between Facts and Fears

Worry and anxiety tends to come from fear of the unknown and the “what ifs.” Don’t let that way of thinking take over your mind. Instead, ask yourself if there is evidence to prove what you’re worried about.

You also need to understand what triggers your anxiety. Is it a fear coming back to haunt you from when you were your child’s age? In this case, there’s no evidence the same thing will happen to your child. It’s time to put that worry aside and move on with the present.

Stay in the Present

It’s not healthy to dwell on the “what if” scenarios about your child. Instead of letting your anxiety grow by thinking about the future, stay with the present. Be with your child and what is happening in the now.

Listen to your child and his or her’s needs in the present. From there you can help shape a positive future, leaving you with less anxiety and worry about the negatives that could happen.

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After The Wedding: Tips For Planning An Amazing Honeymoon

Congratulations, newlyweds! Now that you and your wife are officially married, it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy each other on your honeymoon. Wait…you did plan a honeymoon, right?

Some couples get so caught up in the wedding… from the planning to the budget, that they may either be too tired to even think about planning a honeymoon, or think they just don’t have the money.

Or maybe you and your new wife just aren’t into the clichéd tropical beach honeymoon. Whatever it may be, planning a honeymoon doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, it should be fun and give you something to look forward to after finally making your love official.

Here’s a look at some helpful honeymoon planning tips that should make the idea of traveling and enjoying your new life together as wife and wife something special…

Plan a Honeymoon

Yeah, seriously…do it. Don’t put it off as something you’ll do later, because life will most likely get in the way and you’ll never end up going. Even if you’re working with a limited budget, there’s always a way to get out and do something together, even if it’s just a short weekend trip to hotel for some quality rest and relaxation. The two of you deserve it. So plan that honeymoon!

Think LGBT-friendly

If you are planning a trip abroad, make sure you do your research. The last thing you want to happen is for you and your wife to be sharing newlywed kiss only to find out you’re in a place that isn’t so keep on the gay lifestyle. There are plenty of gay-friendly destinations, so make sure yours is one of them.

Have a Romantic Splurge

Schedule a couple’s massage or make reservations for dinner at a fancy restaurant. You’re honeymoon is all about being romantic…and doing romantic things with each other.

Think Outside the Box

There’s no written rule that says you have to go to an exotic tropical island for your honeymoon. Think of somewhere you’ve both always wanted to go together, or an activity that you both enjoy doing. Center your honeymoon around that instead and you’ll end up with something really memorable!

Keep it Simple and Enjoy Each Other

That’s what a honeymoon is for after all, isn’t it? Enjoy your time away together and keep the trip small and intimate. It doesn’t have to be an all-inclusive, break the bank type of trip. It’s the little things that count…you, your new wife…a bottle of wine…and a little time away to celebrate being newlyweds.

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Planning a Caribbean Getaway? Try These 6 LBGT-Friendly Destinations

Are you looking for a warm, tropical vacation destination this winter? With its “fun in the sun,” laid back attitude, the Caribbean is always a top choice for travelers looking for the ideal beach getaway.

Unfortunately, a lot of areas there are not exactly known for being LGBT-friendly. However, there are still some destinations you and your partner can still consider.

Here’s a look at 6 destinations in the Caribbean that are welcoming when it comes to LGBT travelers:



This island has been the most welcoming publicly when it comes to LGBT travelers. In fact, they encourage gay tourism with gay-friendly hotels and attractions. Their tourist board even using marketing campaigning to invite LGBT couples to come “live and let live” in their laid back tropical paradise.



This tiny island is known for its awesome outdoor activities like hiking and diving, and it’s quickly gaining momentum with its reputation of being LGBT-friendly. In fact, it’s currently the only place in the Caribbean that allows same sex marriage. There’s even a significant gay and lesbian population and many kinds of activities geared towards LGBT travelers.

U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands

This area of the Caribbean has grown into a mecca of sorts for gay and lesbian travelers, particularly on St. Croix. Check out the Sand Castle on the Beach resort in Fredericksted. The LGBT vibe here is tolerant throughout the Virgin Islands and should make for a fun and enjoyable vacation stay.

Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for a great nightlife scene, this is the place to go if you’re an LGBT traveler. On the mainland of the island as well as the island of Vieques, you’ll find plenty of gay-friendly resorts and activities. You’ll also have the protection of U.S. anti-discrimination laws as well.

St. Martin / St. Maarten

St. Maarten

Both Dutch islands have a long standing LGBT-friendly reputation. There are plenty of private villas for rent that cater to the gay and lesbian community, as well as plenty of beaches and bars where the gay and straight crowds co-mingle peacefully.

St. Barts

St. Barts

Its laid back French culture and beautiful beaches are already a huge draw. But St. Barts is also known as being very gay-friendly as well. You and your partner can relax and enjoy each other while taking a romantic stroll or swimming in the warm sea without having to worry about looking over your shoulder.