BBC’s Childrens Channel to Show Key Documentary About a Trans Teen

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The BBC plans to air a documentary about a transgender teen on one of it children’s TV channel next week.

Titled ‘My Life: My Name Is Leo’, the TV programme will follow Leo, a 13-year-old boy, telling his story, and how he encountered bullying from people who could not accept who he is.

The film is set across seven months, following Leo and his family as he undergoes hormone therapy, meeting other trans kids, and eagerly waiting for a new passport that confirms his real identity to the world.

Executive producers, Kez Margrie told BBC’s in house magazine Ariel.

‘I had wanted to do a story on a transgender child for a while, because I know there are kids out there having a tough time. But up to now, we hadn’t found the right story to tell, and we trusted Nine Lives Media to tell this one sensitively. It feels very much like his journey and story, as told by him.’

Kez Margrie, Executive Producer

[tweet_dis]’The great thing about making documentaries like this for children is that they’re not born with prejudices.'[/tweet_dis]

Cat Lewis, Executive Producer

My Life: I Am Leo will be broadcast as part of CBBC’s anti-bullying week on 17 November at 6pm.

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