Bisexual Women Myths Busted

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You’ve probably heard a lot of stereotypes about bisexuality – the bastard stepchild of sexual orientations. Its something a lot gay and straight people struggle to figure out.

Most people can’t even agree on a definition of bisexuality, which has led to a lot of confusion, angst and prejudices.


No one is really bisexual. It’s just a phase. They’re either gay and they can’t admit it, or they’re straight and they’re just experimenting. So, why can’t they make up their minds? Because you know, bisexuals can’t be trusted. They’ll just leave you for a man/woman.

They can’t be monogamous. They can’t be happy unless they’re sleeping with a man and a woman at the same time – bisexuals don’t have real relationships. They’re fun for a roll in the hay though.

Bisexual women are sleeping with the enemy. They are stealing lesbian energy and giving it to men. They just want heterosexual privilege. It’s easy to be bisexual because it’s chic.”

We’ve heard it all… so let bust that myth bubble once and for all.


3 thoughts on “Bisexual Women Myths Busted

  1. alanta guiler

    So why do mOst bisexuals go back to men or cheat on girls with men
    Facebook me the response at alanta guiler

  2. bellabeauclair

    ^ Thats a pretty big generalization, but if it were true it would probably be because society makes it a lot easier to follow one’s desire toward the “opposite gender”. There are a lot more straight individuals than queer individuals, which means a bigger pool and more opportunities, plus you face less prejudiced from your family/surroundings when in a relationship with a hetrosexual cisgendered person.

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